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Time for the weekly digest thread for my #OPM series! (This is for you folk that don't like clicking off Mastodon, tho I assure you my site is advertising and tracking free!).

This thread is a digest version of this post:

The versions there are slightly longer/more detailed, so if you're intrigued but not sold, you can get a little more info at the link.

Please listen to the music and support these artists with favs, follows and finances!

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Lynn Avalon – “Dreaming About You” – “Caress”

Two tracks of lovely lo-fi textures and gentle “Dreaming About You” really fits its title – it absolutely feels like the music from a gauzy dream about someone you love from that period just before you wake up. It’s all drifting waves of sound that surround you and fill you with a peculiar and entirely pleasant sense of warmth.



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Old review.

TOMITA - Kosmos

Re-listening to that 'Music Of Cosmos' collection must have spurred on a realization that, hey, I ought to actually start checking out some of those wizards included. And what better place to begin that with a record aptly titled 'Kosmos'?

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Spin / Kat / Ground is out now via Dragon Trax. Really excited for you to hear these new tracks I made with Ireless!

Check it out if you like things like melodic dnb, 90's-inspired IDM, and short-form ambient 😃

Listen & support on Bandcamp:

#musodon #music #ElectronicMusic #OriginalMusic #dnb #DrumAndBass #IDM #ambient #Bandcamp #FairTradeMusic

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Here's your weekly dose of fresh #music to check out. This week we have #experimental #soundscape, #ambient, #AltPop, weirdo #PostPunk and some #classical music!

Featured artists include @sknob, @poiseunderchaos, @stanleygrill, @JimTheSG, and @lynnsmadmon3y

Check it out, and make sure to support these artists with listens, favs, follows and (if you can afford it) finances!

#OPM #OtherPeoplesMusic #MusiciansOfMastodon


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I had a bit of time to record two new tracks to my ongoing instrumental/ambient project “music for snailports”. Trying to just have a mini idea of how I want something to sound and then doing some spontaneous recording. These ones came out a bit or like kind of reminds me of being by the ocean.

Here’s the bandcamp for listening, the new ones are “C” and “D”:

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My main community is doing a full 24 hours of drones on Twitch. I'll be on at some point to help out too. Come hang in the chat and listen to some wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooowwwwwww

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William Basinski - Lamentations (2020) @vinylrecords

One that was played a lot when everyone was locked down in their homes - it has a vibe for sure.

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This morning I glanced at a list of albums Brooklyn Vegan posted about for 2024 records so far this year, and there's a new FOUR TET record from March I feel like I would've missed had I not seen it there-- I hadn't heard about it.

Four Tet is of course Kieran Hebden from London and is some wild, weird and beautiful electronic stuff. There's some great synth and ambient sounds (and beats!) on this one.

'Three' will most likely be among my favorite albums of 2024.

#Electronic #Electronica #2024Albums #FourTet #London #UK #UKArtists #LondonArtists #IndieMusic #synth #synths #ambient

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Listen to the morning breaking...

12 Months of Mornings is a year long, ongoing project... each month one of my "good morning" photos is transformed into sound(s) and then a track created from those sounds...
Listen to the first 3 here. Further links included in vid description:

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Here's a digest of this week's #OPM writeups! 5 tracks from indie Fediverse #music artists to expand your musical horizons. Unusual ambient, wild ADHDcore, and more this week!

If you want the full, undigested versions (i.e. where I have more to say about each one than will fit in a single post) of these writeups, they are here:

Listen, fav and boost for good karma and a long life!


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Crow’s Labyrinth – Consolation

#Ambient music created entirely with a bass guitar and effects, you say? Oh, and it’s largely improvised live, without overdubs? Wipe that doubt away, this works quite well! Opener (and title track) “Consolation” is a mournful dirge of an ambient drone that expresses the vibe of its name well via sliding tones and a powerful sonic presence; the rest is an equally ambitious take on the same base (bass) elements.



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Sinon, le nouveau Brecht Ameel est très sympa aussi. Dommage que ça ne sorte pas en support physique, et là, c'est le drame : je me suis fendu d'acheter ça en version digitale. Mais je suis tristesse quand même, je pourrai pas tripoter la pochette du vinyle 😢

Brecht Ameel - Here (Original Soundtrack)

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Tristan Welch - 40 hours @vinylrecords

A little known gem from my collection. Recommended

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Explore the wilder, more side of my work with Metaphysical Shitposting, an evolving collection (new tracks added about once a month) of , and pieces, with the occasional splash of musique concrete, and mixed in to keep things interesting.

Lots and lots of work here, plus some stuff like , tape loops, toy instruments and more.


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