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ThinkingSapien, to DadBin
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About to call a stranger and wish them a happy birthday. Been procrastinating on this all day.

The stranger is my dad's sister. I don't have any emotional connection with her myself. But dad wants me to call her. Growing up when it was prohibitively expensive to talk to someone in another state, there just wasn't an opportunity to make a close connection.

#Family #Strangers #Birthday

ThinkingSapien, to ArtificialIntelligence
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I gave the child a desktop computer for her birthday. She opened the box, went silent for several moments, and then started to smile and cry. It's not even all that great of a computer!

Darned child, almost made me emotional in front of other people!

ThinkingSapien, to workersrights
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IS there such a thing as an HDMI lock to prevent someone from connecting a cable? I need make a display at hostile to anyone else using it.

ThinkingSapien, to DadBin
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I didn't trust dad's statement that his computer got hacked.

I went snooping through his computer. He accepts random instant messages from strangers, trusts their sad stories, shares personal info, and sends them money to "help."

Now that I've violated privacy, I'm about to violate autonomy. I've already blocked any new strangers from messaging him. I'm going to start blocking these other people.

ThinkingSapien, to apple
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fined almost 2 billion USD by after complaint.


ThinkingSapien, to random
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The child wants a toy gun for some reason. Second Amendment mom doesn't want the child to have a gun. Second Amendment mom gave the child a bow and arrow. The arrow has suction cups, not arrow heads. The child enjoys the bow, but still wants a toy gun. What is one to do?

ThinkingSapien, to VideoGames
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I saw this and it reminded me of my childhood experiences playing the NES Moses came. It sucked.

But I thought this was a good breakdown of some of the games, and it ends with some games that are good.

An interesting point was that there are some games that may or may not be seen as Christian depending on the background of the viewer.


ThinkingSapien, to random
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Whose listening to the oral arguments at the SCOTUS on the NetChoice v Paxton and NetChoice v Moody 5th/11th circuit split?

Featuring references to "Pruneyard v Robins", lol


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@HopelessDemigod if your team wins, I'll buy you a drink!


Just found the YouTube link


ThinkingSapien, to Atlanta
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Hartsfield-Jackson International , previously open 24/7, will begin restricting access to the airport in responses to complaints of homeless people loitering in the airport.


LouisIngenthron, to random
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Just fell victim to a fraudulent advertisement. At least I was skeptical enough from the start to not actually lose any money or personal info, though.

Reporting it to the FTC made me feel a little better.

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I feel like we are all doomed.

Technologies enabling fraud are getting better. The number of fraud attempts per day appear to be increasing. I feel like it's a numbers game.


ThinkingSapien, to Health
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I'm in the office, all masked up. The elderly man whose family inl frequently visits asks that people that come over generally mask up when out and about. Especially now that he has reason to believe he has a cancer diagnosis coming.

ThinkingSapien, to movies
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I'm growing to hate dark scenes in movies. It's like they must be color grading these on super expensive displays used by the gods with insane dynamic range. When we mortals view the films, we only see blackness. Our displays just are not that good.

Someone, please master this on a regular TV!

ThinkingSapien, to Electronics
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This looks like an electrical schematic. It is on the back of a shelf in a grocery store.

ThinkingSapien, to random
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I don't know my own work phone number. I don't share it. I just got a phone call from someone presenting as wanting to send me a publication. They had my phone number, name, and title. Who the hell is leaking my data!?

ThinkingSapien, to random
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I was raised being told "Don't Speak to Strangers!" and "Don't get into cars with strangers!"

Now kids speak to strangers on the Internet all the time. Sometimes that leads to them getting into cars with strangers.

Bring some of that 1980s messaging back!

ThinkingSapien, to apps
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I inherited an iPad app that uses a technology that isn't supported on iOS 17. The which worked fine on 16, crashes on the client's environment for 17.

But it runs on all of our iOS 17 devices without issue. We cannot observe the crash that the client is seeing.

The client said it must be fixed today.

Ain't going to happen.

HopelessDemigod, to random
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Send me some warmer weather. It sucks up here right now.

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I ran out of room in the fridge and put some items on the back deck. Now I think it's too cold. I need to put them in the fridge to warm up.


@HopelessDemigod @oh8hub

ThinkingSapien, to Minecraft
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I'm not a player, but I really love the way the environment elements reflect off of each other. You can see the orange lights from the building in the background reflecting off of the black metalic pieces here.

Binder, to random
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That’s my secret, Cap. All my posts are shit.

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I hate that my low-effort trash YouTube channel gets more views and engagements then the one on which I make an effort to put out quality content.


ThinkingSapien, to FreeSpeech
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The child told me she was going to express all her politically unpopular positions now while she can. She said that when she is old enough to join the workforce, her expressions would get her fired. So she enjoys her freedom while she can.


ThinkingSapien, to cars
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The manual transmission is effectively dead.


ThinkingSapien, to Weed
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A delivery person just dropped off a package. It smells like weed. ☹️

The inside of the box smells like weed. The item inside of it smells like weed. This is a Christmas gift for someone. Now they will think they are getting weed for Xmas.

ThinkingSapien, to random
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One day, in the universe of my TV shows, someone will make a tracking device that doesn't have a red blinking light, and that doesn't emit beeping noises.

ThinkingSapien, to workersrights
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"We know Wed-Fri is our Thanksgiving Holiday period, but some of our clients have to work Wed and Friday. As a show of , if you are managing one of those clients, you can't participate in taking Wed and Fri off."

Glad I wasn't one of them.


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I don’t like the subterfuge and tergiversation.

Speaking of which, I went to my post vacation status meeting where they wanted updated status on my project. I cut straight to the point. “Nothing was done since I went on vacation.” It’s a shame I had to even tell them that.


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