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Public housing regularly being offered to people on NSW waitlist who have died

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Tax breaks for centers are exactly wrong.

"Evidence that data centers drive job creation simply isn’t there ... they create few jobs and cost about $2 million for each they do manage to conjure up.

[They're] more energy-intensive than labor-intensive and resource usage drives up resource costs and shift financial burdens to other resident businesses and individuals.”


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Fighting for votes in 'the world's biggest data mine'

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Alex Jones - No, weather data did not vanish on the day of Iran helicopter crash. That claim is False.

#alexjones #data

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Thousands of rugby fans' data leaked in breach

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Sam Altman's OpenAI signs content agreement with News Corp

OpenAI has signed a deal that will give it access to content from some of the biggest news publications owned by media conglomerate News Corp

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STAT+: Pharmalittle: We're watching more positive data for Ozempic, a Lilly factory expansion, and more

#data #ozempic

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Is Microsoft's new feature a privacy nightmare?

Microsoft recently announced ‘Recall’, a feature that lets Windows users to search for content across time on their PCs.

According to Microsoft, Recall takes screenshots every five seconds, which are then stored locally.

However, it's unclear if these will be used for model training, cloud backups, or online analysis.

Our developer and privacy expert, Tarquin Wilton-Jones, shares his take with @theregister ⬇️

What do you think about this feature? Tell us in the comments section 👇

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From 100 people I try to talk to about , maybe 1 wants to 😅

Many know or suspect the issues with the collecting their but they try their best not to think about it, because they seem to feel helpless against it anyway.

Best way to change minds seems to be - living with privacy and answering questions when people notice your behavior & promoting / supporting alternative & .

has a big that cares about privacy, glad to be here!

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Why does postnatal care only last a few weeks? New data shows it should be years | Devi Sridhar

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STAT+: After MDMA therapy, she considered suicide. The trial data tell a different story

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Revealing data on escalation of income inequality in Australia

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The ALTA shared tasks are targeted at #university students with #programming experience.

They should be related to a #language #technology task, able to be automatically evaluated, with training and test #data able to be distributed to participants at low- or no-cost, and should be fun!

📆 Submissions by Friday 7 June 2024.


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STAT+: Ahead of ASCO, J&J reports mixed data on next-generation radiopharmaceutical

#cancer #data

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New data show the HPV vaccine prevents cancer in men, too. Why don't more people get it?

#data #debate

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I've recently created a new page for all of my with articles and data visualizations I wrote:

Anyone else doing similar work? This could even be a blog, perhaps.

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Almost 6k Dead in 6 Yrs: How Became the Capital

People in Baltimore have been dying of overdoses at a rate never before seen in a major American city.

The city was once hailed for its response to . But as flooded streets & ofcls shifted priorities, deaths hit unprecedented heights.

Nonilex, avatar

But then city leaders became preoccupied w/other crises, including & the . Many of those efforts to fight overdoses stalled….

Health ofcls began publicly sharing less . City Council members rarely addressed or inquired about the growing number of . The fact that…[it had become]…so much worse…was NOT KNOWN to the mayor, the deputy mayor…or multiple council members until they were recently shown data compiled by Times/Banner reporters….

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Message important à faire tourner ! ⚠️

Meta (instagram et facebook) veut utiliser nos données (publications, photos, vidéos et messages publics) pour entrainer des IA génératives.
Vous devez répondre à ce formulaire pour justifier votre refus :

Pour les artistes : vous pouvez justifier en parlant du droit d'auteur et du fait que vos œuvres et publications ne sont pas libres de droit.

Pour tout le monde : justifier votre refus par le risque de détournement et d'usurpations d'identité (deepfakes etc).

La page complète sur le sujet de leurs AI est ici :

#meta #instagram #artist #mastoArt #art #noAI #data #DonnéesPersonnelles

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Learn how to handle rows in R containing specific strings using base R's grep() and dplyr's filter() with str_detect(). Select or drop rows efficiently and enhance your data manipulation skills. Give it a try with your datasets for better data cleaning and organization.

#DataScience #RProgramming #Coding #R #RStats #Programming #Data #Strings


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