/kbin quick update

As you noticed, I had to temporarily enable DDoS protection. Someone is trying quite effectively to distract me from my activities ;p Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with the federation. I will try to cut off the traffic as soon as possible and return to normal operation. Thank you for all your support and patience! :)

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No problem, seems someone is jealous. Do whatever it needs.

Keep up the great work.

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suffering from success

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Absolutely, kbin is great so far.

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Yup. I'm loving it so far in terms of functionality.

General community experience is to be seen but I'm hopeful.

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The nice thing about Reddit was that you knew the vibe of each of the subs. Since everything is so new here, and the influx so immense, it's going to take time for the various communities to settle. Unfortunately for the old timers here, the pre-existing magazines here are unlikely to maintain their prior vibe. Hopefully they don't hate the Reddit exodus too much.


I have a feeling most of the exodus is going to be reddit old-timers that might fit in a little better than the rest of reddit, but y'know, remains to be seen.

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Oh I hope so. I miss when top comments were actual top tier comments that added to the discussion. Now it’s all about posting jokes.

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Do not worry about us, kbin.social oldtimers - it was founded only on April, and we are early adopters ;)

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Like any similar site it will succeed or fail on the back of the community it manages to attract and keep, but I have to say that for me KBin feels far more like a natural workflow than Lemmy. I think I'll stay!

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That's the cool thing about the fediverse. We can all access the same content the way we like it. If it made sense to you, you could view this all through Friendica (FB) if you wanted.


Wait reddit banned a sub showing how to make an account here? They are trying to speedrun their demise at this point.


They did. The sub was /r/KbinMigration

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Want to hear some irony? I'm here because I saw a thread on Reddit about that subreddit being banned.

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Nice, the Streisand Effect is working


Yup, same here.

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Me too! Today I tried both this and Lemmy, but I find Kbin more to my taste in terms of interface, and I can still access all of the Lemmy threads, which resolves the only issue (IMHO) of kbin: lemmy seems to have more content and "threads/magazines/subreddits".
I hope to make Kbin my new home after the Reddit exodus!


Same! I’ve been trying to comment this on Reddit where possible so that others won’t try just lemmy and give up. Hoping to stay here permanently


Same. Made my account this morning and since then this site is visibly more active already.

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@elrac Lmao same. Was going to join Lemmy, saw a thread about Kbin being banned, and here I am.

@ernest @ajar7 @Sota4077


I was tagged? Haha.

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@Sota4077 Ah, sorry. Still figuring out Kbin.


No worries. I really am unsure how most of this works as well.


I saw that and immediately went "alright, sounds like Kbin is the place to be!" If reddit is banning it, then Kbin must be seen as a threat.

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@ajar7 Yep, I saw it that way, and it seemed to be going quite well. That changed a few minutes after I posted the screenshots and server specifications :) Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but it was a huge change in such a short period of time. I still want to verify this and have external confirmation, but DDoS protection is currently the only option to keep the website alive.


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I noticed this earlier. I wouldn't mind DDoS protection sticking around until things settle down. Thanks for the quick action!

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Ahh, is this why I keep getting asked to prove I'm human? I wasn't sure if that was because my VPN was doing something goofy or if the site's just getting hammered with new users (like myself).


Yeah I started getting those captchas after the DDoS protection got switched on, using a VPN on both. Have had the same thing on a few sites using a VPN, minor cost for the whole site not getting knocked out though.

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@ernest Ban subreddita /kbin, ataki DDoS, znaczy boją się Ciebie wielcy tego korpo/bigtech świata 👍 👏

Gratki Ernest i



Can you point me to documentation to deploy kbin natively on linux? I know there's a well documented docker installation guide, but I was looking for something native to Linux. I've successfully got postmill going until I realized it's not (yet?) part of the the fediverse. postmill and kbin share very similar UI and I wanted to try out the deployment of kbin for evaluation before eventually(hopefully) rolling an instance out

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You probably want to join :matrix.org for realtime help

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No problem, keep the protection up as long as it's needed.

And thanks for you work :)


Thanks for keep things running well. Is the DDOS mitigation confirmed to be causing federation issues or is it speculation at this point? How does Mastodon deal with it?

Edit: Are you able to create a rule to bypass the check for logged in users?


Are you able to create a rule to bypass the check for logged in users?

I'm logged in and have gotten the check repeatedly in the last hour. So I'm guessing no.

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I know I can't find any kbin.social posts from my mastodon instance. DDoS protections break federation because typically they can't differentiate server to server traffic from malicious.

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How can we help support server cost? I don't immediately see a donation link.

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Is there much difference between DDoS and large traffic.

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The end result is the same!


Impossible to use the site on mobile with desktop site as it cycles forever on the cloudflare security site


Is JavaScript enabled?


Also the mobile site has a baffling UI that I think is completely unusable. I can't even understand how to navigate it so unless you let me use the proper site this is a non starter.

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What's wrong with the mobile UI? I haven't had any more issues with it than I have on desktop. It works practically exactly the same on both

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Something I noticed is that, on mobile, the kbin logo in the upper left corner opens the menu next to it instead of going back to the main page. You have to hit the house icon in the menu. It isn't obvious that you are in a menu when that happens.

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I noticed the same thing just now, this is my first time using it on mobile. Not a big deal whatsoever, but my brain basically ignored the house icon for a minute. Still really liking the experience so far though!

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I've been ignoring the house icon in my browser for something like 25 years, no way was I going to notice it at first on here.


Only issue I found is that it has issues with larger font scaling, but I haven't used it much mobile yet.

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Appreciate the work you are doing and it's been cool watching kbin develop so rapidly! Uptime has been impressive given the circumstances.

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The suble signs of success is when someone tries to mess with you. Well done!


That might turn away some users, hopefully not too many


No worries. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

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