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1971 Bunny, comic book cover.
#Comicbook #Bunny #LGBTQ #vintage #retro #pridemonth

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Arlo had to take one dose of panacur this morning and have his nails trimmed. He only got one bite of banana after, not a whole banana. He would like the number for animal control, because he is clearly abused.

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I'm back! And very grumpy :DsaprvingLua: :DsaprvingLua: :DsaprvingLua:

Hotel people gave me lots of hays and greens and some snacks, but not enough 🙄 I was also very vocal about the whole situation every time they came near me to clean stuffs 🙄🦫

I also had some adventures as I got to sneakily escape and hunt for snacs in the night skies with @theRhinoDragon 💨🐇🐉

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Meanwhile, Matilda thinks that maybe she could do with just one more treat… #Bunny #HouseRabbit #BunniesOfMastodon

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Finally bit the bullet and ordered the NiSi Close up lens for my Sony RX10, should arrive tomorrow.
So expect some macro pics in the near future 😉

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The cute little bunnies are starting to snip off seedling plants in the garden.

Chicken wire tent to the rescue!

A tent of chicken wire -- made by rolling out a 25 feet of wire and creasing it in the middle -- protects a row of seedling melon plants.

mlawton, to wildlife avatar

Just LOOK at this adorable baby bunny! Not even the size of your clenched fist.

It must have sought shelter from the thunderstorm up against the basement door. We were equally surprised when I opened it to step outside. For a hot minute, we had a tense stare down that allowed me time to snap these two pics before it scampered off into the underbrush.

A close-up of a small, baby rabbit sitting on a wooden deck. Its left hind leg is splayed out to the side and I feared it was injured, but I think it’s just slipped on the wet deck when I surprised it.

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A for your troubles

zalasur, avatar

Slightly closer view of the

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1/3 Here I am watching the #EdmontonOilers :Oilers: #StanleyCupPlayoffs game tonight… 😏 My greatest fears have come true… -Skye

Satori, avatar

3/3 And they’re leading 2-0 so far! Clearly my shirt is good luck ☺️🍀! I am the Edmonton Oilers’ smollest fan.❤️ :skyeface3: -Skye #EdmontonOilers #StanleyCupPlayoffs #Bunny #SkyeLove

EugeniaLoli, to illustration

The scanned version of my "waiting for the bus" illustration. Colors edited with #TheGimp. The new scanner tends to turn everything a bit red.

#watercolor #watercolour #gouache #illustration #traditionalart #mastoart #fediart #witch #witchesofmastodon #witchcraft #bunny #rabbit

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I've been a garden bun this week! I went out with humum and I was a great while she gardened. I love just being outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds and nomming forbidden fresh and scanky leaves, I'm not fussy 😂😍🌞❤️. I scored a small apple branch too! 🍏🤤🥰


PennyPatch, to Rabbits avatar

Yay it's the weekend! 🥳🥰
It's my bedtime now but here I was earlier, being good. And I've been full of beans today doing binkies and zoomies, just a few quacks 😩. But hudad says I just quack and then crack on with what I was doing, dunno if that's a good thing or not! 🦆🤦🏽‍♂️🤔

Hey, Patchy went outside yesterday! I'll tell him to write about it 💞

Happy weekending everyone! 😀💕 :PennyBun:

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Tevis, to Rabbits avatar

When each ear has a mind of its own.

moira, to random avatar

while i was cooking, i heard the rest of the house going OMG in the tv room and i came in to see what was happening

and what was happening was the tiniest wild bun

the tiniest of tiniest wild buns

hopping about back in forth in front of the glass doors outside

trying really hard to come in

including jumping up over the frame and trying to jump through the glass which it was too young to know about

and it is the most adorable thing i have seen in ... i don't even know. five years.

i'm still all just


if i had had a camera i would be sharing that video but i sadly did not (it was upstairs and i had to get back to the kitchen)

but i love you bun

and i hope you find the enchiladas you are looking for :D

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@jigmedatse bun!

it looks a lot like this one but obviously this is not it:

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The bunny count has slowly been going up on my morning rides. This morning I saw 4 but I'm sure more than that saw me.

ncrav, to Rabbits avatar

Resting before noms 🦫
BunDad: the curled tiny thumpers 😍
#bunny #rabbit #rabbitsOfMastodon #bunniesOfMastodon

ncrav, to Rabbits avatar

Resting after a very busy day of peeking out of the window due to tiny Hoomins making strange noises outside 🙄

keithius, to Rabbits avatar

Trying to sleep in on the weekend but I have bunnies

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dcreemer, to Rabbits avatar

Well crap my bunny died :-( . Emma was about 8 or 9 years old, and had a good life with her best friend / arch enemy our cat.

#bunny #rabbit

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