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Canadian, eh

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NOTE: Racists and anti-LGBTQ+ will be BLOCKED

Democracy is fragile- let's protect it.
Mask up-Covid is real!

Keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.

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Snowshadow, to random
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🇨🇦 I need you help please.

Does anyone know anything about the newsletter


The writers are from The Hill Times (I know nothing about them)
Ottawa Citizen/Sun (?)

@gemelliz (My "caution" senses are alerting me and I need to know if I am right)
Any newsletter that won't allow me to view their content before I subscribe makes me suspicious

Here's a link to the junk mail I found in my inbox


thepoliticalcat, to random
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Izzy's unwell, and it's late at night, and we're worried AF. He threw up all day. He also lost his diabetes sensor, and altho he ate heartily this evening, it's not AS hearty as normal. Poor li'l guy! Such a hard life he's had, living in the streets for who knows how long, before he came to us. Wishing him well, and hoping you will all send him all the love you can, and I will find his photos to post bc you really need to see the handsome boi. Poor Izzles! WY?

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@thepoliticalcat Izzy? Who is Izzy?

clayrivers, to blackmastodon
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💛 “Anti-Racism 101: Own Your Racism”

Point out sexist or homophobic behaviour, say, and they’ll try to laugh it off. But racism? They’re outraged. Most of us will declare we’re anti-racist, but few of us are genuinely, actively anti-racist.
—Rebecca Berry



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@clayrivers I read it when it dropped into my inbox. Very good article!!@BigAngBlack @BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

gemelliz, to Canada
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"Former PM Stephen Harper has invited his Saskatchewan puppet, Scott Moe, to India where he's arranged for Premier Moe to sit in front of Canadian & Indian national flags.
Back home Scott Moe daily foments hate toward our Prime Minister, but in India he wraps himself in the 🇨🇦 flag."

cc @denniskendel

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India?!! With all the nonsense going on about India?
Including possible election interference?!!
Not a good look Harper and Moe!!!

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@dyckron @gemelliz thank you.
I bookmarked it. Can't force myself to read it tonight. Too frustrated at him...
<stomps off in a huff>

Mrfunkedude, to random
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I hate how they make headphones wear out so quickly. I remember having headphones that would last seemingly decades when I was a kid. Now they start to crumble after a year.

It sucks.

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@Mrfunkedude consumerism.

some headphone pads are replaceable.
What a waste though, eh? I remember having headphone that lasted what seemed like forever. When I was young we replaced them only because of newer and better sound quality and we passed the old ones on to someone who need a set.

Snowshadow, to news
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🇺🇦 🇨🇦 The Canadians keeping up the fight on Ukraine’s frontlines

video interview


WmShakesp3are, to random
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The greatest guitar solo in rock history. Link is below:


Go ahead, come at me. I dare you.

No, wait, I double dog dare you.

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@WmShakesp3are @dannotdaniel

you tube has a good recording/video of it if you want to refresh your memory.

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@dannotdaniel @WmShakesp3are
cool. I will have to check it out. Thanks.

ScienceDesk, (edited ) to climate
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Do you follow climate change scientists? Here are some @Flipboard Magazines that you might also want to follow:

"Environment & Energy" by The Conversation: @environment

"Environment" by ScienceAlert: @environment

"Green" by Euronews: @green

"Climate Change Science" by Bloomberg Green: @climate

"Environment" by The Christian Science Monitor: @environment

"Extreme Weather" by Axios: @extreme

"Climate Change" by Flipboard Science Desk: @climate

"Climate Change and You" by Flipboard Science Desk: @climate

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TonyStark, to random
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It’s not hyperbole to say that Republicans are trying to rob us of our rights. Not only abortion rights, but Republicans are coming after access to contraception and fertility treatments. Here are 3 bills you can tell your Senators and House Representative to support or you will be working to unseat them.

S. 3612- Access to Family Building Act

S.1999- Right to Contraception Act

S.701- Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023

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You have been doing your homework...good job!

