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Whiskey Before Breakfast on the Hammered Dulcimer
may 29, 2024
Coco 🐾 & walker 😏🕶️
sharin' the love with the fediverse 🐘💫


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Hello, I hope you had a wonderful day. Here is one of my abstract paintings. It is part of a 3-part series, although it can stand on it's own. This one is called Dimension III. Hope you enjoy! 😊

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I send thanks to the buyer from Oregon who purchased several 10-packs of greeting cards of

The Broughton House --

May the artwork take both you and the people to whom you send the cards to a place of welcoming, warmth, and home, and may you feel as if you could run about the yard of this house and play with the joy and freedom of a child.

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56 Chevy Wagon

Older cars and especially restored older cars seem to have so much style and character. The beautiful lines that the manufacturers used to create back when they weren't concerned with crumple zones and aerodynamics. These cars were built solid and it shows.
This retromod is sharply dressed with modern wheels and has near 500 horsepower to get it moving.

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Unleash your creativity with this spiral notebook featuring my vibrant AI creation of an office supply sprint. Perfect for capturing all your ideas on the go.

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In Hoi An, Vietnam, this charming street is adorned with vibrant red silk lanterns that cast a warm, inviting glow on the rustic yellow walls. The scene captures the essence of traditional Vietnamese culture, offering a serene and enchanting ambiance under the night sky.

The Art:

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