ajsadauskas, to Futurology
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Quick heads up: Melbourne's Public Transport Users Association is now posting videos on Mastodon.

If you want some interesting short form transport advocacy clips in your Masto feed, make sure you follow the PTUA @ptua 😊


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Is this the Toyota Corolla killer?

“The new BYD Qin Plus EV is the car that makes EVs way cheaper than ICE vehicles and blows open the mainstream market,”

How much? $15,000!

” BYD launched a $15,000 EV in a direct attack on legacy auto makers.

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Good morning from Melbourne! That was a good overnight journey in the XPT, though we arrived an hour late due to a stricken freight train in the way. Though delay doesn't matter too much, as long as you have a comfy compartment to sit in.

More about the sleeper journey later at my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/timrichards

#Train #Trains #Melbourne

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hiking • railtrails • reviews • maps

Eastern Promenade Trail, Portland ME
4⭐ 1.8 miles ea way • Easy difficulty


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If you are planning on taking the train long distance in Europe in 2024, Interrail is currently having a sale with 15% discount on passes until the 5 March!


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Nearby village got a new train station.
Now only schedules should be fixed and we're good.

thejapantimes, to Japan
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The start date of the new high-speed maglev train that will run between Tokyo and Nagoya remains uncertain amid opposition from some in Shizuoka Prefecture. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/02/22/japan/maglev-train-shizuoka/ #japan #trains #maglev #shizuoka #heitakawakatsu

bmohr, to Colorado
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Durango Station on the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. Durango, Colorado. August 1968.

Scanned from a 35mm Kodachrome slide.

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A red plaque at Queen Street Station in Glasgow marking the opening of Scotland's first inter-city passenger rail service in 1842 between here and Haymarket Station in Edinburgh.


timrichards, to Trains
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New at my Patreon... Yesterday I headed from Melbourne to Sydney for a conference - and took the train rather than flying. Here's what it was like:

A day on the rails: Melbourne to Sydney https://www.patreon.com/posts/98810294

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Interrail have a 15% off sale running right now 👀


benjamingeer, to Trains
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Why can’t the Balkans’ rail network get back on track? - Equal Times https://www.equaltimes.org/why-can-t-the-balkans-rail-network cc @jon

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Now free for all to read... "Go west, young man!" If he was talking about the marvellous Union Station in Denver, USA, I was happy to oblige:

Image of the week: Travel by train! https://www.patreon.com/posts/96517029

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At The Rock (must be a story behind that name). Making progress.

timrichards, to Trains
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Yes! I'm off to Sydney by XPT train for a conference. And that's the Overland train to Adelaide on the other platform. Interstate trains all round. :)

Will be writing about the experience later at my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/timrichards

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Honored that "Point of Rocks Train Station" has won 2nd place in the 2/17/2024 contest "Rural Train Stations" held by the "Big Sky Of Art" group. Thanks to contest admin Mia DeLode and to everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners … great images all!!!

At my website: https://lois-bryan.pixels.com/featured/point-of-rocks-train-station-lois-bryan.html

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Amtrak proposing a Chicago-Miami line #trains

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I was in the Ochanomizu area of Tokyo this evening, so I thought I’d try to capture a night view from Hijiri Bridge towards Akihabara. And as if I had ordered them, a Marunouchi Line subway train (red) and a JR Chūō-Sōbu Line train appeared as welcome foreground elements. 🚊

Unprocessed full-size iPhone 15 Pro shot, “night mode” (1 sec exposure).

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I'm riding trains for 3 hours today hooray.

luciedigitalni, to Canberra
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Decided to stop and let this train pass. Seemed like it was in a hurry, so...

timrichards, to Trains
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Bring them back!

In the golden age of railways the WA government ran affordable holidays to show off the state's attractions - ABC News


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