StillIRise1963, to random
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You don't have to wear a cowboy hat because someone sang a country song. It looks stupid.

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We used to call them "drugstore cowboys"

sundogplanets, (edited ) to random
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Ooo, this is a fun one. I just got asked to go on my local CBC radio lunchtime show on Feb 29 to talk about the astrophysical reasons why Feb 29 exists. I'll definitely also have to talk about the Catholic church's role in the calendar we use, and how 10 days got removed from the calendar (at different times in different places!) to switch from the Julian to Gregorian calendars. This is going to be very fun!

[edited because I had Julian and Gregorian names swapped oops]

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@sundogplanets 🥳 :pensive_party_blob: Congratulations 🎉

Snowshadow, to news
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Well, of course they would say this!🙄

Russian ambassador to Canada calls new sanctions 'act of empty symbolism'

Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly announced a new round of sanctions on 10 individuals and 153 Russian entities Friday, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine is set to pass the two-year mark on Saturday.


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@driusan yep, you're right. But I think it is Russian ambassador is trying to play at "saving face" . It's false bravado.

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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@otownKim @NaturaArtisMagistra @dbc3 @VeroniqueB99 @IveyJanette @Free_Press
I don't either but often I can still see it.
However, I need to know what it is about beforehand.

Snowshadow, to news
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Ontario repeals bill that capped wages of public sector workers

I am REWRITING this headline:

Doug Ford lost in court so many times he was forced to repeal the bill.



18+ NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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Did my baduanjin last night and received my payback this morning. I don't walk at night; I stumble like a drunk. Last night I slammed into the mirror four times. Wondering at the tensile-strength of thin glass?

Oh my god I thought I was a loner in the world; other people hate Mondrian!!!

@IveyJanette @VeroniqueB99 @dbc3

@Snowshadow@mastodon.social avatar

@NaturaArtisMagistra @IveyJanette @VeroniqueB99 @dbc3 I need more info. Why do you stumble? Did the glass break? What or who is Mondrian?

TonyStark, to random
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So many things on social media I’ll never understand and probably don’t care to, but I really don’t know why someone asks for a solution to a problem and then gets angry when you have one.

This organization has been successful and helps younger, more diverse people run and win office. In all 50 states. That’s it. When I share resources, they’re legit. Defeatism isn’t going to help anyone win anything.

Run For Something-

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Did you encounter a person on social media complaining,
"we have too many political problems and there's nothing that can be done."

Then you provide a solution only to get,
"No, not THAT! I can't get involved because.... <insert stupid excuse for not being responsible here>"


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Yes, you are correct. Everyone has a part to play to preserve democracy.. Everyone in every country should help the US stand firm against the Putin loving GOP.

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@samhainnight @TonyStark
I challenge your seat at that throne!!😂

@Snowshadow@mastodon.social avatar

@samhainnight @TonyStark
Ok, I declare it a tie. You may have the title on even days.😂

Snowshadow, to ontario
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Doug Ford sounds more like Trump each day.
From his interview on AM640 when asked by John Oakley to define "attainable housing".

"t's basically, you're going to be able to own a home that's going to be more attainable," Ford says. "It's attainable, it's going to be lower cost than regular priced homes."


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@br00t4c @gemelliz
yes, indeed. But a dangerous clown.

StillIRise1963, to random
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I straightened my hair for 50 years. I'm lucky I don't have cancer and I weep for my little girl and woman self who felt the need to do this.

I love my natural hair and it will NEVER be straightened again. I want to look like ME, not you.

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Talk to people about systemic racism (food deserts, crappy healthcare, etc...) and about the horrifying violence against Blacks history, and the sunset towns that still exist. And what is still happening. Break into their white bubble. The only way to end this is by informing people, and actively standing up against racism.
@thepoliticalcat @StillIRise1963

JamesRhodes, to random
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Biden administration to impose major sanctions to hold Russia accountable for Navalny's death:

@Snowshadow@mastodon.social avatar

@TonyStark @Hey_Beth @JamesRhodes @GreenFire
Maybe so, but we are tougher than them!

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