Bryan, to StarTrek avatar

seems generation z is ruining the reputation of BORG who just want to gather everyone together…

Trekker21, to Engineering avatar
SFAutor, to aiart German
lydiaconwell, to random

You know who loves ?

The Borg. They love them LEDs.

ItsThatDeafGuy, to random avatar

Darlings, darlings, darlings, I know it looks rather odd, as if in some tiny way I'm being assimilated to the Borg. No matter how discreetly you think you're staring at the side of my head wondering what on earth the wee contraption is, I can see you and it makes me a little bit uncomfortable..... just ask. It's the outer gubbins of my artificial. cochlear implant.

So yes, just nip over, ask and I'll explain :)

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