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“No writing is wasted. Did you know that sourdough from San Francisco is leavened partly by a bacteria called lactobacillus sanfrancisensis?... Even a failed loaf is not wasted. Likewise, cheese makers wash the dairy floor with whey. Tomato gardeners compost with rotten tomatoes. No writing is wasted: the words you can’t put in your book can wash the floor, live in the soil, lurk around in the air. They will make the next words better.”

— Erin Bow


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How do writers become famous? It's clear that talent is not enough. Cass R. Sunstein looks at the factors and trends that lead to literary recognition, from Oprah's Book Club to premature death. This extract from his book, "How to Become Famous: Lost Einsteins, Forgotten Superstars, and How the Beatles Came to Be," appears on LitHub.


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Whether your goal is to write or it is to sell books says a lot a bout you as a person.


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“The ink ran wet,
The pen ran dry,
The paper yellows,
The writing fades.”

#writing #fountainpen

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#wordweavers 22/5: Is your antagonist more a dragon or a dragon rider?
Once you’ve explained what a dragon is…
Ask Perriad and she’ll probably see herself as a dragon rider (or else as a slayer of dragons!).
Ask Jerya, or anyone else who‘s butted heads with Perriad, and they’ll see her as a dragon—and they won’t mean it as a compliment.
#writingCommunity #ThreeKindsofNorth #TheSunderingWall #VowsAndWatersheds #writing #books

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22/5: If someone were to write your autobiography, who would you want to write it?
Who else but myself?
The question is, who would want to read it?

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21/5: Format as you write or at the end?
I format my WIP solely to suit myself—preferred font, spacing, etc. It looks nothing like Standard Manuscript Format, or like my finished books, but that’s cool. The one trick is to make consistent use of Paragraph Styles so that when needed I can change all the parameters in a few clicks.
My other essential for happy writing is never to use Word.

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In conversation with my publisher on risks associated 🤣

Tom Gault Cartoon

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322 — What piece of advice, as an author, did you once receive but hadn’t followed? Looking back on it now, you might wish that you had.

Advice: Don't only write novels. Write lots of shorter pieces.

When I started I saw that you could only make a living if you sold novels, so I wrote novels. That completely discounted the fabulous practice you get completing lots of smaller stories. Completing a novel takes lots of time and there's a mounting anxiety that in the end the plot will fail or no publisher will be interested. Yeah, true with short fiction, but the investment is far lower (or should be if you're doing it right). There used to be lots of magazines you could sell short fiction to... for pennies a word, but it was something, and it offered a chance to build a brand name and a following. Such notoriety could help you sell novels, too.

Today, I'm writing lots of short fiction.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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#WordWeavers #Writing 2405.22 — Is your antagonist more a dragon or a dragon rider?

My antags would def be dragons and not the kind you ride. The kind that burns the countryside. Riddles give them no delight only the smell of smoke and the gleam of burning embers.

These are Sigried's dragons, not modern fantasy ones.

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2405.22 — Is your antagonist more a dragon or a dragon rider? CW: Innuendo

This question has me rolling on the floor laughing, but then you'd have to know the context of the story Fire Brand is in. The antagonist's type of human is called a... You guessed it. The MC has described his "attributes" cough intimately, having let herself be captured by him... And, well... "riding" is a euphemism she's well acquainted with. So, will she become a dragon rider...? 😊

I wrote about the dynamic between these two characters in the tootfic Ms George and the Dragon Please read it, if you haven't already. It should amuse you in this context...

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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Unsurprising, but good to have explicitly laid out:

"The overall effect of looking at my Substack dashboard is 'wow, Substack is really getting me an audience! If I leave Substack, half of my subscription channel will dry up.' It’s clear that this is the impression other writers, the media, and investors are getting as well, because they praise Substack about it all the time."

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SLOW RENGA Respond with using the suggested first lines & start each haiku with the same first lines below: DISSONANCE… or LISTENING TO RAIN… Post haiku in comments, enjoy mulling over the first line and considering your options at different points during your day. Look forward to reading your haiku and seeing where these lines take you.

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Huge congratulations: Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck, translated by Michael Hofmann, has won the International Booker prize.


fictionable, avatar

@bookstodon Catch Erpenbeck talking about her prizewinning novel on the @fictionable #podcast

And read her short story Sloughing Off One Skin, also translated by Michael Hofmann, in our latest edition.

#books #ShortStories #translation #fiction #reading #writing @bookstodon

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Clear blue sky above me
Umbrella open overhead
Hiding from the sun


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Rushing and roaring
Rainbows flashing all around
Sun after the rain


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Finished the first draft of a book begun in January. Completely secret work, haven't told anyone anything about it. Might never publish it. A few months of editing will tell.

I think I love it. It's a story I wanted to read but couldn't find. We'll see.

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this is the prize game
played for art as embodied
in the warpaint built from joy
and raw practiced skill
surgery of light and shade
colour as scalpel and graft

Thanks @worded_art for the prompt - contour.

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I've gone and done it again.

Jeannie wanted to be with a woman, so of course she went to be with a woman, while I watched, waiting, wanting. Like always.

stevencudahy, to Haiku avatar

gift the trees give us
buildings try to emulate
never quite the same

- 21 May 2024 - shade.

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321 — Did your SC once admire their parents? Who else did they admire growing up? What about today?

No, no, and no.

The narrative characters in two out of three of my books do at the start. SC nope. Their feelings range from hatred to disdain. Family of choice is a big theme in my books. The family we pick because the ones we come from are less than ideal.

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