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People in Tohoku love instant noodles — that’s the latest finding from a government survey on household spending on the products.

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dnc, to food avatar

Co-worker gifted me smoked wild duck breast [homemade] so dressed it up for dinner.

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Dinner is served!

All recipes from Just One Cookbook :)

#Food #JapaneseFood #IchijuSansai

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I finally found Meati Steaks (made of mycelium protein) and I really liked them. Aroma and flavor is spot on. Texture is not, just somewhere between meat loaf and real steaks. I'm definitely going to add it to my regular rotation.

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Made a short video about carrot greens 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕 🥕

#peertube #carrots #food #cooking

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This week's #SundayLunch guaranteed to get a conversation started! Try it at home! (Or don't.)
#vintage #food #doll

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"Amazon Prime customers in the US now get free GrubHub+ delivery"

I try to order through the restaurant directly, using their preferred delivery mechanism.

I worry that GrubHub, DoorDash, etc., adds to the cost of food, cuts into the restaurant's take on an order.

This a fair take?

Details here...

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dnc, to food avatar
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New Japanese yen notes set to be introduced this summer won't be compatible with many machines that businesses like ramen shops rely on.

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Question for . This is a vanilla slice eclair. Should we call this a snot log?

LibrarianRA, to pizza avatar

Friday Night Pizza Party
1958 PET Milk Tuna Pizza ad
#Pizza #Advertisement #Tuna #Retro #Food #vintage

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Good from Desmog on the far right EU election MEP candidates spreading manure about food and farming. Some cast doubt on the reality of climate science, while others painted EU regulators as part of an authoritarian “sect” wishing to control citizens through green measures.

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ICYMI: In 2050, Japan will have no more fish in its nets, according to experts. New data released on Friday shows that the domestic harvest of fish hit a record low last year, marking a third year of decline.

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ICYMI: For most tourists to Japan these days, the price of restaurant food here is ridiculously cheap. However, with prices rising across the board, more ramen joints are throwing in the towel and emphasizing quality over price.

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The second day of DjangoCon Europe 2024 ended yesterday evening with a beautiful boat ride in the Vigo fjord up to the Cíes islands, and then with an excellent dinner in company ⛵🐙

#DjangoConEurope2024 #DjangoConEurope #DjangoCon #Django #Food #Boat #Vigo

CC: @djangoconeurope @cheukting_ho @anze3db @sabderemane

People on the boat
People at dinner
People having a drink

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KNS, to cooking

I always love to cook. But this season in my part of the world is so special to me.

dukepaaron, to food avatar

Let the kosher food truck revolution begin!

"The truck has emerged as a substitute for traditional brick-and-mortar eateries that the small community of 6,000 couldn’t sustain. It follows the ways of similar food trucks that have popped up across the country and beyond."

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Good till the last squeeze!

#Food #Ingredients

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