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This week's submission thread is officially open!

As always, submit your own release or someone else's, it can be by or not, hosted on , , , or , as long as it is by an .

Just make a direct public comment (with a link & description) to this post and it will appear at automagically!

Also: make a musician's day, check out & listen/buy/boost their stuff!💙

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Speaking of trash that you bought... My song, The New Rage, is now available on . Included is a second song. It's different but a nice companion piece.

Oh and don't forget to vote for your favorites. If you dug The New Rage, vote NRCI

Here's the link to Bandcamp

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Here are some for my "transmit::simulations" album. If you grab a code, please consider supporting @SabiLewSounds ( if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, don't feel bad about grabbing a code anyway. You may share these codes with others, but please include the above request if you do.


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We’ve raised 10k, with over 150 giving!

We've also run out of some of our reward levels 😱 .

But don't fret! We've added some new ones, check em out in our most recent campaign update

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I'd appreciate if you could share this around. As someone opposed to for a dozen reasons there was only that was semi-ethical & gave musicians a fair deal. Bandcamp is under new ownership, had big layoffs, changed their terms & are starting playlists (likely to fill with AI music?). Thankfully coops such as Mirlo offer a place to share our music that doesn't simply enrich dubious tech giants.

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Elles sont où les playlists de la version mobile sur la version web de ?

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Vous pouvez essayer mon platformer GRATOS !!

7 ans de travail. Voici donc Dixy, un jeu archi classique qui, à la base devait me servir à m'initier au game design, au pixel art, etc... J'en ai finalement fait un jeu ! ❤️

N'hésitez pas à soutenir mon travail ! 🙏

Moggy, avatar

Je viens tout juste de publier également l'OST du jeu (composée par mes petites mains d'amour 🥰✋). Si vous détestez le jeu mais que vous aimez la musique ou si vous aimez le jeu ET la soundtrack, n'hésitez pas à vous procurer l'album du jeu. 🙏❤️

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Tristan Welch - 40 hours #vinyl @vinylrecords #ambient #loops #experimentalMusic #DIY #NowPlaying

A little known gem from my collection. Recommended


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Three additions to the music collection:

Nèplo by Sébastien Forrester, Live at Trickster by Francesco Corvi & Hugo Lioret and Inner Century by The Hollows.

All on Superpang, one of my favorite labels.


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What obligation do have to operate at the same scale as or even outperform their venture capital funded corporate counterparts? If a does not succeed in having a similar reach as major corporations with comparable features, should it be considered "low quality" or are there other standards of success worth considering?

mirlo, avatar

For example, if it is considered "failing" to not ever grow to be as big as #Bandcamp or #Patreon, why is that? Are platform coops being held to a different standard than other types of coops?

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After #Fedivision2024 concludes, I will be releasing the song I submitted as a single on #Bandcamp and #SoundCloud

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After a short break the new #FairtradeMusicFriday submission thread is now open!

As always, submit your own release or someone else's, it can be by #FediMusicians or not, hosted on #Bandcamp, #Faircamp, #JamCoop, #Mirlo or #SelfHosted, as long as it is by an #IndieArtist.

Just make a direct comment (with a link & description) to this post and it will appear at automagically!

Also: make a musician's day, check out & listen/buy/boost their stuff!💙

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Kristin Hersh's "Clear Pond Sessions" stripped down versions of tracks from her Clear Pond album

mxtthxw, to music avatar

I haven’t shilled my band here in quite a long time. We haven’t been doing much this last couple of years to be honest as the singer has a wee baby but we’ll get round to some new bits eventually.

#Music #IndependentMusic #BandCamp

Going to put our stuff up on #Mirlo #JamCoOp and #FairCamp once I get my arse in gear.

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We’re floored to see the support from our community. Thank you! We've published an update on the Kickstarter.

Turns out people like swag, our ts and swag bags are sold out, but we still have totes available. We're brainstorming some other swag options--thinking hats and patches?

We've also had confirmation of three artists on our compilation album, with more to come!

thezerobit, to Synthwave avatar

I found this amazing #synthwave (and adjacent genres) artist, #Caspro. You can purchase their entire bandcamp discography for like 10 bucks (22 releases, mostly full length albums!). Total ear candy. Easiest music purchase I've ever made in my life. Since most of this music is instrumental, I'll be jamming this while coding for the foreseeable future.

#synth #music #bandcamp #CodingMusic

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Who's got music they want me to check out? Send me your links!

Up to 15 mins worth of music, hosted on a service that allows payments and/or messages directly to the artists (self hosted, #Bandcamp, #Faircamp, @mirlo,, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc but NOT Spotify, Tidal etc).

Oh and you have to follow me in some respect (I'll follow back! Looking for community, not "fans" or whatever).

More details in this relatively short blog post:

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Hello everyone 👋

my remix for Radio Citizen and Bajka will be out soon. RC unearthed tracks from sessions dating 20+ years back including some tracks with the wonderful Bajka on vocals. I had the chance to remix 'World of Peace' for the upcoming "Found & Remixed" EP out 24th of May. You can listen already to one of the tracks here:

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Nice pair saved from the cheap bin on the way home: Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is? And Stickdog -Human


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If you're in need of some piano music, I suggest you give this a try.

Many different styles in these compositions written between 1911 and 1991. All played by the same pianist.

Over four and a half hours of music. Lots of beauty here, sprinkled with moments of drama.

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You may have heard that a poppin album of fabulous swingin' remixes so out there we had no choice but to call them Bonk Wave... here! And they let me on it!


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du jour, bonjour !

Keeley Forsyth - The Hollow

Il vient de paraitre sur , s'il est à l'image de ses précédents albums... il est un régal pour les oreilles. Je viens de le commencer, et rien que le premier morceau... pfiou. Une voix absolument fabuleuse, sur une musique on ne peut plus minimaliste, mais qui accompagne et met bien en valeur le chant. Sublime. Bref, jetez une oreille et n'hésitez pas à écouter les 2 autres, je suis tombé sous le charme dès le premier LP.

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