puneetsiinghal01, to climate
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Climate Change poses a significant threat to individuals with brain conditions.

Extreme temperatures, poor sleep due to warmer nights, and adverse weather events can worsen neurological and psychiatric disorders, increasing hospitalizations and mortality.


Aleenaa, to news
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Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched through central London reiterating calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. Praying for Palestinians

The protest marked the 76th anniversary of what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba.



prolrage, to Bulgaria
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Nine European citizens, the vast majority of whom are female, were arrested alongside Greek students for taking part in the brief and symbolic occupation of the National University of Athens Law School, in solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people. Ahead of summoning important witnesses and interpreters, the court postponed its hearing and ordered that all of the accused be set free. However, Greek Police proceeded to detain the Europeans: a male Spanish citizen is held in the Directorate for Aliens and eight women are held at the closed detention centre of Amygdaleza. All of them are jailed in inhumane conditions ahead of deportation, treated as a threat to public order by decision of the Chief of Police, obviously under instructions by PM Mitsotakis, according to written reports.


br00t4c, to humanrights
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▶ Ethnic cleansing in West Darfur: HRW documents mass killings in Sudan


puneetsiinghal01, to climate
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Newly discovered docs dating back to the 1970's reveal that Shell has known about the harm caused by oil & gas for decades.

Hold the companies responsible.

#ActOnClimate #GreenDisability #SDGs #ClimateEmergency #Sustainability #ClimateCrisis #Technology #HumanRights


br00t4c, to Bulgaria
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As EU and Local Elections Approach, Hungary's Civil Society Braces for Renewed Government Assault


Shanmonster, to humanrights
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Canadian corporations are violating human rights and environmental protections in the Amazon Rainforest. https://takeaction.amnesty.ca/page/147301/action/1

LEAD_Coalition, to humanrights
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A powerful, insightful and beautiful message for all of us who believe in uplifting people living with and other forms of .

piraten, to queer German
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Ein lieber Gruß der NRW an alle ​s auf der Welt zum Internationalen Tag gegen und (nicht nur) von unserem PolGF @heriag.
Und an alle - bitte weitersagen:
Homophobie und Transphobie sind heilbar!^^

andrewstroehlein, to humanrights
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appassionato, to Palestine
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“Wake up: Palestinians have been killed, maimed, abused, displaced, oppressed since even before the establishment of the State of Israel.”

Francesca Albanese, UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian territory


br00t4c, to humanrights
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▶ Israeli Human Rights Lawyer Attacked While Documenting Settler Raid on Gaza Aid Convoy


ProPublica, to Albuquerque
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#Albuquerque Is Throwing Out the Belongings of #Homeless People, Violating City Policy

The city has violated a court order and its own policies by discarding the personal property of thousands of homeless people, who have lost medications, birth certificates, IDs, treasured family photos and the ashes of loved ones.

#NewMexico #Southwest #Law #Police #Housing #Unhoused #News #Homelessness #CivilRights #HumanRights


br00t4c, to humanrights
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▶ Human Rights Watch: Israeli Forces Attack Known Aid Worker Locations in Gaza


br00t4c, to humanrights
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"Rampage of Killings, Looting, Torture, Rape": Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan's Darfur Region


Aleenaa, to news
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A school has banned books portraying LGBTQ+ parents.
In which century are we living?
Do they don't have the right to live peacefully?

Two advocacy groups have filed complaints with the federal government over a North Carolina school system’s decision to ban all books with gay parents and characters questioning their gender from both classrooms and libraries.



Aleenaa, to news
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Doctor mistakenly operated on a kid's tongue instead of finger.
How can a doctor commit such a mistake. It's such a traumatic experience for the kid!!!

A Doctor operated on 4-year-old patient's tongue instead of her finger in Kerala and faced public uproar due to which he got suspended.



br00t4c, to humanrights
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Israeli Human Rights Lawyer Attacked While Documenting Settler Raid on Gaza Aid Convoy


Mau_or_, to Palestine Italian
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"Gruppi sionisti come Canary Mission e Antisemitism.org , individuano coloro che nei campus hanno opinioni filo-palestinesi.
Le università si trovano quindi ad affrontare pressioni politiche e da parte dei donatori per censurare i professori presi di mira."


Mau_or_, to humanrights Italian
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"Il 16 maggio del 1944, circa 6.500 e prigionieri a riuscirono a disinnescare il piano previsto per il massacro finale dell’intero settore del campo. Nonostante i rivoltosi siano poi stati smistati in altri campi o uccisi nei mesi a seguire, questa storia di ribellione rimane incisa nella storia."


davidonformosa, to thailand
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Women and LGBTI activists in Thailand have been unlawfully targeted with digital surveillance and online harassment, including the use of Pegasus spyware, by state and non-state actors, in an effort to silence them


junesim63, to worldwithoutus
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This is an important case given current crimes against humanity in the Middle East and Africa.
Switzerland tried the case under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows countries to prosecute people for crimes that took place elsewhere.
Philip Grant, head of the organisation that filed the complaint leading to Ousman Sonko's arrest, said the case sends a "resounding message against impunity".


PariaSansPortefeuille, to humanrights French
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"After reviewing the facts established by independent monitors, journalists, and United Nations agencies, we conclude that ’s actions in and regarding since October 7, 2023, violate the ." -

: Analysis of and its Application to Israel’s Military Actions since October 7, 2023


puneetsiinghal01, to disability
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"Ableism looks like calling people 'inspiring' for navigating a system that is designed for exclusion, while doing nothing to hold the system accountable." - Carson Tueller

touaregtweet, to Israel
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“At the time in 1948, there was no television. People did not have smartphones, and it was relatively easy to cover up the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing, and to claim that it didn’t exist,” the Israeli historian told Al Jazeera.

“It is impossible to say now that people cannot know what is going on when it appears on our screens”

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