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Our small game dev team completed the Windows platform game Moon Child in 1997.

Our coder managed to revive the game, embedded in a web page:

Increase the page zoom level of your browser to enlarge the game frame to a near full-screen experience.

Before playing, click on the "Enable cheat" link below the game frame, for unlimited lives.

Control Moon Child with the cursor keys and spacebar.


#game #games #gaming #gamer #RetroGaming #GameDev #RetroComputing

Short animated GIF video, showing a scene from the 1997 Windows platform game Moon Child.

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I've already lost this game, which I wasn't even playing.

#cybertruck #game #Tesla

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I've been covering a lot of HEAVY news lately, so let's wrap up the week with a little gaming accessory?
This is one of the coolest solutions for a phone game controller I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Let's play!

#tech #technology #geek #game #gaming #mobile #android #xbox #microsoft #videogames #video #review #bbtg #gadgets

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Why I 🧡 the web:

This is going to sound odd, but it's Friday.

I was addicted a bit with this "web paddle ".

Have fun for a few minutes.

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SKALD: Against the Black Priory

#skald is just the game I've been looking for, awesome retro graphics, fantastic old school soundtrack with DnD like gameplay. Features an incredibly rich story and turn based combat. For only £13 it's an absolute steal. The only downside is it's not Linux native, but runs perfectly under wine.

#game #gaming #gog #dnd

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A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

By popular request, we are designing our own dungeon for "Troves"--the Roguelite D&D-style solo TTRPG!

Help us design it LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story#indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #canlit #writeyourstory #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #5e #pathfinder #PF2e #dungeon #itchio #cozy #cozyvibes #troves #delve #roguelike #roguelite

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If you want to play this yourself you can purchase it here:

[Also, since it is sometimes unclear--I just play the games. This is not my game nor do I have any relationship to the creators.]

Manata, to Logic

Do you need something to poke at on your phone while the next episode loads on Netflix? Check out the FOURTH in my series of fast-playing gridbox games; Metropoly, a sudoku-like game where you use clues to identify the height of buildings in a metropolis of skyscrapers. Check it out at #logic #strategy #games #game #mobile #puzzle #puzzles #sudoku

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Hey folks, are you interested in sharing your knowledge in a multi-day event? Sure you are! There's still time to submit a talk to the GameDev Days!

Mickytankbank, to gaming

A bit of sad news as Akora TCG shuts down and cancels upcoming set, World Beyond. My heart goes out to the community.

#akora #tcg #tradingcards #gaming #game #tabletop #blog #worldbeyond #indie #indietcg

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💡Did you know that the choice of your engine can make a difference in how hard or easy it is to implement features?

Read the next post to learn how we used @construct to make a project accessible to the screenreader 👇

Do you have a tip for an accessibility feature that comes with your favorite engine? Let me know, I am curious! 🤩

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Beecarbonize – Charles Games

Do you have what it takes to save the planet? Beecarbonize is an environmental card strategy game with climate change as your opponent.

Research cutting-edge technologies, enact policies, protect ecosystems, and modernize industry to cut down carbon emissions. Manage your resources well and you might survive.

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The latest entry in the University of Michigan Press' "Landmark Video Games" series is here❗️

In this book, author Simon Dor sets out to examine the history and the legacy of one of the world's most influential RTS titles - .



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Escape From Dimansion (2021) is probably @shdon's best game so far. First, it has horror elements which remind me of The 7th Guest and I find the puzzles with the stone blocks really intriguing.


#game #indie #indiegame #horror #adventuregame #adventure

Escape from Dimansion Screen 2
Escape from Dimansion Screen 3
Escape from Dimansion Screen 4

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> Three.js introduces its own 'TSL' shader language as a way to write WebGPU shaders with JavaScript rather than the WebGPU Shading Language.

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Don't want to go to sleep because that means Monday will come sooner? Why not waste some time learning about a #BoardGame ?

Check out our videos for #TheFoxExperiment below.

Aa usual, the BURST version is a 3 to 4 min overview of the #game while the standard version gives you full details on setup and gameplay. Enjoy!



#BoardGames #TableTop #TableTopGaming

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what's an android solitaire game that's safe and not recurring subscription, asked +1. i have pysolfc but figured she'd want something less sprawling. i spent an hour investigating games, which had as many data-safety issues after paying as before. ads, location tracking, full storage access, full network access. she's getting acquainted with now. no permissions, no ads, no money, but a bit of a learning curve.

Manata, to Logic

Do you need something to poke at on your phone while the next episode loads on Netflix? Check out the THIRD in my series of fast-playing gridbox games; Addabout, a strategy number placement game that rewards matching numbers. Tutorial included. Check it out at

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I just finished Yakuza 0, and everything about it—the story (especially), gameplay, side stories, and minigames—is fantastic!

It works perfect on Steam Deck as well!

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New experiments with Unreal Engine 5, Niagara. A prototype of a magnetic device for collecting various bio material. I have a lot of gameplay ideas where it can be used and how: plants, insects, crafting, fuel or things to scare away creatures... Maybe you will have ideas too?


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message on

> Due to climate change, thermodynamics, and capitalism, Diode Zone needs to keep scaling down. Please use PeerTube's export functionality to move your data to another server if you can.

I guess I'll look into Hyper8 or similar hosted at home, main trouble I suspect will be dynamic DNS...

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the four small videos of the version of the card under development, originally on my amiga channel on ( @amiga ) are now at home, linked from

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