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Just finished the series.

It was so good... sigh.

#Shogun #FX #Hulu #television

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All three of the PLANET OF THE APES (Caesar trilogy) movies are currently on . If you haven't seen these, it's probably one of the most SOLID trilogies in film history. 👍

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Hulu's New True-Crime Drama, About the Murder of a Teen by Other Teens, Does a Rare Thing


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OK by episode 8, "Death and Other Details" has gotten a bit over complicated and the motives are getting a bit suspect. Still enjoying it, but I don't expect it to stick the landing not that things are so convoluted.

We in the territory were the silliest twist is what we're expecting next.

#Mystery #Streaming #Hulu

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Starting “Death and other Details” on #Hulu. Enjoying it quite a bit. The first episode twist is really good.

#mystery #streaming

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I watch the latest episodes on Fridays so I just caught up. Episode 8 might be one of the most tense episodes of television I've ever seen.

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I hope Disney+/Hulu renew for Season 3. Excellent fun show!

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Hulu with Live TV adds MLB Network just as baseball season gets underway

#hulu #tv

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The Disney Plus-Hulu merger is way more than a streaming bundle

#disney #hulu

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New 'Freaknik' Documentary Makers Explain Motivation Behind 'Wildest Story Never Told'


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Alien: Romulus teaser has all the right elements to pique our interest

#alien #hulu

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Watching "Undead/Unluck" on Hulu.

Fun anime with a lot of time spent pitting specific superpowers against each other and characters figuring the parameters of the other's power to defeat them.

It's neat; way more than just being stronger to beat them up.

Definite recommendation

#Streaming #Anime #Hulu

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