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Witch, devoted to Goddess, political activist, she/her, LGBTQIA+ Mom, ADHD - neurodivergent. Dog Mom, owned by cats, gardener, ex-hiker, voracious reader - especially Urban Fantasy. Energy Impairing Chronic Illness. Disabled. Mobility scooter dependent. Domestic Violence survivor- expect me to call out abusive behavior. My #coffee is in a Witch’s Brew mug. #Brigid #Scathach

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Pagan_Animist, to random
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Generally I like Imagine Dragons but every once in a while it’s a wtf?

Pagan_Animist, to random
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Good afternoon!

Yesterday was so gorgeous.
Not bad at all today.
I ran some garbage out and noticed it was warm.

I’m drinking what used to be warm cafe au lait. I think I’ll add some concentrate and take it to Al as iced coffee.
It’s funny. He drinks two creams, two sugars in 12 ounces of coffee.
I put 1/4 of a teaspoon, so 1 gram of sugar in 16 ozs, always iced, and take it in daily, for myself. The sugar just cuts the bitterness.

He drinks it every day and tells me how great it is. ☺️

carrieberry, to random
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My response isn’t fit to print.

Pagan_Animist, to random
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On to a topic near and dear to my heart, farming.
The care and keeping of live stock.
I still think of them as farm animals, although the vast majority of them never saw a pasture.
Farm Forward has published a report on practices at Alexandre Family Farm.
“This report details … systemic deception, cruelty, and animal abuse by arguably the leading higher welfare, Organic, Certified Humane, and “regenerative” dairy operation: Alexandre Family Farm, LLC.

st0neybrat, to ADHD
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This is so very me, although I’ve stopped trying to relate as much with personal stories.

In fact, frequently I’ll type out something relatable, erase it, and usually close the dialog box.

kabrams, to random
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my new space heater (currently for the RV but may move to other rooms when said rooms are ready) has a remote control and I absolutely love being able to adjust it without getting up and walking over there. good for turning it on and off without true interruption to my tasks.

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It sounds great,

intransitivelie, to random
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In another era I could have been a revered polymath and wit, beloved of the salons of Europe and with the ear of kings. But since I hate writing things out longhand and I don't like socialites, it's probably best that I would in all likelihood have died in infancy.

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@yohannon @intransitivelie

Oh, dear.
Another one of us that got the shit end of the stick.

They figured Mom was 33 weeks. I was 2# 10 ounces. 1.19 Kg here.
They blew my lungs up, aside from other fun things like treat my mitral valve leak by doing nothing.

I guess once I was breathing I was too stubborn to stop.

Pagan_Animist, to random
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When did I turn into such a wimp?

I’m outside, dumping planters, breaking up the dirt from a planter when I think, I need gloves.

Came in the house and grabbed some and went back out to start again. Then I thought, that potting soil is so dry, I ought to have a mask on.

My next thought after that when some flew up in my eyes is heck, I need safety goggles!

I managed to prepare two 12” pots for the radishes for now.

Organic Miracle Grow smells like manure. I didn’t use it this year.

Pagan_Animist, (edited ) to random
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Did you know?

The week of April 11-17 is
Black Women’s Maternal Health Week.

Do you know why the US needs to bring awareness to this issue?

Black Women are three times more likely to DIE during childbirth and in the immediate post natal period.

The statistics are very telling. Every woman needs to be heard, not dismissed.

Please watch this 14 minute TED talk given by Dr.Bayo Curry-Winchell, a black physician who almost died before even holding her newborn.


Pagan_Animist, to random
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Good morning!

I am not going to say, “I could get used to this,” because I know I can’t.

Up at 8:30, walked the dogs, fed everyone, showered and out the door at 9:30 for a blood draw.

Now I’m left wondering what to do.

Gardening on the patio.

Unless I decide on a nap, which is very possible.

Have a good day/evening/night.

jackhutton, to random
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Satan welcomes ‘The Juice’.

