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"The People's Joker" my new favorite movie? Or at least my favorite movie in the last 5 to 10 years?

It is like the tim and eric show meets fantabulous trans memior fiction meets supervillian parody meets Nanette meets dada punk collage. Some people may find the aesthetic hard to sit through because the uncanny green screen and mixed media might be too disorienting or unpleasant. But like, for me, it was exactly the right kind of purposeful weirdness and earnest queerness. feels so obvious in some ways to a trans eye but in a way that is intimately obvious and not metaphorical while being obviously metaphorical and inobvious? Or it's just some fun queer weirdness

My wife's review, "I actually can't say anything bad about it. I want to find some reason to hate it....but i think i actually kind of like it? I should have gotten high first though, would have liked it more." 🤣

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NEW ESSAY: "The Cass Review, WPATH Files, and the Perpetual Debate over Gender-Affirming Care." it discusses flaws in the Cass report, while also making sense of these debates over trans youth & GAC more generally. no paywall, pls give it lots of "claps"!

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Just maybe...don't talk to the media at all, my #trans siblings, unless they're explicitly on our side. Most of them are NOT.

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Welcome to #TransTuesday!

Tillyvision chugs along with THE INTENTIONAL (!) TRANS ALLEGORY OF BARBIE (the movie), PART 4!

You’re going to get two really important visual clues as to what Barbie’s going through, more Matrix connections, and problems abound!

Time to go All The Way Up!

#trans #transgender #queer #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqia2s

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"Seattle hospital won't turn over gender-affirming care records in lawsuit settlement with Texas"

"The Seattle hospital said in a statement that it had 'successfully fought' the 'overreaching demands to obtain confidential patient information.' A judge in Austin dismissed the lawsuit Friday, saying the parties had settled their dispute."

#gender #LGBTQ #trans #transrights #privacy #identity #Texas #Seattle #Paxton

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Waiting times for NHS gender clinics continue to grow. A trans person attending their first appointment in England or Scotland today will have waited between 2 and 7 years.

#Healthcare #NHS #Transgender #Trans #Queer #Nonbinary #GIC #GenderIdentity #LGBTQIA #LGBT #LGBTQ

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There's been a big development in detransitioner Chloe Cole's lawsuit against her former gender-affirming providers.

We tapped a trans subject matter expert who's been following all the ins and outs for months to write about it, complete with a bunch of juicy screenshots of court documents, here:

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Bobbie Lea Bennett campaigned for access to transition related surgery in the US to be covered by Medicare. Her campaign forced Medicare officials to recognize transition related surgeries as essential. Bobbie was also a disability rights campaigner.

You can read all about her here

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"I have been able to manage my conditions with the support of other neurodivergent trans people and online resources." Sage

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The finding that trans women athletes are at a relative disadvantage in many key physical areas relating to athletic ability and perform worse on cardiovascular tests than their cisgender counterparts could be the first step in fighting back against the conventional wisdom conservatives have spread that trans women’s participation is inherently unfair.

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Three types of misinformation are being used against transgender people: oversimplifying scientific knowledge, fabricating and misinterpreting research and promoting false equivalences | Scientific American

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A new IOC-funded study shows that in general, trans athletes have no advantage over their cis competitors — and trans women scored lower than cis women on lung/aerobic measures and jump height.

The study concludes that "these results should caution against precautionary bans and sport eligibility exclusions".

Conservatives won't care, of course, but we can at least state that their objections have no factual basis.

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my main goal by age 35 is to take a selfie without feeling awkward

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Now that I feel better, here's the personal art piece I didn't share earlier. (: I still have a lot of healing to do, but every day is thousand times better than past 22 years of needless, maddening dysphoria.

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Have you found any really useful self-care resources online? Let us know because we want to add them to the TransActual Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub.

You'll find it at or by clicking the link in our bio, scrolling to resources from TransActual and clicking 'Health and Wellbeing Hub'.

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Looking for a quick way to make someone else’s day just a bit brighter?

Point of Pride is asking for little handwritten encouragement notes to put in with the free binders and shape wear they provide to the community!

Here’s some I put together today on my art cards :blobfoxfloof_w_:

Back of cards with encouragement notes

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I am not fond of David Brooks, but I certainly understand why he finds the Cass Report so compelling.

For cisgender people who have no pre-existing knowledge, it's really a perfect document. It is completely decorous while implying that there are too many trans people and efforts should be made to limit their numbers.#trans #transgender #news #journalism #newyorktimes

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Vous avez des biblio de livres sur la transidentité et / ou l'homosexualité etc pour parents hétéros et ados en questionnements ?

(Des trucs vraiment d'entrée, c'est pour un fond de bibliothèque municipale, les trucs dispo a la bdp sont principalement des trucs de sciences sociales très théoriques)

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Have you got your date for top surgery coming up? Have a look at 'What Do I Need to Know About Surgery?' for info on what to pack for hospital and for top recovery tips from the community. You'll find it at

#TransRights #TransHealth #TransFamilies #TransMan #TransWoman #NonBinary #Transition #Trans #Transgender #Queer #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBTI #LGBT #TransAlly

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It's not mistake:

Instead of letting me go, she said, “You shouldn’t. That’s a graveyard and she’s dead.”

Everyone said that, but it was a mistake. I had seen Mikawa, and she was definitely alive. Why wouldn’t Ume let me go? All I wanted to do was be with my girlfriend. Did this damn bitch think I would go with her when I had Mika?

“Fuck you,” I said and tried to get away. “She’s waiting. Mika is waiting.”

In serialization at:

Art: @Maisensei

NaraMoore, avatar

Tomino (トミノ)
By Nara Moore
Art: @Maisensei

A slice-of-life character sketch developing Kan-chan as a character a year after the close of “My Girlfriend Almost Got Me Killed.” An altered version of this may appear in “For Love of a Konbini Idol.” Please regard this story as an AU and not canon.

By the way, it is a shaggy dog story. There isn’t a point to it, but I talk a lot about a dog, Tomino.

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