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It's going to be a summer of Laptops and PC reviews, and this is one of the most unique systems I'm test driving!


Who wants "thin and light" when your laptop could be mistaken for RoboCop's lunch box?
Military grade rugged convertible PC is GO!

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Bidouille: j'ai validé il y a quelques mois le micro sur mon iphone pour doctolib et depuis, impossible de me faire entendre de mon médecin en téléconsultation sur mon macbookpro sauf à éteindre mon téléphone. J'ai beau regardé dans les réglages, je ne vois pas que le micro est relié à Doctolib, je suis en train de m'arracher ce qui me reste de cheveux. Si quelqu'un a une idée? (par pitié, ne me dites pas de virer Doctolib, j'ai déjà essayé)

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Checking out all the announcements today from Dell, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo! I did a live recording of my reactions.
Windows on ARM is getting REALLY exciting! Here are some things to look out for while shopping a new "AI" laptop!

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Give a share and come join the chat! We've got Tech News to talk about! https://www.twitch.tv/somegadgetguy

Microsoft is about to kick off BUILD, and showing new Windows on ARM PCs! AZ is suing Amazon over unfair business practices! iFixit digs even deeper into how much wireless charging sucks. And maybe the Dead Internet theory is true?

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It's the perfect time to clean your computer mouse!

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OnePlus 12 WiFi Mystery! Why is my phone connecting to an #OPTIMUM Network?


CONTROVERSY! It's a little concerning. My phone keeps trying to connect to a mystery network, listed as an ISP WiFi that (to my knowledge) doesn't do business here in California. Has anyone else seen something like this? What's going on?

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Early access on Patreon: The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have received their last updates!
But there's still SO much life left in this hardware...
A phone from 2020, it's not just "not obsolete", it's still an actively competitive premium device today.

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Well. I did not have "Arizona Sues Amazon over Anti-Competitive Business Practices" on my Thursday Tech Politics Bingo card, but here we are 👀


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Wireless charging sucks!
(Sucks more power that is.)
My buddy Ricky and I did a one-off experiment comparing wireless charging to FAST cabled charging. You can watch part one here https://somegadgetguy.com/b/442

I was pleasantly surprised that Qi charging had improved and kept case temperatures better in check, but we still saw elevated temperatures for roughly two hours on a full charge.

Now, iFixit delivers even more data on wireless charging, and it's not great. You're trading a lot of waste and heat for some mediocre "convenience"...


(ht @lupus_blackfur for the heads up!)

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Going FOSS really whips the llamas ass!

Winamp is going to publish their source code and go open source!
Who's going to take that nostalgic trip with me and start digging through skins and visualizers?

(ht to this lemmy post https://lemdro.id/post/lemdro.id/8912364)

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After dealing with pre-installed malware on this mini-PC, I'm FINALLY done reviewing the hardware!
"Besides the malware" does an Intel Core i9 make sense in a system like this?

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Google showed off new business AI solutions while promoting their water cooled data centers. Now we find out Microsoft is not only failing to meet their carbon emissions goal, their emissions are actually UP 30%.
I just don't see how this era of cloud AI is going to be a sustainable business model...

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Just had a chat with a well respected mini PC manufacturer asking if I'd be interested in "reviewing" their products.

I said "sure!" and recommended one of their newer offerings.

They replied "we don't need promotion on that right now, we really need videos on this older less expensive system going on sale".

Red flag already, but it could make for a fun project video. I say sure.

THEN they reply with all the mandatory talking points to include, what kind of b-roll to shoot, a timetable of less than two weeks, and a list of links I'd need to use instead of my own affiliate links.

I tell them, "that's not a review, that's a promotional video you want to live on my channel". I don't charge for anything called a review on my channel, but I will produced sponsored videos to keep the lights on.

I tell them my rates for a sponsored video, and they IMMEDIATELY balk.

It's really changed my perception of this brand's reputation.

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Hello Oric / retro-computer fans ..

I have one sealed "test pressing" of the Oric-1 keyboard design T-shirt left in black, XL.

I'll send it to you in the UK for £10 - a little more for EU.

I'll mark this toot as SOLD when its gone but I'll do another batch if there's interest - so let me know here either way👍


A photograph of a black T-shirt featuring a computer keyboard design. The T-shirt is sealed in a clear plastic wrap.

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Google I/O wrapped up, and I have a LOT of thoughts. Shot a quick reaction video on the keynote here https://somegadgetguy.com/b/455
Some really interesting AI tools are coming, but will Gemini search continue hurting website traffic?

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Watching and there are some cool demonstrations of data center cloud computing, but there's also this fog of dystopia surrounding these demos.
The announcements for search are horrifying. Google is full mask off.

Phrases like "search for something, and we'll collect all this data for you" basically equates to:

"We sucked up ALL the data from people who really did the work, and we're going to give you the results of their hard work, but we wont take you to the site that generated the data. You can stay on the search page, and the site's traffic will plummet."

This is shocking.

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REPLAY CREW! Today's show was AWESOME even though I had almost no voice! Major thanks to the folks who turned out in the chat!
is on an advertising apology tour. is gearing up for . is making a mobile app store?

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Jour 12 : fierté personnelle

Tailler des ardoises décoratives. Mais pas comme j'ai l'habitude d'en voir (cœur, croissant de Lune, étoile). Aller le plus loin possible pour tester la résistance du matériau, quitte à tout briser dans les derniers coups de marteau...

La danseuse Kanade, tiré du manga "En scène !" de Cuvie. 21 tomes disponibles chez Kurokawa.
Silhouette de Shaina (Saint Seiya)
Silhouette de Tokai Teio (Uma Musume)

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A busy on an overcast morning (sooc from the .
A really patient little bug. I swear it was posing for me 😊

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Was going through some old cornball action films, and it's really a shame that these two films were at different studios, because a Nic Cage cameo (as his character from 'Gone in 60 Seconds') would have been really fun in a Fast & Furious sequel...


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These are the LEAST expensive wireless microphones I've ever tested. The price is great, but the most important part of a mic is whether it sounds good...
We're taking a listen to the Saramonic mics in my office and hooked up to my Vivo for some walk-and-talk vlogging!

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