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I posted a review of "Animal," a collaboration between R3hab and Jason Derulo, to AeschTunes.


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A release from earlier in the year that seemed to fly under the radar a bit.

Giving it a little signal boost - I think it's rather nice. 😉


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Hellocatfood, who I just boosted, is also the co-founder of algo-afro futures:

"(Algo|Afro) Futures is a mentoring programme for early career Black artists who want to explore creative coding and live coding.
Live coding is a performative practice where artists and musicians use code to create live music and live visuals."


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Check out https://soundcloud.com/hellocatfood

Their work ranges from gently simmering to outright ripping, mad beats. There's hours of greatness waiting to get stuck into, whatever kind of electronic music you're into.

#Hellocatfood #ElectronicMusic

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Well, have decided to try my hand at creating music with after rekindling my interest in - bearing in mind the last time I used a sequencer it was an MMT8 - and it was new!

This time it will all be though. Cubase includes a simple but handy sequencer called Step Designer and I've installed the free VST plugin called which has more advanced capabilities like 'probability' attribute per note and more... I may be 'asking the audience'.. soon!

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LuumeMusic, to Horizon
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Listen to the morning breaking...

12 Months of Mornings is a year long, ongoing project... each month one of my "good morning" photos is transformed into sound(s) and then a track created from those sounds...
Listen to the first 3 here. Further links included in vid description:


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In "Youtube is not working for electronic musicians," @lislegaard shares why he wants to see more experimental musicians talking about their artistic process.


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Are you in the mood for some lubly 'lectronic warbling, tinkling, chiming, burring, whirring, thumping and bzanging?

You are?

It's your lucky night:


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Here are some for my "transmit::simulations" album. If you grab a code, please consider supporting @SabiLewSounds (https://ko-fi.com/sabilewsounds) if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, don't feel bad about grabbing a code anyway. You may share these codes with others, but please include the above request if you do.



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This demo from 2016 is less than 4 kilobytes (❗), and made my jaw drop… 😮


Love the soundtrack too. 🤘😎

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Something not modular for a change. Nor generative.


Listen to Microfreak/Reaper Resampling Experiment 2024-05-20 by Flock of Nazguls on

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If you're involved in electronic music-making and you're not white, please DM me on here.

I've just been watching loads of footage and was aghast at how overwhelmingly white the whole thing is. I've seen more diversity at EDL marches.

So, I'm gonna try and do something about it. And the first thing is organising.

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Hallo! I'm live now on Twitch doing stuff, come and gimme a TOOT!


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When I was a youngster in the late 1980s, I formed an Amiga game dev team with 2 friends.

Before making games, we started by trying to sell game music that used minimal RAM, made with our music editor SIDmon.

To promote our game music, this energetic music module was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller. The file, including tiny sampled sounds, is only 22 kilobytes.

Check the #TeamHoi hashtag for more tunes.

#chiptune #amiga #commodore #synth #music #GameDev #RetroComputing #RetroGaming

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Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This cheerful tune was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller for level 1, using our own music editor Digital Mugician.

The tune reflects the sheer fun we had creating the game back in the early 1990s.

Check other posts in this thread and the #TeamHoi hashtag for more.

#commodore #amiga #chiptune #music #ElectronicMusic #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #game #games #gamer #GameDev #retro #VintageComputing #synth #audio

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Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This rhythmic tune was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller, reflecting Hoi level 2's construction site environment. The track was made using our own music editor Digital Mugician.

Check other posts in this thread and the #TeamHoi hashtag for more.

#commodore #amiga #chiptune #music #ElectronicMusic #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #game #games #gamer #GameDev #retro #VintageComputing #synth #audio

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Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This jolly tune was made by our composer Ramon Braumuller for level 3, where Hoi flies around with a jetpack. Our own music editor Digital Mugician was used.

The track was originally composed for our uncompleted 1988 game Ragnov.

Check other posts in this thread and the hashtag for more.

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