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Most of the alphabet soup: Queer Bi Lesbian and Non-binary Trans Woman.

Disclaimer: I am a bimbo, so assume that any claims I share are likely more nuanced and careful than my ditsy ass can put into words at any moment. Apologies in advance. 😅



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JoscelynTransient, to random
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I'm feeling so worn down the last few days. I am failing to keep up with a lot of things in my life and I've fallen so far behind something will give soon and I'm not sure what. And the news just makes me feel rather hopeless for the near future too.

I really do feel like giving up. On everything. Almost every night for the past month or two. I know I will wake up tomorrow and not just tread water but swim, like I do every day. But for tonight, I am just going to fail and allow myself to fail utterly.

Maybe some day I won't go to bed almost every night feeling like I don't think I an bear to wake up to another day. But maybe I won't. Maybe this is just what it is to live with my brain in this world now. Either way, it's still worth it. You all are still worth it. And we will wake up tomorrow and make things worth it again.

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Yep, I'm not going to do a teardown of the Cass Report anymore. Other hands are working on it, and this book has convinced me that it's not an argument worth humoring seriously. Cass is arguing in bad faith, and I'm not going to engage with her bullshit.

I've got other, better, more wonderful things to write about now.

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@Impossible_PhD Been listening to the audiobook of "Who is afraid of gender?" by Butler, and it has is doing a lot to chart how the anti-gender movement works psychologically and why countering these narratives has not been working. Jules' ideas have been giving me food for thought too. Honestly, I'm hopeful we might be on the verge of a new trans liberation movement that goes beyond all this nonsense and stops just responding.

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Imagine someone turned your specific experience of gender, everything you ever loved about womanhood, into a specific feminist philosophy.

I am sobbing as I read the last chapter of Jules Gill-Peterson's A Short History of Trans Misogyny.

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@Impossible_PhD Maybe we should start reading circles around this...once I have slightly more time in a month or so to do anything outside work...ugh

JoscelynTransient, to harleyquinn
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I feel like there might be a theme on my work desk at the office ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

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@RoseRaven I really do need to fix that....not nearly enough stimulus 😅

JoscelynTransient, to trans
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Artist: Lee Teka (they/them)

Why? Lee Teka creates art from inside prison, a voice that should be heard. Also, they have written some catchy bars and rhymes that slap!

Where to start?

Keep in mind, every one of these songs was recorded over a phone call from prison...which makes it hit all the more.

"When a Game is not a Game" is a good introduction, and represents the downright cleverness of creating music from behind bars

I can't get "School to Prison Pipeline" out of my head.

Meanwhile "Penitentiary Dreams" feels like the realest cyberpunk synthwave I've heard in a long time

Lee Teka is also a comic artist (often under E.L. Tedana), and you can help support them by buying this wonderful anthology of their work from ABO Comix:

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

Also, go check out hosted by the fedi's very own Vantablack! In keeping with the work of Lee Teka, let's center mutual aid and community solidarity in every way we can. If you donate, Blahaj will award you the heart of trans pride! :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:​


Mrfunkedude, to random
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A friend who was dealing with an unpromising future where he knew he would need to be taken care of in the not so distant future, once told me that his biggest fear would be when the moment came when the last of his independence would melt away and that he would become a burden to others.

I didn't know how to console him. So I just sat with him and listened.

It amazes me how much, as a culture, that we internalize our own care, and the care of others, as a "burden".

What is wrong with us?

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Mrfunkedude one of the things I treasured about the families I lived with in Morocco was how much moms, aunties, and grandmas are loved. Like, major issues with inequality in household labor and women's rights there, but there's a deep culture of caring for, respecting, and having roles in the household for older women. A person's value wasn't just how profitable their labor could be.

And it's also why one of the most useful corrective measures when someone would misbehave or harass someone there was threatening to tell the older women in their family - no one wanted their mom or grandma to be ashamed of them.

Anyway, all this was a really useful contrast to the nuclear family culture in the US. I think of how in queer community we need to start working more to take care of our elders and make sure they are included and given roles to play in our found families and lives.

JoscelynTransient, to feminism
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Prisons put survivors of sexual assault under the power of rapists who seek out jobs in prisons. Prisons account for almost as many sexual assaults as happen in the rest of the population outside prison, with most of those committed or enabled by prison officials. One prison down...now to abolish the rest

If you're someone who volunteers and works to help survivors or prevent sexual assault, abolishing prisons will dramatically reduce sexual assault.


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There was actually a federal investigation into the state of sexual assault in federal prisons back under the Obama administration and it found almost as many sexual assaults in prison as there are outside prison, both in men's and women's prisons. This led to laws and executive orders that were supposed to change things....and instead it's only gotten worse while some contractors got paid to do jack squat.

If you or anyone else hasn't seen it, I definitely suggest watching Pop Culture Detective's video essay "Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs" on this very topic. Turning sexual assault in prison into a punchline just further extends rape culture and undermines the ability of survivors to get support and care.

salad_bar_breath, to random
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I personally think that transexual is quite the opposite of an "icky word". It's actually quite powerful.

A lot of people think sex is not socially constructed, and immutable, and rather construe "gender" to be this other metaphysical construct we're allowed to "change" because it is "socially constructed" on top of that.

But I say fuck that noise. Sex is just as bullshit and interchangable as gender. Do whatever you want with it.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@salad_bar_breath I'm always baffled by this - if a person is teaching about sex and gender, at least read "The Second Sex" by de Beauvoir because she did a great job of laying out how we socially construct sex as well as gender more than half a century ago.

