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It's a Hallmark ornament from 2000 made of blown glass. There is also a Worf one.


I was just there, OP! Good choice of museum!


We all know you’re talking about the true threat; Mrs. Potts. I would be wary too. Well done on getting out of there!


I have no idea what this post is about or what people are on about

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The dude in the funny hat. It’s like Q in the first episode of TNG. Even funnier when you also think about the other Q in Voyager that turns the ship into a Christmas ornament to hide from Q.


Ah I knew that guy looked familiar. I thought people were talking about Q-anon


If anyone is ever in SE MI, the Henry Ford Museum and it’s adjacent Greenfield Village are worth a stop if you’re into Americana and machinery. They’re both filled with a lot of interesting things to see, learn, and do.


OK setting aside the Q thing, am I the only one who had a weird number of those growing up?

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Q is a little bit nervous about Floridaman Santa being his upstairs neighbor. Go Gators.

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Ooh, Q is getting really good at hiding. This is way better than when he put Voyager on a Christmas tree. Q will never find him now

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