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It's twenty five years this week since a Nazi set off three bombs in London - Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

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18 Apr 1638: John Lilburne (future leveller) pilloried in , or as he said himself: 'tied to a cart's arse' (BM)

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18 Apr 1587: John Foxe, martyrologist, d. at his house in Grub St #London #otd A key shaper of #English #Protestant identity


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Pewter cup with the arms of the City of and those of the Pewterers' Company inscribed: 'Though Wine Off Good Too Much Of That Wil Make One Lean Though He Be Fatt' c.1600

(British Museum)

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18 Apr 1534: All citizens of are ordered to swear to the Act of Sucession, recognising Anne Boleyn & her offspring with Henry VIII as legitimate

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A few weeks ago, a pack of , illegally seized 's restaurant in , boarding up the windows and declaring that the $16 million building was theirs, because they said so. Now, they've apparently vacated the building after being served with legal paperwork, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage, and cleaning expenses. How much more entitled can you possibly be? May all the worst things in life fall on their shoulders.

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17 Apr 1556: Seth Holland, who had been in Cardinal Reginald Pole's service in is elected Warden of All Souls Also Dean of , present at Pole's deathbed.

He died himself in Marshalsea gaol in 1561

(National Trust images/Chevron Tango)


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Hurrah for #postal #votes. I've already cast my #vote for the next #London #mayor

Tip, all the nut jobs lead their manifesto with getting rid of #ULEZ, despite the fact that it's been a great success

I'm honestly amazed at the altright extremists this year, openly advocating for more white supremacy and trashing of anything that would make life better for Londoners

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17 Apr 1534: Having refused the Oath in the Act of Succession on 12 April, former Lord Chancellor, Thomas More is imprisoned in the Tower of (NPG)

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16 Apr 1588: Officers of the Stationers' Company enter the #London premises of Robert Waldegrave & confiscate his equipment. A puritan printer, Waldegrave would go to to produce the first of the Martin Marprelate tracts (Rijksmuseum)

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This is why we can't have nice things, some drunk has taken offence to this street side sculpture in the centre of London, near Euston station

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A grey squirrel high (15m) in a tree. At first I thought it suddenly must have developed a case of vertigo, but then, it's a squirrel, so probably not. The photo isn't rotated, it's literally hugging a tree face down. Then it started its carefully planned ambush on another squirrel involving some acrobatics that I was sure would have sent both of them crashing to the ground. Pretty humbling and impressive at the same time, as I used the ladder to get down from the the tree walk, not feeling that great about my own physical limitations.

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"Sadiq Khan will be poison for drivers in London"

Lol, well I'm not a driver and they never seem to care about the rest of us so good luck with that!

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Next gig coming up this weekend at Luna in Lexington! We're playing with Sophie Kye, Kostan, Ollie Redish, Dread Fury, The Breakdown, Lovebar, The Neversheds, Dirty Money & Bang Bang Bunny!

Tickets at:

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World’s top cosmologists convene to question conventional view of the universe

Meeting at London’s Royal Society will scrutinise basic model first formulated in 1922 that universe is a vast, even expanse with no notable features.

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Proposing an amendment to the that makes it illegal to enter at all if you read the Daily Mail

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Buying and installing Panels in is almost 50% cheaper compared to the

Even factoring in the currency, inflation,& excluding labour/installation costs in UK

With NO state credits or supports or financing

Having seen both, I can safely say alone has more solar installations than all of

No kidding when people question why is UK a "developed" country...

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