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Software engineering contractor/consultant in Florida specializing in .NET C# #WebDev, plus #Indie #GameDev in #MonoGame, #Stride, and #Godot.
I like complex simulations and enjoy writing procedural generation algorithms for fun.

#Pilot in training. Burgeoning fan of #Aviation in general.

Fan of #1A jurisprudence and the kind of #FreeSpeech that applies to everyone equally.

Pro-Democracy. Pro-Rights. Pro-Freedom. In that order.

He/Him 🏳‍🌈

High risk of rants, especially with the lack of character limit.

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mentallyalex, to random
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This is a piece of video game news, but from my poll - that might be something a lot of you are interested in. :)

It would appear that World of Warcraft, the MMORPG that everyone on the planet played at one time or another, has taken steps to work with those of us who find spiders to be disturbing.

They are building a new expansion that will apparently take place in a very "Spidery" theme. Because of the discomfort, etc. they are introducing a way to morph spiders into a less 'triggering' creature but still roughly on theme.

I'm glad they are doing this. Entertainment doesn't have to be cookie cutter. We don't have to "tough out" everything at every stance.


Thank you @aria_unbound

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@mentallyalex Sounds like they're taking their cue from Grounded, which did something very similar:

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@mentallyalex Agreed. You might like Grounded then. At first, spiders are terrifying. But, as you progress in the game, you are able to conquer them and harvest their parts for upgrades! So, even though I do suffer from mild arachnophobia, I left the setting off so I could teach those nasty spiders a lesson!

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gamingonlinux, (edited ) to steam
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Are you an planning to launch a game on this year that will support ?

Be sure I'm following you! Hi! And leave a link to your game, duh :)

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@gamingonlinux Hello! I'm currently converting my Early Access game from Unity to Godot, and Linux support is planned for the next major beta release!


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@JustinRyanH Yep. I've been programming on C#/.NET for nearly 20 years, so that's my comfort zone.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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Oh really? Why, yes, that does sound like a fascinating morsel of information. Thank you so much, I'd be glad to click on the link to learn more.

Oh? It's a video? Go fuck yourself and everyone you ever knew. I'll go my whole life not knowing that fact before I watch a video about it. Burn in hell!

LouisIngenthron, to random
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Just saw a website try to bring in external javascript from something called visualweboptimizer (as well as about 60 other sites).

Want to optimize your visuals? Cut out the javascript bullshit and just show the content in HTML/CSS.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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It's incredible how many chat apps are capable of simultaneously thinking a message is unread while knowing that I've replied to it.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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Ah, yes, the age-old problem of people being assholes and the age-old solution of being a bigger asshole back.
QT: https://mk.absturztau.be/notes/9s7o6x3980gd0072

carnage4life, to random
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I got into tech because I fell in love with the idea that software could give people superpowers (like Richard Pryor beating Superman in Superman 3) which is why a new general of startups pitching AI as a way to replace people rubs me the wrong way.

It’s a dark dream.

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@carnage4life Right, but while some jackass executive-class idiots will always use any new technology to eliminate jobs, this technology can give people superpowers.

The massive boost to my learning and productivity from using CoPilot and GPT is like magic.

jeffjarvis, to random
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If the creator economy is attracting so much investment, how come the podcast economy still sucks? https://www.theinformation.com/articles/u-s-creator-funding-surges-for-first-time-in-two-years?rc=jlskys

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@jeffjarvis Why pivot to video or audio when most users prefer reading?

carnage4life, to random
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Ghost kitchens seem like a great idea in theory but in practice they found out that cooking food doesn’t scale like software.

Chain restaurants that ran them on the side during the pandemic became overworked serving both delivery and in-person customers so quality suffered.

On the other hand, brands that only existed in apps like Uber Eats while cooking out of some warehouse had such low quality users learned to avoid them.

Another trend that was a COVID phenomenon


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@carnage4life But they started out really good.

It occurs to me that they just did a speedrun on the "get a steady customer base and then stop caring" curve that most restaurants seem to run these days.

freemo, to random
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Moisturizer is just a heroin addiction for your skin. Do people even realize that if you use it more than a few times it causes your skin to need it to even function and like cigarettes you need to use it just to get your skin like it used to be.

People who use it for years and then stop will literally have their skin peeling off and cracking.

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@freemo @niclas @AmpBenzScientist Yep. Dogs eat grass to settle their stomachs. People drink coffee to make it easier to poop. And all-natural honey makes for an amazing burn salve. Food is medicine.

khalidabuhakmeh, to gamedev
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Serious question for . How do projects/developers keep working on games for years? Where does your regular income come from to sustain a prolonged effort to build a game?

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@khalidabuhakmeh I was a CTO for a food service company for a long time and now I'm an independent software contractor/consultant.

All of that was just to pay the bills while trying to solo develop various games that never sold particularly well.

reviewer2, to random
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The problem with Johnstone being censored, over and above the imperative to respect free speech, is that it gives an aura of subversive legitimacy to a propagandist lunatic. @Caitoz isn't a "well known alt journalist", she is a red-brown crackpot, a left-branded wannabe Alex Jones, who weaponizes justified opposition to Western capitalism and imperialism to whitewash open support for fascist governments in Russia and China. She deserves not to be silenced, because she deserves the chance to be discredited by exposing her hypocritical nonsense to bright sunshine.
QT: https://kafeneio.social/

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@reviewer2 She's not being silenced, she's being deplatformed.

None of these people can stop her from starting up her own mastodon instance and continuing to post her content.

All they're doing is saying "not in my house", which is their own exercise of free speech, and a repudiation in its own right.

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@reviewer2 I disagree, because I think you're conflating the idea with the person presenting it.

