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Entrepreneur & Product Manager - currently looking for new opportunities. Likely starting a Fediverse related business to host, manage and extend instances for businesses and organizations. Writer and GM

https://calendly.com/rycaut to schedule meetings with me

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harrymccracken, to random
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Strangely enough, the first reviews of the Ai Pin inspired me to write about my Brother label printer for this week's Plugged In newsletter. It's an incredible device, in part because it doesn't try too hard to be incredible! https://www.fastcompany.com/91091644/brother-p-touch-label-printer

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@harrymccracken someone seriously needs to write a profile of how Brother has managed unlike most other currrent tech companies to keep pumping out tech that. Just does what it says it does - reliably and for a reasonable price. I bought a Brother laser printer at the beginning of the pandemic. It handled years of home schooling and everything else since and just works. Print is fast, all my devices can connect to it easily and I’ve had to replace the toner once (since 2020)

Rycaut, to random
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A local coffee shop (actually a coffee cart with extensive outdoor seating) just announced that they will have regular evening hours. So they now close at 1:30pm every day (instead of previously being open until 3pm) and are now open from 5-10pm everyday with a fire pit, boardgames and locally roasted coffee brews.

They first had evening hours for Ramadan (the business is Muslim owned) and I guess it was successful. Awesome to see businesses like this creating evening all ages spaces.

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Helps that the coffee is exceptional (both the roasting and the preparation) and they are located across from a local high school.

Anyway if you are in San Jose - check out Kenz Coffee Roasters


Rycaut, to random
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I’m far from an expert but Tesla’s plans to scrap a lower priced vehicle in favor of focusing on robotaxis seems like it has a lot of serious financial risk.

Ie Tesla is already unusual in selling direct to customers not to dealers (so holds inventory directly) but with robotaxis they will have to keep the vehicles on their books, incur the ongoing operating costs and risks (insurance for the real liability) and account for the assets over time (depreciation)

ernie, to random
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This is going to work exactly the opposite of the way Elon thinks it will: The bots will pay and the regular users will not.


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@ernie and how many of those bots will pay with their own CCs. Instead they will almost certainly use stolen credentials which likely means great costs for X in the future as they face chargebacks and may face higher fees or even loss of service from their payment processors

(I’m going to guess that next he will try to route around this issue by requiring payment via crypto shifting the chargebacks etc elsewhere)

Rycaut, to random
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related to my thread earlier today - a simple test of your personal social media - do you see people you follow celebrating holidays (including secular ones like finals for sports leagues) that are not ones that you personally celebrate/follow?

If not you are almost certainly missing diversity (in all dimensions) in who you are following and/or at least in what the algorithm in many cases is showing you

This is also why sharing such celebrations matters

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in general I'm not much of a sports fan these days (grew up in Chicago, since moving to California I haven't followed sports as actively as I once did in part because the teams I care about are harder to follow here) but I love seeing friends celebrating teams and leagues in some cases for sports I have never previously heard of - it reminds me that there is always something new to learn about, something people take seriously that I have yet to experience

SleepyChi, to random
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"Mastodon is dead"

Ways to not make it dead:

1.) Follow people.
2.) Engage in other people's posts.
3.) Use hashtags. They don't demote posts here.
4.) Browse hashtags.
5.) Post more often! (PostyBirb is a great tool for posting art to multiple sites)

Seeing so many people claim "Mastodon is dead" when they only come here like only once a month, to post art, then hop off. And not engage at all. Or use hashtags.

You gotta follow people, engage with the community, follow feeds, etc.!

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@SleepyChi also follow people who get boosted by people you are following (I usually see what else they are posting/that they are a real human but countless accounts I now follow I discovered from boosts by other accounts I follow.

And then also when accounts boost my content / reply to it I have found many other people I now follow.

jeffjarvis, to random
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TED begins today. Bill Ackman, Scott Galloway, Bari Weiss, and Andrew Yang are speaking. That's all I need to know. Easiest $12,500 I've ever saved.

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@jeffjarvis sheesh that's sad (and alas not entirely surprising) but still seems notable for the platforming of idiots

Rycaut, to random
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Decades ago I observed that shared perceptions of time might be a good proxy for social networks a yet is rarely used.

That is if right now you are thinking about TED 2024 you are part of one group. Coachella 2024 a different (but overlapping group). Or preparing for upcoming Seders.

Ie how we measure time, what events we pay attention to (even if not attending). What holidays we mark the passage of. - all these serve to define who we are and who we share a lot in common with

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I still believe that these mental calendars - not of our day to day meetings but of our attention could help people find each other amidst bigger networks.

ie - I likely share interests with others who track the deadlines for Hugo Awards nominations and voting whether or not I’m attending Wirldcon this year. Likewise someone tracking when Free RPG Day and Free Comic Day.

But less with someone tracking when various finals for different sports are happening or Christian holidays

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And for my mixed cultures family someone aware of when Holi and Diwali are is more likely to share something with my family than someone who is very aware of exactly when Easter is this year. If they also know when Hanukkah falls this year then they too might be a similarly mixed family as my own.

The thing about this is also that it scales from the local to the international. The folks for whom Saturdays are about youth sports schedules differ from those tracking theater auditions

mwichary, to random
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In Gmail, searching for…

label:keyboard-secrets label:inbox

…doesn’t find all the relevant emails. I can see them in my inbox with the label as I navigate using < > buttons, but they aren’t all found when searching.

