JPK_elmediat, to StarTrek avatar

Prunes and Prejudice - A Life in War & Peace by Worf, Son of Mogh

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alexf24, to history avatar

Worf lasted way longer than the Confederacy.

NotMyBub, to baking avatar
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AndorianSoup, to LEGO avatar

The crew are ready to clean up the streets of New Gotham, and the skies of New Metropolis 🦇

kcarr2015, to AllStarTrek avatar

I love me some but for Pity's sake, and are of two separate species from completely different biomes. How the heck are they supposed to successfully mate? It's ridiculous!

AnneTheWriter1, to mastodon

One of my friends is a Monsignor in the Catholic Church. He recently sent me this. (And yes, the meme should say "St. Augustine" who was indeed African.)

(It's again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to .)

SecularJeffrey, to StarTrek avatar

Today's guest star crossover is the gunslinger before he turns into Data and fights Sheriff

kcarr2015, avatar

@ColesStreetPothole @allstartrek
I feel like that was a 4 dimensional chess move by that I completely missed.🤣

Tyjos84, to twitter avatar

And #Twitter is down again.

I'm glad I switched over to using this place more, feels like Twitter is having so many issues these days it's something to laugh at when it does go down.

Hard not to laugh like #Worf here #twitterdown #StarTrek #Scifi #Trekkies

ScottSoCal, to StarTrek avatar

Stolen from somewhere else, and I don't even feel bad about it.

Taunide, to random German avatar

Nicht alles was KI kann sollte sie auch.. Bildquelle unbekannt

kcarr2015, to AllStarTrek avatar

If Kerr survives this episode, he's gonna feel like a complete idiot seeing how redeems his honor in the Dominion War.

kcarr2015, to StarTrek avatar

The depiction of as a hyper-aggressive, violent, conquest-oriented, authoritarian culture doesn't really change from all the way to (tho less tyranical than & ?)

It makes 's decision in so strange that he would try to get the Klingon kids to embrace what is ultimately a destructive culture.

Whereas Worf himself goes on to become this Zen spymaster for the Federation in .🤔

neurovagrant, to random avatar

I apologize in advance.

DigitalDruid, avatar

@neurovagrant Cue some Orbital being played this eve, cheers.

soso, to random German

There are some characters in Star Trek, with whom trans people can identify, like Dax or Seven of Nine. And of course, there has been actual trans representation more recently.
But I just realised, how much trans there is in the story of Worf. He grew up amongst humans, not fitting in. Then he lived his life unapologetically as a Klingon, just to find other Klingons not always accepting him, because he could not help, but show subtle human-like behaviours. And then he just stopped trying to fit others expectations. I hope he's happy now.

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