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</fini> finished.
Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

Thank you all for indulging me with your patience. :)

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Just started The Necromancer's House by Christopher Buehlman. I've seen rave reviews for it on multiple platforms.

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I "accidentally" bought a Kindle Scribe. I have a few thoughts about the good and not-so-good bits, so i thought i should write them down https://cyb.org.uk/2024/06/06/kindle-scribe-likes-and-dislikes.html #blog #books

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Janet Morgan publishes in this book a rather interesting Agatha Christie's letter to her husband Max, describing one of the trips she made on the Orient Express, that gave her the setting and some of the characters too The Murder on the Orient Express.

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Is there a good introductory book to AI / ML which doesn't assume the reader has a degree in maths? It is unfortunately starting to creep into my work so I need to learn what things like 'granular gradient boosting machine algorithm' mean.

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Annie’s been packed off to Christian camp, but will she convert? Lauren Caroline Smith shares the good news in The Placing of Hands.

Catch this exclusive short story at https://fictionable.world


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Just stared "Service Model" from Adrian Tchaikovsky. Best to go into it knowing nothing. It's hilarious, and not at all what I was expecting after reading some other Tchaikovsky books.

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I got so involved with organizing my TBR list I didn't get any reading done 🤣 :blobcatnervous: :blobshrug:

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Once again, I’m in need of a new book to get lost in & would love recommendations 📚

Some of my favorite genres include science fiction, historical fiction & satire. What are you reading? #books

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I've been sorting my TBR list today. Shocking I know. 😂📚😅 Still a lot of books on it. 😆

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“From my childhood I have been,’ said I, ‘the object of the untiring goodness of the best of human beings; to whom I am so bound by every tie of attachment, gratitude, and love, that nothing I could do in the compass of a life could express the feelings of a single day.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

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Joe Haldeman (1943-) was born on this day. Bibliography: https://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?27

L, Dorian Vallejo, 1991; R, Jim Burns, 1988


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Lin Carter (1930-1988) was born on this day. Bibliography: https://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?353

L, Vincent Di Fate, 1975; R, Frank Frazetta, 1967
#scifi #sciencefiction #books #fantasy


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Artist Nodel (1922-2000) was born on this day. List of covers: https://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?27568

L, 1964; R, 1973


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In the mood for some fiction. Nonfiction has been too depressing lately for me to read. There's enough depressing things going on in the world right now, I don't need to add to it by reading about history and politics. 😆

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I’m going up to bed to read and meditate. Before I do, here are my

  1. My daughter is enthusiastic about the plans I’ve made when she visits next weekend
  2. Wild roses and strawberries
  3. I enjoyed finishing Dominoes by Phoebe Mcintosh
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"About his large bright eyes that used to be so merry, there was a wanness and a restlessness that changed them altogether. I cannot use the expression that he looked old. There is a ruin of youth which is not like age; and into such a ruin, Richard’s youth and youthful beauty had all fallen away.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

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“I passed on to the gate, and stooped down. I lifted the heavy head, put the long dank hair aside, and turned the face. And it was my mother, cold and dead.”

Excerpt From
Bleak House
Charles Dickens

The Morning Phiz (Hablot K. Browne) August 1853 Dark Plate Etching (ch. 59, "Esther's Narrative") of Dickens's Bleak House, Part 18. Scanned image by George P. Landow;

Characters are dropping like flies now..


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8 changes that were made to a classic Richard Scarry book to keep up with the times. Progress!

#books #thetimes


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in 1790.

John Barry's Philadelphia Spelling Book Arranged Upon a Plan Entirely New becomes the first American book copyrighted.

John Barry was a schoolmaster of the Free School of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. While no complete copy of the book exists today, the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress has the printed title page and two pages of text that Barry originally deposited.


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"When it comes to kid’s , though, I’m always happy for an opportunity to buy and read more of these essential stories. When those stories are ? Even better."


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