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Very Hungry--And Very Invasive--Caterpillars Are a Munching through U.S. Forests

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Alito flag adopted as symbol of far-right 'Christian nationalist crusade': expert

#farright #us

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Caitlin Clark shrugs off U.S. Olympic team omission, hopes to make it one day

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'Never before': Buckle up for the 'historic, hysteric summer' of 2024

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What's Next for U.S. Immigration Policy on the Southern Border?

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The U.S. is fighting high drug prices. Big Pharma isn't sweating -- yet

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String of mysterious attacks across Europe opens new front in Russia's war on the West.

Intelligence agencies warn Kremlin plotting acts of sabotage❗

Allies are slowly starting to wake up to the military threat to the Baltics, Poland etc if russia is allowed to win it's illegal war of aggression, genocide of Ukrainians.

They're not taking the hybrid aspects of the war seriously - jamming, cyber-attacks, espionage & infiltrating governments to undermine democracy. See the US republicans infiltrated and controlled by Putin.

Putin is working to soften up our institutions, disrupt our coordination to make later military confrontation easier if needed.

If they can weaken our resolve and make a few states satellites, that's a major victory for the war criminal Putin.

We have to take this seriously and act decisively.

#EU #nato #US #UK #Germany #France #Canada

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The U.S. poses the largest security challenge in the South China Sea, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong said in remarks published on Sunday.

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U.S. President Joe Biden paid respects at a cemetery in France for American soldiers who died in World War I that Donald Trump famously didn't visit six years ago. #worldnews #politics #us #france #wwi #donaldtrump #joebiden #isolationism

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American economic security is at cross-purposes with the rules-based order that aims to achieve global security by boosting countries' welfare.

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Spiders as big as a human palm spreading in parts of U.S.

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Quebec residents against graphite mine fear powering Pentagon, environmental ruin

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Apple's WWDC, Elon Musk's Tesla payday, and tech earnings: What to watch in the markets this week

#apple #us

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Disputes among G7 nations may prevent consensus on a path to peace in Gaza: experts

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Indoor cat gets let outside for 'garden time' and does a literal backflip of joy

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An epic closing in northern France for the St. Augustine Marching 100. As the band gathered by their buses moments after walking in a D-Day parade in Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France, the band marching behind them, the Voodoo Orchestra from Utah, gathered around the St. Aug musicians and began playing "I'll Fly Away.” An unplanned, organic, absolutely lovely moment. You should have seen the hugs shared between all the young musicians when the music and dancing finally came to an end.

Video by Chris Granger @cgranger

The video shows a spontaneous jam between several bands after the DDAY memorial remembrance ceremony.

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GameStop's 'Roaring Kitty' returns, Nvidia's stock split, a glitch craters Berkshire: Markets news roundup

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WATCH | Biden apologizes to Zelenskyy for delayed U.S. aid package

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France's announcement Thursday that it will supply Mirage jets to Ukraine will bring Kyiv a mix-and-match air fleet in line with its existing jumble of Western-supplied weapons.

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