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vintprox, (edited ) to RedHat
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TIL the phrase "cookie licking" from #RedHat!

What it boils down to is having assigned yourself an ownership of the task way forward, resulting in a figurative cookie being licked. Of course, now nobody wants to touch this task/cookie with a 10 m foot pole, because any more collaboration from other parties is essentially obstructed.

I am guilty of trapping myself in a few such situations: job, making and stopping on 90% for a new logo for #Mbin, etc. I wanna learn from these mistakes and give as less cues of ownership as possible. There really isn't much to do to be excellent to each other, unlike to be some hotshot contributor. But as sayings go: the genius is in simple, and one should find beauty in simple.


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I already was practicing "non-licking" with licenses on my works: mark all that I want others to move on without hesitation public domain. For logos, I still prefer CC-BY, but I might review some of my reservations (e.g. in lieu of trademark) one day.

Documentation? Absolutely CC0! Why would I need any provenance aside from git logs for some impartial or technical writing?

Overall, just avoiding CC-BY-SA for reusable assets. Saying NO to NoDerivatives, NonCommercial and other shenanigans - they are simply distastefull licenses.

itsfoss, to random
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Warp is finally available on Linux.


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@itsfoss Couldn't they use AI to, I dunno, come up with a better/unique name?

18+ badeline, to random

TL;DR Vaxry, the lead developer of Hyprland, is a transphobe, who sent someone loli porn and said that he could be swayed towards genocide.

okay, hyprland is a great WM, but for the love of god STAY AWAY FROM VAXRY (its lead dev)

Somebody was being misgendered in the Hyprland Discord, so they put their pronouns in their nickname, a totally reasonable response to this happening. However, Vaxry claimed that this was them “making a big deal out of their pronouns”.

At some point, a moderator changed the pronouns in their nickname to “who/cares” to which Vaxry did nothing to punish them. To quote him verbatim:

[…] they put their pronouns in their nickname and made a big deal out of them because people were referring to them as “he”, which, on the Internet, let’s be real, is the default

Yeah, but this person clearly had their pronouns IN THEIR USERNAME.

He also claims that the r/unixporn Discord, a more moderated community, is an environment where, again, this is a verbatim quote, everyone is going to “lick your butthole just to be nice”.

Not to mention, he also DM’d someone loli? (source)

And, by the way, he said:

Let’s be real, [misgendering someone] isn’t like, calling someone the N-word or something.

in response to the misgendering situation.

Getting misgendered is an extremely hurtful experience for many trans people, and while it may seem benign, it can cause severe dysphoria for those affected, especially when it happens with malicious intent.

Oh yeah, and he also said, that this (ALSO A VERBATIM QUOTE):

[…] I do believe there could be arguments to sway my opinion towards genocide

(source: https://fosstodon.org/@drewdevault/111363547103465966)

vintprox, (edited )
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@jonah @badeline

True, it IS open source, for crying out loud.

  • Don't use upstream that is under the control of violator
  • Go with the fork of some major contributor that is ready to unlink from said upstream
  • Rename and promote

A friendly reminder that PRs and issues in the upstream are not a part of the source code, commits are. Just don't tar yourself and users of fork with the violator's legacy.

vintprox, to fedora
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Was working today on kind of an entry piece for Community Design Team: a logo and new mascot for (special type of container).

His name is Bootseef and he's ready to fly through updates! 🚀🚀 Thanks to Madeline Peck and Design Team for the sketches, sources and color choices that inspired me. 👋 I enjoyed doing this particular mascot the most.

@fedora.design@peertube.linuxrocks.online and have lots of work on their plate, so I invite aspiring and designers by trade to have a looksie-look in their GitLab issues. @fedora has engineering and other teams worth their gold, making software great, as well.

josh, to mastodon
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Shout out to the developers of for having open registration disabled by default in new installs.

The ongoing spam wave here on the fediverse has deepened my appreciation of good defaults, and I'm really glad to hear that will be changing their default.

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@josh It is always a good idea to leave such decision to admin. Minute inconvenience aside, they are still configuring stuff and it won't hurt to force review such setting as open registrations.

julialuna, to random
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randomly saying "🔑 Unable to decrypt message" in matrix dms to keep people on their toes

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@julialuna Send this as m.notice with text in italics, for style points.

thibaultamartin, to random
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The first Matrix.org Website Office Hour will start in 15 minutes!

Join @MTRNord and myself as we walk through the PRs and issues in the matrix.org website repository, and get involved!

We can tell you where you can make the biggest impact depending on your skills, and get you started 💪


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@thibaultamartin @MTRNord

My mic is laptop's finest (trash), buying a new one only later.

I thought Element Call has some text chat feature? Turns out not.

vintprox, to Matrix
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Today in : Searching rooms from multiple places, just like with or .

