chrishuck, to 3DPrinting avatar

I’m glad that I have a good boss that has given me the week off after being out of town for 11 days to support a project at a chemical plant in Houston. This gives me time to catch up on all of the , , and bike maintenance that I couldn’t work on while I was there.

Also, this trip further reinforced why I’m very glad I live in .

jerzone, to 3DPrinting avatar

The kid and I 3d printed this crow years ago, probably around Halloween (it has button battery for glowing LED eyes). It's sized big enough that most of us do a double take when we enter a room and see it. So I put it out next to the feeder over the weekend to see how it would work on squirrels. The birds don't seem to mind and haven't seen a squirrel yet, but I’m always wrong about squirrel victories. ";^)
Maybe if the squirrels get bold I could fashion some sort of remote controlled crow voice box?

ChrisPirillo, to LEGO avatar

"I've got 3D printed not-quite- minifig clones. They're multiplying. And I'm losing control." This clone ( is but one of billions from @Thangs3D that I will be . I used the freshly-supplied @esun3dfilament overnight on for yet another not-quite-minifigure.

AlphaYankee, to LEGO

How about combining #lego and #3dprinting by trying the brand new optimized brick system I published? Don't be a fool and try it out :) it's fun.

beej, to 3DPrinting avatar

I’m some dungeons, and this is the first of an idea I have about selling ready-to-go oneshots.

Include the dungeon itself, minis for enemies, some scatter, and write a unique one-shot to go along with it.

What do you think something like that would sell for? Is there a market for that?


manyfold, to 3DPrinting avatar

Fancy a bit more insight into Manyfold development? Then try out first , a behind-the-scenes view of what we got up to last week!


Khyrie, to DnD avatar

I did a bunch of mini painting yesterday. I'm super pleased with how well they came out.

It is a bit of a grab bag of PC, mounts, and fun recently printed stuff.

Khyrie, avatar
Khyrie, avatar

Sizes up citrullus modeled by the amazing @mz4250

Should plants have teeth? My players will have to find out.

Large carnivorous plant. Front right view
Large carnivorous plant. Back view

grimmy, to 3DPrinting avatar

Did someone ask for 16 People's Flags of Milwaukee? I hope so... I used gold colored filament and it looks considerably better than yellow, so I clicked "fill the bed" and hit print 🤣

manyfold, to 3DPrinting avatar

Manyfold v0.62.0 is released, sneaking a couple of weekend bonus features out, like this new image carousel!


trevorflowers, to 3DPrinting avatar
masukomi, to random avatar

I've been kind-of avoiding making a lazy susan that I can position prints on when taking pictures from multiple sides.

It was... easy?

like... REALLY easy. I dunno what I was avoiding. I just had to measure the bearing I'm using, account for filament spread and... that was it. 🤷‍♀️

Voilà, Lazy Susan for a 50x65x7 bearing.

masukomi, to random avatar

I was trying to finish off a roll of filament that was sooooo close to empty. It worked, but as expected it ran out before the print was done. I heard the AMS sound change, looked over, and did an emergency swap with another roll of "whatever" and it didn't even notice 🎉

This is a pair of jigs for aligning (& soldering?) LED strips in a photo box so I don't care what it looks like.

I'm happy to report that I measured correctly :D

mijutu, to 3DPrinting avatar

#FlashPrint doesn't seem to work on #Wayland natively. Work-around:
export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb and it works on xwayland.

#3dPrinting #linux

timixretroplays, to 3DPrinting avatar

I'm proud to announce the first public release of #Thrixels, my system for #3DPrinting pixel art! After several months of work, I think it's finally ready to inflict on other people - please give it a go if you're interested, and let me know how you get on with it.

Boosts, suggestions, and any other feedback would be highly appreciated!

@3dprinting @3dprinting

ChrisPirillo, to 3DPrinting avatar

The Bambu Lab online Parametric Model Maker ( for generating models for #3Dprinting is pure genius. Period. This is the next glow in the dark print I'm making tonight as a surprise for...

tca, to 3DPrinting avatar
masukomi, to 3DPrinting avatar

I don't see many people talking about something that #3DPrinting can do that I find invaluable, and that's making jigs.

I needed to cut some small steel rods to 4 different lengths, each with a 0.5mm tolerance.

So, I made a jig with for holes for measuring, and 1 for holding it steady while cutting. Stick the rod in, draw with sharpie where it stops, transfer it to the holding hole. Then slide it along the guide rail into the cutting blade at the correct height.

easy, precise, safer.

the jig in action. clamped to a workbench beside the Dremel with a diamond blade which is also clamped to the workbench.

giantweevil, to 3DPrinting avatar

I never actually made an post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like and occasionally I'll do something other people call but I call " hurting computers with "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by

monorailtimes, to Starwars avatar

The Big Bricks Mandalorian came out amazing! @Thangs3D

masukomi, (edited ) to 3DPrinting avatar

Literally my smallest print ever.

63mm x 26mm x 0.3mm

It's just a single layer TPU gasket to help hold a metal rod from rotating in a jig with hand level force.

The actual printing of the rectangle is only 3min.


mike, to 3DPrinting avatar

I placed some activated alumina dessicant in with my spool of Carbon Fiber Nylon a few hours ago, and yeah so far it is working far better than silica gel. We'll see where things are by the end of the weekend. I might finally be able to print.

Not shown, after taking the first photo, I barely had the Polybox open for a minute, when it shot up to 30% humidity. I imagine that recovered quicker than the other 4%.

Humidity sensor now showing 23% humidity.

mike, avatar

Darn! The Polybox moisture levelled out instead of going lower. Overall the activated alumina is working better than silica gel, but it's clear I'm going to need to bake my carbon fiber nylon filament to get it low enough to print. I'm also going to have to see about a dehumidifier.

mike, avatar

I realized there were still some Silica Gel packets in the base of my Polybox. I pulled them and poured maybe 2 cups of raw activated alumina beads into the base (I got a huge bag of them off eBay). That should help, but I'm going to see what my options are for affordable heated moisture boxes that can hold a 3KG spool (or two).

mike, avatar

That's a really good idea! I saw this on Amazon, a little 3d printed canister for activated alumina that uses one of those round moisture sensors as a cap. I already have some of the metal Slice Engineering canisters, but I think I'm definitely going to make some of these at some point.

This doesn't solve my wide heated dryer box need, but I love the idea of socketing a combination dessicant and sensor into more sensitive filaments (like nylon and PC).

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