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From the ar(t)chive…

Stylized 3D illustration for a 2007 issue of the Dutch Elsevier magazine, about the expansion of the Dutch KPN telecom corporation.

The body of the "octopus" reflects the KPN logo, which can be seen on the newspaper and TV screen.

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This one is up at the entrance to my friend's place, a really magnificent painting of a pug, this one is perfect for anyone out there who loves pug and'd like to have a nice large rendering of one in their place. It is affordable too so let me know if you like this one and want some more info on it! ~

a close-up photo of the pug's face

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'Screaming Elephants'
oil paintings on canvas, hand-painted by my friend A, on display at the studio + gallery he works at downtown, about a ten minute drive from my home. If anyone is interested in this set of intense wildlife artwork, let me know! ~ #art #arts #artwork #elephant #elephants #animals #nature #naturelover #naturelovers #supportthearts #supportlivingartists #handmade #illustration #artmarket #artforsale #artfinder #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #painting #paintings

another black and white elephant painting, an elephant rearing its head back and screaming, white paint and grey and black paint splattered about , lots of thrashy energy in it

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The feeling of finishing this illustration is that I consolidated the art direction for my solo TTRPG game, Dungeons of Galora. As the text is getting to its final form I'm finding myself in the position of rework some previous illustrations to match this style.
@rpgmemes @rpg @RPG

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Well. That makes a LOT more sense.

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Time for a new hard-surface modeling project, using the trusty MagicaCSG 3D editor: a submarine.

As usual, I'll keep you posted of the progress.

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So many in springtime! Thankfully, beauty lasts into the autumn, even though it changes. (Kind of an analogy for life…) I worked with this against a blue sky with drifting white clouds to create a timeless .

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From the ar(t)chive…

Stylized 3D illustration for a 2006 issue of the Dutch Elsevier magazine, about popular gadgets at the time: Roomba, iPod and Blackberry.

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Black Twig Pickers - Soon One Morning

Second album by this SW Virginia area trio. Soon One Morning is firmly planted in Old-Time Appalachian tradition, but concentrates mostly on original material. Standing out in particular is "Floyd Allen," Ralph Berrier Jr's masterful retelling of an area tragedy with a sweet and unexpected major/minor chorus change-up. Mike Gangloff's lengthy and elegiac instrumental "This War Is Killing Me" glides along on a sad melody passed around between resonator guitar, cello and fiddle. Many tracks are anchored by Gangloff's unusual gut-string baritone banjo. Two solo instrumentals on the CD add balance between the vocal numbers - Isak Howell's "Have You Been To Alabama?" is a subtle fingerpicked workout, while Gangloff's "Ironto Special" is a considerably more exotic-sounding modal construction on the big banjo. Elsewhere, there's an upbeat essay of "Pallet On The Floor," a relation to "Poor Boy Long Ways From Home," which appeared on the groups debut North Fork Flyer album. Among the traditional numbers, none is more striking than the group's charging and rough treatment of "Oh Death," with Gangloff and Berrier spitting out the call and response vocal which gives the album its title.

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Here's a photo of one of our local dogs, her name is Bear, eating a meal that I brought to her last night. Getting art from me helps me to bring regular food and pay vet bills for many homeless cats and dogs that live in my town ❤

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From the ar(t)chive…

3D illustration for a 2005 issue of the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, for a "Build a NAS (Network-Attached Storage)" workshop.

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