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Here's my favourite shot of the last night. An angel / phoenix in rainbow tones.

Taken in suburban Newcastle, England.
30s exposure, on an Android phone.
Contrast/colour digitally enhanced.

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The irony of 's hologram in ordering the kids to run away from the borg when she's based on CAPTAIN JANEWAY, captain who stared down the borg to the point of it being a joke in the fandom back in the 90s is just chefs kiss (s1e12)

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from Kaminar: First officer then captain of the USS . Saru is the first to enter . were hunted on their home planet and thus evolved the ability to sense the coming of danger."

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Do you have a VR headset? The USS Valkyrie is a fan group that meets in VR to chat, go on “away missions” to interesting VR worlds, and we are on Discord, where we have different departments, you can interact with other Star Trek fans, do trivia contests, keep personal logs, etc. We have no RP requirements. Participation is at your own comfort level. If interested in joining our crew, send a friend request on Discord to WookiePicard. 😁🖖🏽


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Starfleets operating system is likely a descendent of modern Linux, with LCARS obviously standing for Linux Computing Architecture and Redux Singularity.

[ # ] ::

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@ColesStreetPothole @allstartrek
This decision about demanded at least a Decision Analysis Matrix (DAR) to document the rationale. Where's that dedication to procedure?

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Japanese TV show (1980-1981) was created by superstar Go Nagai.

It was renamed and dubbed in English for UK viewers airing on ITV between 1982 and 1983.

Definitely one for background watching while coding.

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Trying to watch "In Theory" and they do the "never before seen crew member who is good friends with our protagonist and enjoys a closeness with him none of our regular heroes do" shtick and I'm already fed up.


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I'm curious (speaking of "I should do in-uniform TNG reviews):

If you were to make yourself a Starfleet uniform (sewn, purchased, video game outfit, whatever) or a Starfleet-sona / OC – what rank would you give yourself?

WookieCat, to StarTrek

Look who showed up at TrekkinTuesday…Badgy’s non-evil persona, Goodgy!

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Actually, one gripe I have with , , and is that all the captains are intolerant to dissent, and are like: How dare you disobey! There's a rule command!

But then some admiral or viceroy from turns up and the entire crew are like: Ugh! Fucking Starfleet bureaucracy!

And then they disobey orders.

So which is? A rule of command or no rule of command?

cyclops, to Ds9

Has anyone ever noticed how weird it is that no one on carries anything in their pockets in (excluding the movies), , , or ? On missions they get a phaser and a tricorder and that's it? WTF is up with that?

How many episodes would have easily been solved if they were just slightly prepared? I get it's not military so they don’t have side arms but what about a flashlight? A multitool? Maybe a first aid kit when they head down to the planet?

Why isn't anyone on the bridge armed? What about engineering? The two points where someone could literally get in and either destroy or take over the ship -- and nobody is ever armed.

It's like the only standard equipment they get is the combadge and uniform. Like working at McDonalds, here's your name tag and a weird polo shirt and you're good to go. Go save the universe.

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Got that night before convention energy. So nervous and excited for the herd

dannysullivan, to StarTrek avatar

We reported for duty

dutchbarracuda, to StarTrek

Remember the rule of thumb of Miracle Workers.
If something takes an hour, tell the Captain it'll take 4 hours.
They'll tell you to get it done in 2 hours.

mkm_modelwerx, to StarTrek

Forgot to post this last night. It’s finally cool enough to get some progress on the Eagle build. Detail painting and cleanup is done. Gloss coat next.


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Amazing. I still have that Starfleet song in my head in detail 40 years after it was first released. I had it on Vinyl (horrendous), then CD (better). Hopefully, the new release will be in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music.

I'll probably buy the box set too.

mkm_modelwerx, to random

I noticed that the Aztec dummy paint masks I’m using on this build don’t include masks for the neck and inboard pylons, so I’ll have to use decals for those areas instead. For now, I’ve masked off the blue areas and it’s now time to apply the first Aztec colour.

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I’m just a bit concerned that at one point in time we had Commodore Oh in control of while at the same time the have been re-writing the DNA of anyone using a transporter for 30 odd years while there were infiltrators on every/most ship? Star fleet head of security and S31 heads should be fired for incompetence

mkm_modelwerx, to random

Light grey applied to the Eagle to lighten it for Aztec and strongback painting.

mkm_modelwerx, to random

First off the assembly line is the 1/1000 scale NX-07 Odyssey. When I find some space, I’ll get more pictures taken.

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