I thought this might have to do with the fact that perhaps not all the emails in threads get the right metadata, but even turning off “Conversation view” (threading) doesn’t solve the issue.

Is there a secret to making it happen? I’ve been googling and experimenting for a while.

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@mwichary I use in:inbox not label:inbox not sure if that makes a difference.

(And since most emails I attach labels to I also remove from my inbox that might also be your problem? Messages showing in the label view that have been removed from your inbox?)

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@mwichary I need to go edit my (eh too many) filters but I think there is an option with filters to have them automatically archive/remove messages that met the filter condition from the inbox. You might check if you have such a filter active.

Threaded view also has a bad habit of marking every email read even if you didn’t actually scroll down to every email in the “thread” something that has bitten me a few times (along with gmail shortening messages causing me to miss other key details)

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@mwichary they are there in the “all messages” view which I usually default to anyway because I don’t trust gmail’s automatic filters. But yes gmail is bad at what should be basic stuff (like seeing the size of messages - not just attachments)

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@katzenschiff @mwichary indeed just encountered this "fun" feature from gmail.

Did a search of my inbox for receipts (subject: receipt) as I periodically label and archive such emails.

Found them, archived then, then gmail decided to be "smart" and without telling me it had done this instead of showing 0 messages showed "many" matching on stuff like "invoice" or "recipe" in the subject OR in the body of the email.

Extremely annoying as emails with recipes are eh not receipts

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@katzenschiff @mwichary google seems to have (and many other companies share this) developed an aversion to simply showing no results if that’s what is returned for a given search. Instead they seem to feel it is necessary to find something, anything tangentially related.

(Facebook, Amazon and many others share this aversion)

TonyStark, to random
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This will invest in school facilities that demonstrate the need for both energy improvements and financing, with a focus on supporting districts that qualify as disadvantaged.

Quite different from the Republican plan, which is essentially “close America’s schools” or “turn them all right wing Christian Nationalist.”

Biden–Harris Administration Announces $180 Million Investment in School Energy Infrastructure as Part of Investing in America Agenda-

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@TonyStark some of that money is going to my old high school! They are installing a geothermal system as part of an expansion. Estimated cost is $10M+ with $7.3M of that coming from the Federal Government Inflation Reduction act. (A friend of mine now serves on the school board that approved this). They estimate that it will save some $6M in energy costs over the next 30 years. Since the school recently celebrated 150 years long term planning makes sense)

See https://www.oakpark.com/2024/01/30/oprf-school-board-approves-geothermal-for-project-2/

@Rycaut@mastodon.social avatar

@TonyStark indeed. But also notable that while OPRFHS serves a truly diverse community (indeed there was a tv show about the school a few years ago) it’s also a fairly well funded school serving two fairly affluent communities (Oak Park however is a rare village that has economic as well as racial diversity along with mixed housing stock from apartments to high rises to mid rises to small homes all the way to mansions (and Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes etc)

So could manage the upfront costs

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@TonyStark I grew up there and my mom still lives there (and a very close friend from college is raising her family there - she serves on the school board for the high school that her children attend!) it’s a great village. But also a (somewhat unfortunately I’d argue) a pretty unique place - passed one of the first fair housing laws in the country to (successfully) prevent white flight and has been a broadly progressive community (albeit with some pockets of conservatism) and is adding density

Rycaut, to random
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If you or the company you work for have any scheduled posts or email blasts or advertising scheduled to start in the next 48-72hrs consider pausing it and review it. World events likely mean you either don’t want to send it/schedule it or you want to change your tone and message.

(This isn’t just true when a war is about to break out - you should do the same pause and rethink when natural disasters happen/or are ongoing or when big news breaks in your specific industry or location)

jchyip, to random
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@jchyip it was not at a public facing company but I did version control and build management at a very large financial firm in the late 1990’s. We had some applications that were built and deployed daily (built on a dedicated build platform and then deployed) most other apps had a slower build/release cycle but we were definitely using a build/test/prod model for apps back in a 1997-1999 timeframe. Wasn’t continuous integration for most.

(For context this firm had 1000 devs and 1200+ apps)

Rycaut, to random
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Seattle trip update - highly recommend the Burke for anyone but especially parents. It’s a truly fantastic museum of natura history and culture. And really shows how the science happens (literally). Truly awesome. And the frybreads and other food at their cafe (Native owned and run) are a perfect tasty lunch.

Rycaut, to random
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So in Seattle for my son’s spring break and it is hard to decide which cafe to try first. Suggestions for which to try near Pioneer Square? (Seems like it may be hard to go wrong)

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@zigguratmonk ended up checking out Bulldog - haven’t been a to real newsstand in years nice to see one still around.

jkunkee, to random

@Rycaut Quite fair! In that case (and depending on interests!) the Chihuly museum, the aquarium, Underground Tour, the Seattle Public Library, Pike's Place market, and the Pacific Coast science center all get my recommendations.

More obscure and niche bits are there too, like the Death Museum, the Gates Foundation visitors center, or the toy store.

MoPop has some less-pop-culture sections like the top floor of instruments and recording studios and a fantasy section focused primal on book 1/

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@jkunkee we’ve ended up at the Burke by University of Washington which is excellent and I’d highly recommend. Did the pacific science center yesterday which also was good

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