Reddit refugees, has your favorite sub migrated already?

I, being someone who works with computers, have had some luck with most of my favorite subs being here already.

Despite that, some of my hobby ones still aren't here. NFL exists, but it's the same as nothing so far. Soccer I couldn't find at first, maybe today it already does? Also, no sign of fantasy football.

I also followed a bunch of History subs, but looks like most people in Lemmy only care about science and technology.

Tell us, what is missing for you?

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sadly I haven't found r/genshin_impact anywhere yet

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Be the change you want to see


I'm trying to be the change I want to see in the world

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You're doing God's work


Way to go! Just joined.


A hero among men


truly the hero we need!

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The art sharing subreddits like Imaginary Network, /r/awwnime, /r/patchuu, /r/moescape and similar. I want to start an instance that automatically crossposts from those subreddits to the Fediverse, and users here can also contribute with artwork that fits the community's theme. It'll probably fetch the posts through RSS to avoid the API limits, but who knows if Reddit might shut that down too. So I'll have to wait until this API situation stabilizes.


Very interested in trying to get Imaginary network and art subreddits to try reddit alternatives. Crossposting is one approach but these subs are basically powered by like 5 superposters/mods who create the backbone on which the OC artists, and general enthusiasts sit.

Get people /u/lol33ta, MuadsibWakar, and or OneGiantNostril to look into posting a bit in other places and that alone will be a seedbed for a community, they don't even need to migrate just sprinkle some crumbs and try it out.


This for sure, all the art and also all the NSFW art collected on reddit is going to become significantly harder to access, it'd be nice to have somewhere for both.

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I'm a sucker at using the kbin / Lemmy search. I am still looking for these communities:

/r/cologne or / r/koeln
/r/parents or /r/eltern
/r/djs or /r/beatmatch
/r/house or /r/deephouse

There are probably more... If noone knows where these communities exist on Lemmy or kbin, I will create them! Maybe you can help me deciding on which instance it would be best. I can do,, and kbin.

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I spent a couple of days waiting for a SFFPC community show up but the great thing about being community driven, we can make the community we like!


I really want a csharp (C#) one. I know there is one but no one has posted there yet. XD And more game/Indie dev.

And something equivalent to the aww subreddit (does anyone know one?).


Honestly, be the one to make the first comment/post.

When people start engaging, it encourages other to, as well


LGBTQ+ support spaces. Lemmy has some, but not enough.


Reddit refugee here - just created !modelmakers, one subreddit I will miss after leaving Reddit


Game-specific subreddits (i.e., LegendsofRuneterra, PathofChampions, CustomLoR, MagicArena, leagueoflegends, starcraft, Factorio, LastEpoch, ftlgame). looks good.

Franchise-specific subreddits like Batman. !star_wars looks good.

Entertainment (i.e., Showerthoughts, oddlysatisfying, interestingasfuck, DesignDesign, EngineeringPorn, OldSchoolCool).

Niche art (i.e., PixelArt, RetroFuturism, cassettefuturism, TheNightFeeling).

I expect the first two categories (where I commented most) to be the slowest to move here.

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I miss the game subreddits too. I didn't realize how much time I wasted on leagueoflegends until now


Not really. I'm mainly waiting for some motorcycle communities, telescope/astrophotography ones, Silmarillion/LOTR/StarWars/StarTrek memes, along with some other minor ones. Some of these technically exist but they are low on member counts FOR NOW, literally growing by the minute though.

Also the search function seems to be a little off so sometimes it doesnt always list the correct number of active users for a community if its a community from an external instance. Also not all communities show up/are indexed quickly. But im sure that will improve relatively quickly


If there is a better breaddit replacement than I haven't found it yet.

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/r/welding /r/machinists /r/cherokeexj /r/jeep made it though (and some wrangler community... so, yay?)


Gonna be a long wait until niche communities can even start rebuilding. Probably the worst part about this whole thing.

jerry, avatar

Yeah -- its gonna be a while. Gonna post in some of the ones that do exist and see if I can help develop them.


If anyone misses /r/chapotraphouse they have their own version of Lemmy they have built for the last 3 years which should be back to being federated soon. for anyone interested.


I'd like to have a logo edit / sbubby sub.

Also, some niche ones that aren't there yet (AFAIK):

buildapc : PC building help

SavageGarden / carnivorousplants: subs aimed towards tending bug-eating plants

hardwaregore / firmwaregore / softwaregore / technope : subs based around faulty hardware and firmware, sometimes destroyed hardware, or badly designed software

cablefail : pictures of bad cable management and the chaos of cabling in general

itsaunixsystem : sub based on overly fake or wrong tech in the media

PBSOD : faulty kiosks and such displaying error messages in the open

spicypillows / spicybricks : sub based on the pictures of swollen batteries of any kind, with the "bricks" being UPS batteries

dankpods / battrees : Australian youtuber who yells at several portable music gadgets and headphones, the battrees one being pictures of off-brand batteries, mostly PKCell batteries, but can also be several others as well.

techsupportmacgyver : instances of crazy fixes that ended up working

termux : sub for the Termux project

ITRage (likely a replacement for iiiiiiitttttttttttt) : information technology-related rage posts

headphones : not sure if there's a sub there for headphones and IEM related stuff so I guess there could be one.

justrolledintotheshop : automotive repair shop employee's findings when working on vehicles

Another, much more niche music, streaming and TV-related:

kpop : for Korean music news and updates, discussion (with objective viewpoint)

kdrama : news and updates about Korean drama series, reviews, discussion

kdramarecommends : recommendations for Korean drama series

trigger (or maybe studiotrigger) : discussion and updates on anime made by Studio Trigger

webtoons : webtoon series discussion

animemusic : sharing music featured in anime series

This all I could get from the top of my head currently.

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I need a sbubby so bad


I've made a logo edit thingy a few days ago:

Logo Edits

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Yessss thank you!!

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I was actually curious to see if there's any retro computing places in this like retrobattlestations, vintagecomputing, or vintageapple? Similarly, r/nostalgia

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