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Union family raised Deaniac, former teacher/IT professional/IT strategic consultant, former candidate & county Party treasurer, local #Indivisible leader who understands politics from the inside and the outside.
Avatar is me doing a double back dismount from the still rings a long time ago.
Background is me & teammate doing a comedy pommel horse routine during fundraising exhibition, also a long time ago (other teammate rolling on the floor in laughter would indicate successful comedy!).

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joeinwynnewood, (edited ) to random
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Whether Trump is a Nazi adjacent fascist or just owning the libs, the MAGA GOP is populated, in part, by fascists, Holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathizers and the MAGA GOP leadership is perfectly fine with it.

Anyone who votes for Trump is also perfectly fine with it and that is extremely dangerous for everyone who is not White and Christian.

Opinion | Do You Want a ‘Unified Reich’ Mind-Set in the White House? - The New York Times

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Yet another data point that the Republican Party is perfectly fine with antisemites as endorsed Party candidates for high office.


mekkaokereke, to random
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4 years to the day after George Floyd was murdered, here's where we are:

  • Racist people are just as racist as the day before George Floyd was murdered.

  • Black people are still asking for the exact same things.

  • "Liberal" and "Centrist" white Americans are more racist, and less supportive of DEI than they were the day before George Floyd.

  • Police budgets have grown faster than they did the day before George Floyd.

  • Biden has undone any of the gains made during the protests.


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Correct that it was Trump's DOJ/FBI that labeled protesters Black Identity Extremists?

I was both suprised and disappointed that Philadelphia's Black neighborhoods voted heavily for Cherelle Parker who promised to increase police and reinstate stop and frisk.


joeinwynnewood, to random
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It's another day ending in "y", so of course the former president is full of bullpucky.

AG Garland slams calls Trump's claims of deadly force"false" and "extremely dangerous"

joeinwynnewood, to climate
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Abortion and reproductive rights in general is not the only issue potential Biden voters care about, but it is an avatar for all of the things prospective Biden voters care about.

Abortion is the biggest deal breaker for voters. Only one party gets that

joeinwynnewood, to random
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"Inflation swaps, which allow Wall Street in effect to make bets on future inflation, are implicitly projecting just 2.1 percent inflation over the next year."

Opinion | Return of the Inflation Truthers - The New York Times

fawfulfan, to random
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Trump shared his Bronx stage with a pair of rappers indicted for murder conspiracy https://www.rawstory.com/trump-bronx-rappers/

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Does he just naturally attract the worst people possible or does he actively seek them out?

19thnews, to random
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Louisiana governor signs law to declare abortion drugs ‘dangerous substances’

Posted into The 19th @the

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@19thnews @the

MAGA Republicans will come for every single reproductive right and that definitely includes the former president.

joeinwynnewood, to random
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Kerry Eleveld has some advice for talking to voters in this piece - https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2024/5/24/2242455/-New-poll-shows-Americans-don-t-believe-how-good-the-US-economy-is-yet - but DailyKos passed along much better advice in their Feb 22nd DownBallot podcast with Anat Shenker-Osorio (https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2024/2/22/2225071/-The-Downballot-How-Democrats-can-win-on-the-economy-transcript).

Talk about people's economic well-being, not “the economy”.

Talk about who is working to improve your well-being vs. that of millionaire and billionaire donors, you know, the people taking Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito on expensive trips and buying them RVs.


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The survey says the same people who have upside down beliefs about “the economy" also say they are doing pretty well and that their state is doing pretty well.

Focus on that, on their personal economic well-being and how Biden/Harris are working to make it even better while Trump says he’s going to cut the taxes of mega-corporations, millionaires and billionaires again!


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Trump will make it even more expensive to pay for college, to get healthcare, and Republicans will pay for those tax cuts by cutting your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Whose looking out for working families’ economic security? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Definitely give a listen to Anat's advice (at 29:20), she's a messaging wizard.


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@Devilstower, FYI as ⬆️ applies to your post on the same topic yesterday.

benroyce, to politics
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Online discourse: "You have to convince me to vote for Joe "

Why? I don't like Joe Biden. The idea that anyone has to convince you to fall in love with Joe Biden is as absurd of a assertion as the cult and , that is about

We don't view politics as a love affair. It's . And more importantly, it's your to vote

, , the , etc: issues you care about, or should care about

But ...

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Might I humbly ask that you add gun safety to the list, especially in light of Trump telling the NRA that he would roll back all of Biden's (modest) gun safety measures on day one. That includes putting guns back in the hands of domestic abusers.

joeinwynnewood, to random
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Yes, MAGA Republicans, including the guy responsible for Roe being overturned, are most definitely coming for your birth control pills.

Trump threatens 'interesting' new policy to gives states power over birth control

davidho, to random
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Some of America’s greatest triumphs, like the moon landings or the D-Day landings, succeeded because of science.

The current anti-science campaign by the political class makes zero sense.

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@wirepair @davidho

Only if the politician is an antidemocratic, authoritarian faux populist.

TheViking, to random
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Here we go again...

br00t4c, to random
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Second pro-insurrectionist flag revealed to have flown on property owned by Justice Samuel Alito following Trump coup

#insurrectionist #thenewyork


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Alito isn't "biased", he's a flat out partisan extremist.

br00t4c, to random
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Just another fascism curious MAGA Republican.

joeinwynnewood, to random
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Getting it done as quickly as possible (while dodging Trump’s MAGA judges).

Biden cancels another $7.7 billion in federal student loans

joeinwynnewood, to random
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"You’re going to read a lot of coverage over the next several months about what truly matters to voters in 2024. A lot of this discussion will rely on polls that ask for people’s subjective statements of their priorities (“Oh, the biggest issue for me right now is inflation/abortion rights/Gaza/whatever.”)

Just don’t assume that those are the issues that will actually affect their choices on Election Day."

Except for 1

What really matters to voters?

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We know it will because it already has in multiple elections.

joeinwynnewood, to random
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"By any measure, a policy that eliminated 4.5 percent of the current workforce, including large numbers of college and high school graduates, would set off serious economic tremors."

Not to mention decimating the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

We need more working immigrants, not less if we're going to maintain all of our standards of living.

Trump’s Plans for Mass Deportation Would Be an Economic Disaster | Washington Monthly

JamesGleick, to random
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Candidate for President, on Trial for Multiple Crimes, Will Not Take the Stand to Defend Himself under Oath.

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And every voter should absolutely conclude that everything he's said about the case outside the courtroom is a lie.

MoiraEve, to random
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Louisiana House passes bill to make pills a controlled dangerous substance https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/louisiana-passes-bill-make-abortion-pills-controlled-dangerous-substan-rcna153052 The measure would make possession of the medications without valid prescriptions or orders from medical professionals punishable by up to five years in prison, with an exception for pregnant people.

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I'm pretty sure that the FDA and the supremacy clause of the Constitution will have something to say about this should the Louisiana Senate pass that bill and the governor sign it.

In the meantime, the rest of us should assume that Republicans would absolutely do this in Congress if given the chance.

rameshgupta, to random
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is too stupid to realize that NOT voting for is a vote FOR , and that her boycott of could be her last — She might not get another opportunity to vote EVER.

Via @SteveThompson


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@ssfckdt @rameshgupta @RunRichRun @GottaLaff @Eetschrijver @SteveThompson

They had just as much evidence as any prominent US Senator who ran for President (with relatively rare exceptions of those who served in other roles like RFK as AG).

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