Detailed instructions can be found in the alt text. In short, for and Web/Desktop user:
0. Open search in Element (Ctrl+K)

  1. In the "Show" dropdown menu, press "Add new server...". Type https://matrixrooms.info and proceed.
  2. Pick newly added rooms directory.

More on how to make this work in mobile apps, let all users of your instance benefit from this rooms directory or set this up as a search engine on your very own :

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@cyrus For the time being, opt-in sounds less disappointing than a blackout. If this wonder server suddenly stops working one day, I can only imagine pikachu faces. But as an opt-in in the login screen of these apps, I would support.

eblu, to random
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@eblu big wims

BrodieOnLinux, to linux
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The Disaster Of Wayland Input Methods #Linux #YouTube https://youtu.be/fEs1RfIObHg

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@BrodieOnLinux Can't insert emoji right from the picker... :(

vintprox, to UX
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I've read that #WhatsApp wants to interoperate with other #messenger applications, to align with #DigitalMarketsAct. My problem with their #UX approach is that it's only planned as a third-party tab, with no promise of a setting that would place all the chats on the single page.

I realize they have security reservations, but I smell a dark pattern here: only do I message my people on WhatsApp from Matrix, they'd have to change tabs, making a chat with me stick like a sore thumb - or not stick at all.

Hot bottom-line: hiding behind a tab is no different than cutting off #interoperability altogether. Multi-messenger chats should become a first-party feature in synchronous software, to comply with #DMA. Targeted apps that don't care about such regulation have no future.

#DarkPattern #DarkPatterns #UIUX #UI #UserExperience #UserInterface #messengers

vintprox, to random
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#TechHub is holding up very well against the spam attacks. Seeing not a single shred of scams.

vintprox, to random
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I wasted 10 minutes on downloading special driver for my drawing tablet and tweaking those settings to return my beloved Ctrl+Z, when I could spend time just doing messy lines without a care in the world. 😅

simonemargio, to music
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Okay, maybe it's excessive, but is it normal ‘to get pumped up’ listening to old cartoon songs? 🎵

Gee, forget about the latest hits.


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"Mickey Mousing" of music in old cartoons is a bop! I have recently put Tom & Jerry in my queue and this thing bussin bussin. 😆 😁

jbzfn, to opensource
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🛣️ Forgejo forks its own path forward

"Forgejo is no longer bound to Gitea, and can forge its own path going forward, allowing maintainers and contributors to reduce tech debt at a much higher pace, and implement changes - whether they’re new features or bug fixes - that would otherwise have a high risk of conflicting with changes made in Gitea."


#forgejo #gitea #opensource

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@jbzfn Just about time!

BrodieOnLinux, to linux
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The Browser Wants To Manage Your Windows https://youtu.be/n4WxV2NLrjU

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@BrodieOnLinux Ah, so Google Chrome's fiasco with seen environments or whatchumacallit wasn't enough - we want to manage them. Of course.

halva, to random
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@halva Cry of the soul, straight from our minds.

As a primarily frontend mentor, I couldn't agree more with this hot take.

itsfoss, to random
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Bridgy Fed has been at the center of a very feisty debate.


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@itsfoss As I'm sure, not only them.

vintprox, to fedora
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thelinuxcast, to random
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The thumbnail continues to evolve.

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@thelinuxcast I dunno... At least rotate the text in one direction, angle. With text skewed all over the place and highlighting, looks like a heart attack depicted, to be honest.

godotengine, to random
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Happy ! 🧵

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Maybe it's a call from @godotengine for @github to commit into the open source aspect of their platform... But, initially, I had the same reaction as you and then proceeded to take note of Comic Sans as a half-joking script.

josh, to random
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The discourse around an individual's (now revised) plans to build a bridge from ActivityPub to AT Protocol, on an opt-out basis, is awfully familiar as someone who spends a lot of time around Matrix, a comms protocol with a knack for bridging.

Sure, we should be prepared for anything we post online to go fully public.

Sure, open federation comes with increased risk there.

But that doesn't mean that we have to accept disrespectful design choices.

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And reddit->lemmy bot copying someone else's artwork even without credting the original is illegal as it is. Opt-out bridging is awful!

doctormo, to opensource
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Well that's

chat server Rocket Chat decided to make their latest upgrade plain abusive. If you run your own, you are now required to enrole in a trial of their premium proprietary nonsense and it's likely the server is spying on it's admins and users.


Looks like is going to have to move chat systems. There's just no way to regain trust in an upstream that is abusive. Not without forking away from the abusers.

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@josh @doctormo I felt really missing out, seeing as how Inkscape room with late IRC bridge got deserted. There are just times when chatting is the only thing that preemptively solves any obscure errors, it heals. Rocket Chat does not heal. 💔

Matrix does. ❤️

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