Trekker21, to Engineering avatar
magisternavis, to StarTrek German avatar

Warum gibt’s eigentlich noch keine Serie „Star Trek - Barclay“?

ChrisMayLA6, to random avatar

Is it awful to hope that something horrible happens to while he's in the jungle filming I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

just askin'


@quinn @cstross @ChrisMayLA6

has only got one ball
has two but rather small
is soft and ever squishy
And has no balls at all

Geri, to random avatar

When my daughter was born, she was very poorly, and almost died. A nurse worked and stayed by her side in an almost unbroken 14-hour shift.

implies the clinicians work for themselves.

Well, he might, as he has the stinking attitude of Conservative politics smeared around his corpse of morality, but they don't.

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