Like, scientists be out here attributing masculine stereotypes to ameobas and Simone was like, what's wrong with you absolute freaks? They're ameobas! You all are projecting some unhinged shit on biology. Only she said it in French....and with big words... 😅

sashag, to random
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A trans film maker crowdfunding a short film about a trans person coming home to come out to their parents.

Help me make this project a success!


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@sashag oh my gosh! I used to follow her in my early days, glad to see she's out here being awesome still :blobcataww:

JoscelynTransient, to queer
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So um...are there any nice lesbians (butch, femme, or otherwise) in my area (Southern California) who would like to take a trans girl out on a date and do the planning, give me a massage, and/or give me snuggles while I just let go and cry a little? I will also gladly welcome transmascs who are or have formerly been lesbians for this role.

gallowswitch, to random
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Daily Tarot: Five of Pentacles

You’re in a pinch and need help - don’t be too proud to ask for it.

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@gallowswitch Now if only I could find a nice girl here to just give me hugs, massage, and other kinds of care and let me be the subby girl for once...know any I can ask? 😅​

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

Transition: the more things change, the more things stay the same. 🤭

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Impossible_PhD Okay, there was something about the angle that made me think you were just resting the ladies on the grill tray...and now I'm imagining several funny scenes of you just resting them on different surfaces...my brain is broken 😅​

DeliaChristina, to random
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So I'm on a dating app.

It's terrible.
Oh, it's amusing as hell, but it's also terrible.

It's making me mean on purpose. Not that anyone will even notice. Picking up on clues is not really in the thirsty dude skillset.

Swear to effing god; this is why 4B and the Great Awakening is making Fleshlight a market leader for the Menz.

This toot sponsored by a perusal of my DMs which sent me into a rage spiral.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@DeliaChristina this is why, despite being bi, I almost never allow myself to be open to matching with or getting messages from cis men on those apps...it never goes well 😅

JoscelynTransient, to random
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Just me getting some puppy hugs and kisses

Selfie of me laughing as my white maltipoo gives me puppy kisses

rooster, to random
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Someone asked me how I knew I was trans and honestly, I didn’t and still don’t.

What I know is that I started exploring my gender expression and found a lot of joy in it. I took a thousand little steps that felt right deep in my bones. A thousand steps each of which finally felt like getting closer to whatever my true gender expression looks like.

In the end, once I stepped far enough from the box I had been put in, society labeled me as trans. This is a label I have accepted to find others who have been on this journey.

In the end I’m trans because it’s an accurate label. I didn’t realize I was trans, I just realized I needed to start being more me.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@rooster Honestly, coming to terms with what I was feeling inside and needed to explore is an experience that has challenged how I view epistemology and especially self-knowledge. What does it mean to "know" something in yourself or about yourself other than to experience it? Like, how do you know you are angry or happy other than the experience of it (and the ways it manifests in the body and behavior)?

To a degree, we have to trust some sense or knowledge of ourselves deep down that doesn't fit with what so many of us are taught we "know" about the world and what it means to be a person in this world. And, at some point, trans is the only word we have that can capture what it is to experience ourselves, our bodies, and the way we move through the world.

All that just to echo your point :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

18+ WrenArcher, to TomBoy
@WrenArcher@beige.party avatar

This is kinda weird but I think my transess may have been invisible yesterday. Maybe? Sorta? What?… no.🤔 Not sure how I feel about that.

So I went to a thing my wife helped organize for our neighborhood and I was tasked with taking photos. Not a single person looked at me funny. Well one woman did who is maybe in her mid to late 60s?… when my wife introduced me as her spouse.

The look on the older woman’s face was priceless. It was one of stifled surprise.

It was odd feeling like my transness wasn’t noticed and may have been what inspired some of the weird dreams I had last night. Is that what just having a normal life feels like?
Anyway, here’s one of the photos I took.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@WrenArcher I kinda love when people's biggest reaction is that I'm a lesbian...and they don't even realize I'm trans! 😂

Glad you could just be a girl in the world :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@WrenArcher @jessica random question: have either of you gotten pregnancy dreams yet? My wife, who is trans too, gets them from time to time and I hear other trans fems get them as well, but I've never gotten one.

....this question brought to you by adhd

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@WrenArcher @Tattie @jessica yeah, not exactly something I'm looking for in my life either right now and not really something I grieve.

That said, Tattie, if trans women could get pregnant, there are people who absolutely still would misgender us. And it would be absurd and ridiculous. I mean, when a trans woman talks about breastfeeding her child online, absolutely weirdos come out of the woodwork to try to argue that it's impossible for her body to produce milk...despite literally doing that. 😖

vantablack, to KindActions
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what if i started doing threads

where i round up links to mutual aid posts and let peeps post theirs in the thread for me to boost

that might be cool

i'll try to do that the day after tomorrow

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@vantablack ooo, maybe I can help promote it as addition to my TransMusicMonday threads?

aprzn, to random
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my internet-poisoned brain almost calling a quote from a philosopher a “post”

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@aprzn as that famous post by Plato says... 😅

e_urq, to random
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In light of how difficult a week its been, I'll just say this:

I intend to survive the rough few years to come. You should get it firmly in your head that you will too. Every one of us who survives this will be a gift and a blessing to the world.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@e_urq this is my personal fight right now: keep as many of us alive and resilient as I can through the next few years. Us trans folks have always gotten through by taking care of each other and that's how we'll do it again :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

Mog, to random
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@nerdybutcute is in the hospital for a while. Nothing life-threatening, don't worry. But I don't know when she'll be home, I can't visit, and I miss her already. I just want her to be well and healthy and happy and good in all ways.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Mog @nerdybutcute Let her know the fediverse is thinking about her :BigBlobhajHug:​

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