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If you're looking for some and with a little , my album, "Unknown Unknowns", which was released last year on Triplicate Records, is currently on sale for just $1.

And, my latest album "Concentric Circles" is available for $5.

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Ok so #BandcampFriday has passed but I'm still plugging this, as before all proceeds go to and

Massive thanks to everyone who's nabbed so far, total just under £50, which I'll match so with luck £100 plus quid going to a good place. and now also

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music i bought on this #bandcampFriday

patti - bad back ep. post-punk

joséphine paquette - flutters. electronic

pineal stream - let it rip. ebm (by @adhesion)

resonance - evasion. rock (by @radhika)

@docpop - waiting for an earthquake. chiptune pop

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It’s #BandcampFriday and I just had someone buy my entire discography on
That really made my day! Most of my albums on there are free, so no pressure to pay if you don’t have the extra cash right now.

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Cripes, another #BandcampFriday already? Well, can't go hog-wild this month, but here's what I got for a $50 spot...

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It's #BandcampFriday and I put al my music at 0€ or Pay What You want

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#BandcampFriday again, here's what I got last time as recommendations:

our dear friend, the medic / @listeninggarden - ambient

Metroid Metal - metal

Audiocæneat! - post-rock

M8 II and no casualties / pulse wave blues by @laamaa - chiptune

Vampire Tree by Vampire Tree / @limneticvillains - alt rock



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I'm giving away a few codes for my #cyberpunk EP, "Escape from Ultra City"! 😀 👍



#Bandcamp #BandcampFriday #electronicmusic #electronica #synthwave #retrowave #synthfam #synth #ambient #EDM #music #IDM #downtempo #synthpop #pop #musodon #musician #electronicdancemusic

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When I do get a payout, I deposit it into a saving account and try to forget said money even exists. Also worth a mention the interest on this saving account is 4%. Right now my account balance is $10.02, again I’ve been depositing payout money since 2010 and with interest I still have less twenty bucks. This year Spotify changed their royalties payouts to only happen if a songs breaks 1000 streams. You can see why #BandcampFriday matters when artist get to get 100% of their profit. 📻🌹💜🎶

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To give people an idea of how fucked royalty payouts are and why #fairtrademusicfriday aka #BandcampFriday is important to indie artists, please allow me to share my personal experience. First and foremost I’m not a ghost producer or commercial producer of anything popular, please keep this in mind. Since 2010 I’ve independently released music under various projects/alias/collabs, point and case my name is on something, when it streams or sells I see a royalty payment.…

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Netrunner music? Yes plz. Grabbed BAKENEKO by @revengeday for my for my #BandcampFriday purchase

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Here's the weekly #OPM digest ! A one-stop guide to #music selections from 8 Fediverse #Musicians . It's a great place to get some #BandcampFriday selections, or maybe find a new favorite artist.

As always, you can find a permanent archive of these, with slightly longer writeups, at my blog. The permalink for this week's is here:

Please support these musicians with your follows, favs, and finances!

#NewMusic #OtherPeoplesMusic

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I don't have anything new out today, so here's a couple of Bandcamp releases I've been enjoying recently:

Various Artists – Lost Paradise: Blissed Out Breakbeat Hardcore 1991-94

#BandcampFriday #ElectronicMusic #Jungle #DrumAndBass #Breakbeat #BreakbeatHardcore #UKHardcore #Rave #Bleep

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FYI: The next is not until September 2024. So today you still have the chance to really support artists on Bandcamp, as Bandcamp is not taking a cut this time!

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Just in time for #BandcampFriday I got my #Faircamp site setup! Huzzah!

Another option if you prefer to support artists a little more pseudo-directly.

It is hot off the press so please let me know of any issues you have.

Thanks for the support! This is made possible entirely by the purchases made in the last few months -- to pay for hosting for the next year!

Was so very easy to do, thanks to @freebliss for Faircamp!

#limebar #myMusic #musodon #FaircampFriday

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It is #BandcampFriday today and here is an album full of Berlin School and Kosmische Musik: "Time Stands Still"
@synths #bandcamp #music

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Man I got sucked into my current work project... I didn't even have time to listen to any music and not keeping up my #FletchsFridayReleases tradition makes me feel like I am letting down @HailsandAles 😮‍💨

At least I found some minutes for #BandcampFriday shopping:

@pomCountyIrregs 👉

I got the new #HighOnFire because @SimoRavens19 bought it and he is a man of taste

And to my surprise #RiversOfNihil released an EP?

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Ah, it's Friday, time to browse my wishlist for something inspiring for the weekend.

Anyone got any suggestions? I'm not sure I fancy anything on my wishlist right now.

Something in the vein of or would be ideal.

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Listening to upbeat sludge in the semi dark

hl, avatar

@jake4480 It is #BandcampFriday today, so I might be a little twitchy on the buy button if I like it after a first listen. I'm also tempted by @tldr 's Slater-Keeny offer, plus this

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For , may I suggest a listen and maybe cheap purchase of my new album? Alternatively, my entire discography can be had for a little over eight bucks. 🙂

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My inbox on

brucy, avatar


email 1: our album!
email 2: our shirt!

#BandcampFriday #SorryGuysImBroke

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