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GmsCompatConfig (sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer configuration) version 103 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

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Pedro sends them to tell them that Midori 11.3.2 is close to being launched. 😊

Midori 11.3.2 coming soon

helma, to security Dutch avatar

Niet verbaasd dat dit bij Iddink gebeurt, maar mag hopen dat dit een aanname van de journalist is: "die ooit iets besteld hebben bij Iddink." 🧐
Iets met verwijderen wat je niet meer nodig hebt, AVG en zo.

#Datalek #Iddink #Security #Privacy

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House Votes to Extend—and Expand—a Major US Program

The US House of Representatives voted on Friday to extend the spy program. It passed without an amendment that would have required the to obtain a to access Americans’ information.

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Do we need another reason? The consumer - oh, sorry, the commodity, is under siege. Government spyware is another reason to use an ad blocker @TechCrunch @zackwhittaker

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Dear #Instagram users: if this escaped you yesterday, #Meta is stuffing its #AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs #privacy

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After a few weeks of threads, this weekend let's switch things up and do some

One topic that often comes up around location data is privacy 🕵️

If you accurately know where someone spends their time, you can often figure out who they are. Users of our geocoding API have to send us location info. So, how can they ensure privacy?


rms, to random avatar


Vending machines installed in a university in Canada have cameras, but various companies assert that they don't identify persons or store photos of them. They only detect that some person is in front of the machine and perhaps wants to use it. In my view, the injustice of most cameras that watch people lies in tracking people. A camera that …

falken, avatar

@rms but if it were true that vending machines only needed cameras to detect presence, then they'd have used a cheaper sensor like IR or ultrasound

nixCraft, to privacy avatar

Microsoft says it’s starting to test ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11. The software maker will use the Recommended section of the Start menu, which usually shows file recommendations, to suggest apps from the Microsoft Store. Trillion dollar corporation is so poor. They need more money by selling your data to the highest bidder. wtf?

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vitriolix, (edited ) to infosec avatar

bizarre, it still powers the bluetooth chip when the phone is off allowing it to continue sending beacons for the "Find My Device" network

"Android 15 could allow devices to be tracked even when switched off"

#tracking #android #bluetooth #infosec #pixel #google #privacy

JulianOliver, to privacy avatar

Case and point example of algo bias, further compounded by human bias, in a supposed verification step.

Trained overseas on foreign data, the system is likely far more erroneous when presented with Māori or Pasifika peoples, women of these descents even more so.

But really this weaponised tech should not even be in public markets, lest of all beta tested on real people. It is as though we have forgotten that. #surveillance #privacy

cory, to tech avatar

🔗: Keeping your data from Apple is harder than expected #Tech #Privacy

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, here's your user-friendly, way for your communities to reach you.

Hush Line is a free and open-source app that makes trustworthy tip lines available to everyone.

Sign up at 👇

Learn more about us at!

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AAKL, to meta avatar

Could somebody please take a closer look at the data monster that is before it sucks in the entire world?

Meta releases OpenEQA to test how understands the world, for home robots and smart glasses

AAKL, to privacy avatar

Look out, guinea pigs.

trials its chatbot across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger in India and Africa @TechCrunch

Tutanota, to privacy avatar

In the US property sale data is publicly available, exposing homeowners. 🏠

New regulations make LLC ownership of houses impossible - which many Americans used to protect their .

Learn how these new requirements destroy privacy: ➡️

josschuurmans, to ObsidianMD avatar

What makes Standard Notes a great Obsidian alternative End-To-End Encrypted Notes App | Standard Notes

@standardnotes may have a leg up over @obsidian in data security, and its takeover by @protonprivacy attests to that.

Unfortunately, this comparison page does little in the way of convincing me that Standard Notes can match Obsidian's features and usability...

josschuurmans, avatar

@protonprivacy @standardnotes @obsidian

Thank you. I would consider switching from to for reasons of and , and because Standard Notes and Proton software is . Proton being hosted in Switzerland, in Europe, helps too, although I don't know what that means for Standard Notes, whose servers are currently in the U.S.

However, I was hoping to learn about the cost of switching.


dbrgn, to Matrix German avatar

Uff, bei sieht man als Serveradmin im Log jeden Klick eines Users auf einen Chat im Matrix Client 😕 So viel zum Thema Metadatensparsamkeit.

dansup, to privacy avatar will use client side encryption (NaCL) when storing fetched ActivityPub objects, and the user will have the decryption key added to a link they can easily share.

Privacy is important, and this enforces it in a clever and easy way!

The activities are encrypted at rest and decrypted on the web using a key in a hash fragment (never sent to server)

#PubKit #privacy

Cambion, to privacy avatar

Thank you @Mojeek for the stickers! You've officially been added to my worklaptop's lid of good tools to use, for all colleagues and workrelations to see!

triskelion, to privacy avatar

I'm really disappointed with DuckDuckGo lately. It has been enshittified by adding the new AI feature and search quality has been deteriorated, so I don't trust them anymore. I'm thinking of switching to searXNG, but I'm not interested in self-hosting. So looking for trustworthy public instance which has strict no-log policy, any suggestions?

onepict, to debian avatar

I love , managed to set up an old dell latitude laptop with in a couple of hours with the desktop image.

Installed the non free stuff for multimedia.

Then plugged it into the TV.

Watched a thing.

So stress free compared to Amazon and Netflix.

No need for the TV to be on the internet either.

AstaMcCarthy, avatar

@onepict a "TV" nowadays means a spyware ridden computer you have no control over, filled with and . Fortunately you can also buy a 'monitor', they come in any size you like. Hook up a Debian miniPC or or laptop, and watch whatever you like without anyone watching you.

openreads, to books avatar

Big news for 🚀

100% of the strings in our @weblate project have now screenshots assigned to them to help you with the context while translating!

Thanks to our amazing community, we've conquered 23 languages with over 90% completion, and we're catching up with the next 10 more.

I invite you to take a look if you want to help with translating.


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