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Mind meld with a sociopath? What could go wrong?

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Bah! is a Vulcan! He's not going to go all / like a blubbering idiot because of someone's uncontrollable urges.

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Holy crap. Nixle alert warning of an AT&T 911 outage at 9:13 on May 1st, alert clearing that warning today, May 7th, at 8:40. I can hear the collective eye-rolling of my friends who've provisioned mission critical systems...

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There are only four 9's...

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New arrivals in the last few days. The Borg Queen’s ship arrived 3 days ago and Martin still hasn’t noticed it. #StarTrek #Picard #Voyager #Borg

Borg Queen’s ship model by Eaglemoss from Star Trek Voyager

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More Recent Work: Another Pinned Toot! Here’s the 2 pieces of Key Art I illustrated for Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard.
@risa @startrek

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"sie privatisieren die infrastruktur und wir weichen zurück!
sie kürzen den sozialstaat und wir weichen zurück!
sie senken die steuern für konzerne und reiche und wir weichen zurück!
aber damit ist jetzt schluss, hier wird der schlussstrich gezogen, bis hierher und nicht weiter!" - captain jean-luc #picard

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but you are accustomed to this feeling anyway,

What feeling?

the feeling of not belonging

Which is even weirder in my case because with all my white privilege and other privileges, and social upbringing I am a social savant

Don't belong anywhere but have a pretty good grasp of so much of the dynamics everywhere

Maybe I wouldn't otherwise?


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MusicBrainz Picard is really good, open source and cross-platform. If your music folder is a chaotic mess of unsorted, untagged files, give it a try, it works like magic.

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for users dragging their feet like me, because all those 'smart' quotes blow up your stats: there's an option to dumbify them. i wish i had known this a year earlier

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Made a brief but enjoyable visit to the offices of Simon & Schuster, to chat with my editors both former & current, as well as with the splendid publicist who is helping to promote my #StarTrek #Picard novel FIREWALL.

While there, I signed 20 copies of Firewall for an upcoming GIVEAWAY, which will pair each copy with a free Fansets replica pin of the Fenris Rangers calling-card transceiver chip. More details to come!

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Gandalf and Captain Picard's cozy murder mystery! I AM ALL IN! But who's going to play the grandson? 🤔 😁

@tv @writingprompts

#Cozy #Murder #Mystery #Featruing #Gandalf #And #Captain #Picard
#LotR #StarTrek #Geek #Fun #Humor

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Slashy moment du jour.

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#Picard Season 4 looks a definite improvement.

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Fan of 80s comics? Tune into SIGLERinPLACE livestream on Wed Jan 31! We'll be joined by the hosts of the fresh podcast 🎧 Following my live-read of SLAY, well chat with screenwriters Chris Derrick (PICARD, THE EQUALIZER) and Steven Bagatourian (AMERICAN GUN) about their work and their brand new podcast.
#StarTrek #Picard #TheEqualizer 🚀🖖🎬

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I don't know enough people that would appreciate this joke/meme. #StarTrek #STTNG #Aha #80s #Music #Picard #Riker #Humor

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"The Best of Both Worlds."

I watch this 2 Parter almost every week now and it's still one of the best 2 parters to me that hasn't lost anything to me no matter how many times I see it.

Mr. Worf....Fire. To Be Continued...

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While I feel #StarTrekPicard gave its titular character (and the rest of #TheNextGeneration cast) a fantastic and worthy send-off, I would never be opposed to another #TNG movie.

#StarTrek #Picard #StarTrekTNG

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Here’s my #BestOf2023 list. It’s subjective, I’m not particularly stringent about criteria, and there’s not rhyme nor reason to my choice of categories.

There are four (unless I add more as the day wears on) categories, each will get its own toot.

“Best” means “best to me.”

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#BestOf2023 Best TV Series

It’s not exactly a 2023 series, and I’d make the argument that the 2022 season was better; however, #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds is my best TV series.

#StarTrek has lost its way a bit in the Discovery Era, but #STSNW is a massively welcome course correction.

#Picard season 3 was pretty good, but someone turn on some damn lights on your spaceships before OSHA shuts you down!


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Tonight’s theme is:

✨🎉 BEST OF 2023 🥂✨

🎵 Post your favorites of 2023: film, series and music along with what you’re drinking 🎶


  1. Elder - Innate Passage
  2. JID - The Forever Story
  3. Glen Hansard - All That Was East...


  1. Godzilla Minus One
  2. Shayda
  3. Across the Spider-Verse


  1. Succession
  2. The Bear
  3. Blue Eyed Samurai

🍷 Rolo Tomassi + Old Fashioned🍸

Post often • share • make some friends

Poster for Godzilla Minus One which is objectively the movie of the year and no, Barbie is not eligible
Promo poster for Succession with all of the cast near their headquarters I don't care if you hate this or haven't seen it: the writing makes it better than your favorite show regardless

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✨🎉 BEST OF 2023 🥂✨

  1. , 🎙Set me free🎵🎶 (too many from previous years)

Movies - I can only recommend 1 as I still haven't seen + Across the

  1. The : The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Not seen many this yr. Focused on the outdoors +

NOT : .--Too many remakes.

About 2 continue .

🍸: Piña 🍍 Colada
No more wine until 12/31

Post often • share • make some friends

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I was in the mood for some #StarTrek and put on some early #Picard.
To me it seems strange that in this far future, that people would drink intoxicants (not at social events like in early Trek, but alone and self-destructively) and smoke, including cigars and vapes.

I would have to conclude that sponsor money must be coming in from Big Tobacco and the US Booze industry.

Rios with cigar.

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! Anke Reitzenstein hat mit uns geschnackt, deren Stimme ihr als die von Seven of Nine aus und kennt! Sie spricht aber auch Sookie in , Alicia in und Dr. Bailey in . Hört mal rein!


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