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That's one hell of a headline considering the guy's actual movie creds...

He was in a single episode of NCIS 5 years ago.


#NCIS #tvseries

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I'm looking for TV series, aired probably mid-1990's (in Poland it was aired around 1997 or 1998).

There was a guy trying to solve some mystery (or mysteries?), perhaps working alone. I recall a single episode where he noticed that while holding a certain mysterious object near him, objects behaved unexpectedly, e.g. Coriolis effect was reversed (working in opposite direction). I think he was trying to contact a person from his past, maybe a brother or father.

Each episode ended (and probably started) with a music theme involving tubular bells.

It is definitely not "Nowhere Man" with Bruce Greenwood, nor "The Pretender" with Michael T. Weiss.

I'm studying IMDb's TV series list from 1990's but it's a very long list... I'll be very happy if anybody gives me a hint or some title to try!

Please boost!

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I like TV shows with a cold open. It is a neat technique to jump into the action, and works really well for both episodic story telling and story arcs.

The reason for making them is to trick Americans into suffering the opening commercial break, which is ridiculous and thankfully not allowed here, so for us it's just more and better entertainment.

#TV #TVSeries

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I've tried so hard to like For All Mankind. I loved that it is a character-driven story, with the sci-fi sort of in the background, but yo, it has very long boring scenes that revolve around these characters I just don't care about. Like who in their right mind would root for a guy like Gordo? And why is most of Season 2 dedicated to him? I gave up in S02 E05.

But it's a good series, otherwise. If you can stomach the long dreary scenes, you'll enjoy it.

#film #tv #tvseries #series

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#tvseries καλό 👍

#Criminal_Record — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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What is the most terrifying scene or shot you have ever watched in a movie or TV show?

I'll start. It's in Twin Peaks.
I don't want to spoil, but it involves a couch and Bob.

I may have watched it a dozen times, but it terrifies me every single time. There is some dark magic involved in that scene, I'm telling you.

Seriously, if you haven't watched Twin Peaks by now.... drop all that you're doing and go watch Twin Peaks.

#TVShows #TVSeries #Cinema #Television #Movies #TwinPeaks

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A crew member working on the new Marvel TV series Wonder Man has died on set after an accident on a high walkway, BBC News reports:

#marvel #wonderman #tvseries #superhero

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Ooh, a trailer for season 3 of #ResidentAlien - looking forward to it! https://youtu.be/7NSbS62FbtM #tv #tvSeries #scifi #scienceFiction

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Jour 24 - 24 !

Palais de justice historique à , dit aussi palais des 24 .
Construit entre 1835 et 1847 par Louis-Pierre , il abrite un décor classé

Les merveilleux albums de sont conservés aux du département du et de la de Lyon, où j'ai eu la chance de les étudier lors de la du palais.
Mai 2023


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Jour 27 - Joyeux

Le de Bob à l'entrée de la chambre d'amis, qui fait également office de et de .

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One of the keyframes and concept arts I did for the "Offliners 76" TV show project we put together with Sebastian de Souza. You can see the whole gallery right here: https://bannister.artstation.com/projects/xD934E?album_id=1254292

#visdev #visualdevelopment #conceptart #conceptdesign #characterdesign #animation #anime #tvseries #scifi #dystopia

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Anyone else here watched / missing this amazing TV show? Book just arrived. Nostalgia read. El Ministerio del Tiempo will always be one of my favorite series. ❤️

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Watching #TheBrothersSun on Netflix and I'm kinda obsessed. The choreographies, the soundtrack, the characters... Michelle Yeoh as boss lady. I am very much invested now.

#TV #TVseries #Netflix

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Wait, #OFMD was seriously cancelled?


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Is it just me, or are more good shows just getting cancelled willy-nilly lately? #TV #TVseries

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25 years since the debut of The Sopranos 🤯

If you've not seen it yet, I really recommend giving it a try. It's such a good TV show and still 'holds up' today.


#Television #TheSopranos #Sopranos #TVSeries #Recommendations #HBO

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Before I get to work, a few thoughts on the current big movies and TV series. You may not agree with my PoV.

  1. Oppenheimer was about 1 hr too long. Some good character play but overall very dreary and talky. Gave up about 30mins before the end.
  2. Flower Moon thing was almost too boring to keep watching after about 45 minutes but I kept on for a bit. I gave up and went to bed and didnt bother watching the end. What the hell was it really about? Did I have to do loads of googling to get the plot? Tedious.
  3. Rebel Moon - a pathetic waste of time lost I will never get back. Gave it about 45 minutes.
  4. The Killer was good. Not really good but definitely good. Fassbender is quite compulsive in these loner roles and I enjoyed how the film was put together.
  5. The Creator was overall very enjoyable. A bit long and drawn out but the whole idea and the general production value was excellent.
  6. I have watched earlier series of Succession but stopped as I was sick of watching stories about really horrible people. This also applies to Billions.
  7. I haven't watched Napoleon yet but going on comments I wont bother fttb.
  8. Same as above for Maestro.
  9. I didn't watch Barbie bc (...) Id much rather watch Lee, but haven't been able to find a source to watch it.

I think current movies are overall terrible. There is no story, or if there is, it is so obscured by terrible screenplay that it gets completely lost in supposed nuanced meaningfulness that we the viewers lose all interest. We dont care about the characters. Quite a lot of TV series on the other hand tend to be very good, if you choose what interests you. This is the opposite of what may have been true a decade ago.

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I just got it pointed out that the Australian series Utopia (an office-like comedy about an infrastructure agency) is up to it's 5th season.

I guess the pandemic put a few seasons out of order?



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I've seen 6 of Rolling Stone's top K-dramas of 2023. Most of them are on Netflix. "Moving" is my favorite.

  1. The Glory ⭐⭐
  2. Mask Girl ⭐⭐⭐
  3. Divorce Attorney Shin ⭐⭐⭐
  4. See You in My 19th Life ⭐
  5. Welcome to Samdalri -- still watching
  6. Moving ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

#KDrama #Korean #Entertainment #Asian #Top10 #List #Ranking #Hallyu #Netflix #Moving #TV #TVSeries


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Our recuperating household needs a new bingeable show.

We loved Ted Lasso, Good Omens, Severance, Beforeigners, Lucifer and The Good Place, and the first season of Altered Carbon, but couldn't stand the second.

So all genres are on the table, but a general upbeatness or a mystery where the good/bad is clear is preferred.

Not keen on being asked to like terrible characters.

Any recommendations?

#TVRecommendations #tvshows #tvseries #bingewatch

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Jour 1 - In extremis

On passait d'une année à l'autre sans un bruit, comme si les voisins étaient tous partis, quand tout à coup, in extremis, j'ai voulu tester le bouzin📯

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Jour 5 - Département

Capture d'écran (eh oui, je triche aujourd'hui) sur le site imdb de la musique de la série anglaise "Department S", avec l'excellent Peter Wyngarde dont la fantaisie vestimentaire a inspiré quelques années plus tard le personnage d'Austin Powers.

La série, qui date de 1969-1970, a pour héros Jason King, chef du Département S, une section spéciale d'Interpol chargée de résoudre des crimes obscurs.

#TVseries #nostalgy #FlowerPower #music

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Immer wieder stosse ich auf unglaublich gute Serien:

  • The Night Manager
  • The Night Agent
  • The Terminal List
  • The Wheel Of Time

#series #serie #serien #TVSeries #Streaming #tv #film #movie

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Continuing with the year review:

These were the TV shows and movies I liked the most in 2023:

#tv #TVseries #movies #cinemastodon

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