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Again I wish I had that construct in my belief system, if only for five minutes. Oh, and a window into Hades.

DrALJONES, to random
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The Boycat app is helping people boycott brands supporting Israel

A new app in the US is helping people to boycott businesses deemed to be supporting Israel and its war on Gaza.



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Just installed from the 🍎 store.

Thank you.

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My son in law and daughter downloaded the app and are using it as well.

Thank you.

GottaLaff, to legal
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Via Klasfeld:


An appellate court judge REJECTS yet another attempt by #Trump's #legal team to delay the start of his New York criminal trial.

Between lower and appellate court attempts, that's more than 10 attempts, by the DA's count.

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@JBShakerman @GottaLaff

I’m guessing once the trial starts they may stop trying to delay it.


researchbuzz, to random
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@StillIRise1963 don't read this if your blood pressure is janky, I'm about to punch a wall


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@researchbuzz @StillIRise1963

Oh, my Goddess.

I hope their governments and populations lobby towards banning and education about how dangerous these products are.

RickiTarr, to random
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The truth is I've always been an old lady, I want to go to a bar at 4 in the afternoon, and listen to great music, but it can't be too loud, I want a couple good drinks, and leave before it gets too busy, so I can have dinner, and get back home. I need to have plenty of time to watch Godzilla movies in my PJ's, and snug before my first pre-bed nap.

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I was always a night owl.

We can blame it on the nursery in the hospital where I was born. 43 days of 24/7 lighting.

I worked second and third shifts for 40+ years.

At the moment my circadian rhythm is all messed up because I had two weeks of appointments every morning.

StillIRise1963, to random
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Anyway, whatever. If not for white women, Trump NEVER would have been president. So, white people, get yourselves together.

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@StillIRise1963 @Okanogen

I have to disagree.

There were many white women that fought like Hel to keep him out of office the first time and fought every policy we could after he got in.

The problem is there wasn’t enough of us voting for Hilary in 2016.

Some white women sold out a whole bunch of people, including other white women.

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@StillIRise1963 @Okanogen

Did I disagree with the stats?!

Did I disagree with anything?

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This is what I disagreed with:

Yep. White women’s loss of rights is SELF-INFLICTED.

So you’re telling me those millions of white women like me that campaigned, volunteered, phone banked, canvassed, protested, marched, and did everything we could to keep him out of office are to blame for the loss of rights across the board?


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Genuinely, I could not tell anything was obvious.

I must be having a bad day.

Excuse me.

RickiTarr, to random
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What is a little white lie you were told as a child, that you believed for too long?

I was way too old when I figured out a human couldn't actually get sucked down a drain or flushed down a toliet. I used to cling to my little brothers, and pull them out of the bath any time my Mum would pull to plug.

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But they can!

I doubt if I will ever swim in a public pool again.

I’ve heard of other incidents but Aliyah Jaico‘s death in Houston just did me in.

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alexlac51, to random
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I want to live in a progressive ...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

With no ...

With no ...

With no ...

With no ...

With no policies...

With free for all...

With a respect for all peoples ...

As a of the families of the EU...🇪🇺

Where people are not ...

As a country that and the most

All the above and more is possible...

A ... ...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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@RosePuckey @alexlac51

I said something about the wild garlic getting really tall and I needed to harvest some more and the bus driver said, “you can EAT it?”

I wanted to tell her about all of the other forage plants ready now but she didn’t look interested.

deirdresm, to ADHD
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Bullet point 1 is the funniest thing I’ve ever read about #ADHD. Also true.

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Suddenly my bio makes a lot more sense.

futurebird, to random
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Found a queen ant on Park Ave. Looks like Prenolepis imparis, or the american winter ant. You can spot queens by their distinctive waddle. She was hustling along the side walk as if on her way to the Chanel store. Now she’s in one of my luxury ant condos— but don’t tell her I’ve moved her out to the Bronx.

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