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Family offices — outfits that typically cater to a single $100 million-plus client — are now popping up in places like Perth in Western Australia, far from financial hubs such as Dubai, London, New York and Singapore.

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Amazon Web Service is reportedly negotiating with Italy to invest billions in expanding its data centers, aiming to boost its European cloud services.

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The transport ministry summoned Japan Airlines President Mitsuko Tottori to issue a stern reprimand following a series of recent incidents involving JAL aircraft.

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Toyota and three other Japanese companies said Monday they have launched a joint study on introducing and promoting carbon-neutral fuels for automobiles. Specifically, the four will explore ways to commercialize "e-fuels."

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Rising interest rates in Japan will do little to rescue the beleaguered yen as long as there’s demand for one of the most lucrative bets in foreign exchange: so-called carry trades.

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More than 100 business chiefs sign letter backing Labour

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Emerging markets like India and Indonesia, whose populations are growing at a solid pace, stand to benefit as demographics begin to play a bigger role in investment decisions.

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🆕 blog! “Is it rude to make a profit from your friends?”

You're in a restaurant with a group of friends. The waiter won't let you split the bill, so you offer to pay for it on your card and have your friends send you their share. How much would you charge them for that service? That sounds absurd, right? OK, you might agree to split the […]

👀 Read more:

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Starbucks faces intense competition and a price war in China, as rivals like Luckin Coffee surpass its sales. #business #starbucks #coffee #china #luckin

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China has set up the country’s largest-ever semiconductor investment fund to propel development of the domestic chip industry.

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A scarcity of low-risk assets in China's financial sector is obstructing the central bank's plans to make its monetary policy toolkit more efficient with a return to the treasury bond market after a 17-year hiatus.

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A planned move by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to locate some of its chipmaking facilities abroad will be "very beneficial” for Taiwan, a senior government official has said.

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The Bank of Japan will proceed cautiously with inflation-targeting frameworks, Gov. Kazuo Ueda has said.

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In ten years, China has become the world’s largest auto market and sells more electrified vehicles than any other country, with 9.5 million cars delivered last year.

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This inflation that started during COVID in 2020 is actually just corporate greed when corporations across the country had been seeing record breaking profits in 2021 and 2022.
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#memes #dankmemes #business #economy #economics #greed #corporategreed #inflation #mcdonalds #target #retail #shopping #food #fastfood #foodies

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Which of these do you think is more likely to get bought:

  • Humane
  • Peloton

Which has more short term value?
Which has more potential?

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The BOJ's basic stance is for long-term interest rates to be set by markets, governor Kazuo Ueda said, offering no strong concern over a rise in the benchmark 10-year government bond yield to a 12-year high.

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China’s approach to global commerce was roundly criticized by G7 finance chiefs in a show of unity accompanied by a threat of further escalation. #business #economy #g7 #china #trade

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"The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) vote to ban noncompete agreements is set to have an outsized impact on the health care sector, empowering clinicians and raising anxiety among private practices who worry it will compound staffing problems...The rule is set to go into effect on Sep. 4, though the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has already sued to stop it."

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China’s outsized role in world trade is alarming global finance chiefs, who are poised to forge a united front in Italy priming their nations to challenge "harmful practices.”

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Japan stands ready to take appropriate action in the market "any time" to counter excessive moves in the yen, its top currency diplomat Masato Kanda said on Friday. #business #economy #yen #currencies #g7 #shunichisuzuki #masatokanda #japaneseeconomy

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Do you know Paul F. Velleman's Fourteen Data Aphorisms for Data Analysis ❓



1/ Let's read carefully and think about the first of the aphorisms.

What does it mean to you ❓

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