danhulton, to Starfield
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I just realized that I put maybe 20-30 hours into and NOTHING stands out as especially cool and worth remembering. Not the boring spaceflight, not the bland characters, not the bare-bones combat, none of it.

Meanwhile, the frustrations are still clear as day. The pointlessly limited inventory, the long-ass animations they were so in love with that they would not let you skip, the terrible UI that was fixed by modders within DAYS of release... All still fresh and infuriating.

galaxy_map, to Starfield
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I have a set of maps for the popular #Starfield video game, which is based on real nearby stars (sometimes renamed). I created them for a failed Kickstarter last year and I am thinking about releasing the full resolution versions for free. Please like or comment if you want them.


Manu_breizhou, (edited ) to random French
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Starfield, le jeu où les gens se dispersent sur 50 systèmes solaires différents pour construire un patelin par planète voir juste une ferme ou une mine (OK parfois 2 ! ) quand ce n'est pas simplement quelques algecos posés au milieu de nulle part. Au moins il n'y a pas de risque de surpopulation. 😌

Manu_breizhou, (edited )
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Tout tiendrait facilement dans 3 systèmes max avec une douzaine de mondes habitables crédibles histoire de varier les environnements. Les pirates et spatiars divers planqués dans des bases perdues auraient eus de la place aussi. Ça épargnerait aussi pas mal de temps de chargements. #Starfield

joelanman, to Starfield
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How did they design the temples in Starfield?
They used a templeate

itnewsbot, to Starfield
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New Starfield patch adds super resolutions to make it look even better - Bethesda has pushed its latest patch for Starfield which mainly looks at ways of s... - https://readwrite.com/new-starfield-patch-adds-super-resolutions-to-make-it-look-even-better/

thephoeron, to Starfield
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Coming back to my playthrough last night after a bit of a break and this is exactly how green it made me feel

aaronmccollum, to Starfield
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Really hoping comes to PS5. I’d probably buy it if so.

jimmyb, to Starfield
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Worked on some this evening...at least until it wouldn't let me land where I needed to go...🙄

Reading and getting some sleep. 😴

gamesense, to Starfield
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We've decided to benchmark AMD FSR 3.0 and compare it against NVIDIA DLSS 3 in Starfield. #Starfield https://gamesense.co/game/starfield/news/discuss/starfieldnative-4k-vs-nvidia-dlss-3-vs-amd-fsr-3.0-benchmarks/

itnewsbot, to Starfield
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Is Xbox ‘exclusive’ Starfield heading to PlayStation 5? - When Microsoft completed its $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media, owners of ... - https://readwrite.com/is-xbox-exclusive-starfield-heading-to-playstation-5/ #sonyplaystation #microsoftxbox #starfield #game #news #xbox #ps5

darth, to Starfield
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:icon_ps: might come to .
Microsoft is becoming the good guy. Interesting.

mikey, to Starfield
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Microsoft planning to bring to PS5...

michael jordan laughing GIF

thephoeron, to Starfield
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Was reading through the revised EULA for the new update just now, and honest to god it says “you should take breaks from gameplay every 10 to 15 minutes” and “you should not play the game under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while taking prescription medication…” (paraphrased)

I actually snorted. And then quit the game. I don’t normally snort-laugh, or take EULAs all that seriously. But that’s just how ridiculous this updated EULA is.

Talk about alienating your audience, and

thegamerstavern, to Starfield
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As per , the game is still lying in a corner, all covered with dust.

We tried to deepen our relationship further, but it was complicated and didn't work, for both of us.
It's a shame, maybe I'll get back at it someday, like I promised to (still lying in the same corner).

  • I won't exclude a live streaming playthrough, as I noticed that the community helps me power through these effin-long games -

Konghammer, to Starfield
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is quite difficult to like isn't it?

jesswetmachine, to Starfield French

Pourquoi on voir pulluler les critiques sur :
on peut imaginer qu'il y a un intérêt mercantile dans le fait de dénigrer : L', c'est le saint graal aujourd'hui. Les youtubeurs.ses qui dénigrent starfield, ielles l'ont compris , du coup ça pullule. Et derrière, tu as les moutons qui suivent, pour "faire partie du groupe". Groupe qui alimente les premiers en audience. Le problème, c'est que ça parasite. Je trouve plus gratifiant de jouer et apprécier le jeu.

thephoeron, to Starfield
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Returning to my original #Starfield playthrough (Level 186) to speed-run the final confrontation with The Hunter and The Emissary—because whatever comes next has gotta be better than a Va’ruun-Zealot-Andreja universe, right?

… Right?

#StarbornPath #Starborn #SciFi #Gaming #XboxSeriesX #Xbox

@thephoeron@functional.cafe avatar

This end-run sequence really needs some variety to it. Like, it should be particular to the universe you’re leaving behind

#Starfield #StarbornPath #Starborn #SciFi #Gaming #XboxSeriesX #Xbox

tillybridges, to random
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playing Starfield and listen I don’t know if I’m gonna need that thing later or whatever so I’m just gonna take it and nobody told me my ship had a cargo compartment and I had to put it all SOMEWHERE so

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i found more alien tentacles

Sarah: At least you’re prepared.


Sarah: With the hazmat suit.

that’s just so i can be sure i don’t get any smell before i’m ready to

Sarah: You said the smell made you want to die.

yeh but sometimes i just need to feel alive


@tillybridges@mastodon.social avatar

whatcha doin’

Sarah: If I tweak the Helium-3 intermix just right we can get a few more light years out of each grav jump, causing less overall use of the engine and thus prolong its life.


ok now you’re speaking my language


GossiTheDog, to random
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  • GossiTheDog,
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    Now level 80 in , about to hit 200 hours. Got 5 Xbox achievements left to get.

    I am going to aim for level 100 and every achievement before mods and survival mode launch.

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    3 achievements to go! Finished Ryujin Industries quest line. My heart rate got to 120 during the final quest.

    Made the right decision waiting until so late in the game to do that questline as I was maxed on things like stealth, persuasion, pickpocketing, hacking etc.. plus had equipment with silencers etc.

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    467 quests completed

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    After 467 quests and 144 activities, over 200 hours, I’ve only had one quest bug and one crash to desktop. They did a really good QA job.

    The bugged quest is in Neon city, where I have to meet a gang member in a bar but the door upstairs is locked. It’s because I left the bar while an NPC was unlocking the door.. and they didn’t factor in a player doing that. Oops.

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