Ideas should be discussed openly and disinfected with sunlight.

But people who continue to spread ideas that have already been debunked over and over aren't arguing in good faith. They're grifters looking for clout.

Mastodon social has a captive audience they've worked hard to build. Part of the reason they've been able to build that audience is because they made a choice to keep the grifters out (i.e. freedom of association, a key corollary to freedom of speech).

By refusing the grifters access to that audience, they're stopping their bullshit without preventing the discussion of the ideas that were presented by other users. Without a platform, it's 10x harder to build a following. So, in my opinion, anyone with such a platform has a moral duty to protect their audience from bullshit artists.

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@reviewer2 If that's what you want, you should lobby the government to start a public-sector social media company, bound by laws and precedent.

Personally, I like the current model. The way that a site chooses to moderate informs me, the consumer, of its values and allows me to make an informed decision about which platform I want to participate in.

Some people, like you, want more opposing opinions, and that's fine. There are whole sites and federated instances that cater to that mentality (although, they do usually end up as Nazi bars).

But most people prefer a, for lack of a better term, safer space. They want to be able to discuss complex issues without contrarian or violent trolls butting into their replies. Some instances, on the fediverse specifically, take that way too far, in my opinion, but I recognize that they've created the space their community wants.

So long as there is a plurality of social media offerings, I think it's a very good thing that they use their powers of moderation to set themselves apart and cater to different communities. And, more importantly, their ability to do so is just more free speech.

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

> you're imposing some boilerplate stereotype on me that I am not

Which parts?

> the above commitment requires doing so in transparent and democratic ways

That would be great, but it's not feasible. Content moderation at scale is a really hard problem (read here for more details: https://www.techdirt.com/2019/11/20/masnicks-impossibility-theorem-content-moderation-scale-is-impossible-to-do-well/). If a few people are doing it, they can be pretty cohesive, but can't be scaled. But the more people you add to the process, the less consistent the results will be, inevitably leading to accusations of unfairness and shadowbanning and the like, warranted or not.

Likewise, transparency sounds nice in theory, but in practice, it takes the nuance out of the process and forces the platform to create ever-more-rigid rules that allow trolls to skate right up to the line without crossing it, ruining the platform for the users who, through reasonable desires for transparency, are now unable to take action against the trolls.

> yes, I do think that allowing well-reasoned non-conforming positions is a prerequisite for, like, actual discussion of complex issues, that doesn't devolve into parlor talk within a local Overton window

Right, but not everybody is looking for a political salon. Some just want to discuss anime without dealing with hate speech (which is a loaded term that is impossible to fairly define, which is why we can't outlaw it in the USA, btw).

> I'm sure there was a process for deplatforming Johnstone, what was it, do we know?

Yes, there was a process. We don't know what it was, but the results speak for themselves.

Like how an instance moderates? Join or federate with it.
Don't like how an instance moderates? Block it and refuse to participate.
The benefit of plurality is that we can vote with our feet.

> saying I'd be ok with instances that don't guard against becoming "Nazi bars" is way overdrawn, and I'm curious where that came from

The term "Nazi bar" refers to an old maxim. Basically, it goes something like this:
A bar decides that all legally permissible speech should be allowed on its premises. At first, this is heralded as a great move for free speech, and many people come to the bar to discuss the issues of the day. However, because most bars don't allow Nazis, and this one allows all points of views, it's one of the only bars in town the Nazis can go to, so more and more Nazis start visiting it to discuss how to best genocide or whatever Nazis talk about. This turns off the non-Nazi clientele, who wanted to discuss non-genocide matters, so they stop visiting the bar. Soon, there are only Nazis left. In the end, the "free speech" bar inevitably just becomes the "Nazi bar".
That's become a metaphor for social media platforms that claim they won't moderate objectionable-but-legal speech. Inevitably, they either start moderating or they become the Nazi bar.

> Just saying - I don't expect an answer, I've taken plenty of your time. Good day.

Not at all, I enjoy the discussion. Your points are thoughtful and well-articulated.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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If you cruise down the left lane of the highway below the speed limit, you might be an asshole.

If you change lanes without signalling or having adequate clearance, you might be an asshole.

If the only time you drive over the speed limit is when you see a yellow traffic light, you might be an asshole.

If you use an exit lane as a passing lane, you might be an asshole.

If you can't maintain speed of traffic and you can't come to a full stop at stop signs, you might be an asshole.

If you're not attentive or empathetic enough to figure these rules out, yet you continue to drive on public roads anyway, you're definitely an asshole.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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I don't know why I thought I could walk around for four hours outside on a Florida afternoon without sunscreen, but I'm paying for my hubris now, let me tell you.

forteller, to FreeSpeech
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Has any of the usual free speech warriors said anything about Germany banning a doctor and shutting down the pro Palestine conference he was going to speak at yet?

I can't wait, I'm sure they'll be furious!

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@forteller No, most of us just assume Germany will continue to suck at free speech ever since they refused to let Wolfenstein be released uncensored.

freemo, to random
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Never attribute to malaice that which can be attributed to stupidity.

Best lesson you can ever learn, especially if you take things personally.

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar

@freemo I prefer "ignorance" in that maxim, rather than "stupidity", as it implies a problem that can be fixed.

LouisIngenthron, to random
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In the past two weeks, I drove over 2,000 miles (in two 15-hour marathons) across the southeastern United States.

Here are some notable things I saw:

@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar
  1. Professional truckers suck now. You used to be able to rely on their professionalism, but these days, they'll cruise in the left-hand lane at 5 under the limit and frequently look like they have to catch themselves from running off the road.
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  1. I saw a truck with a double trailer (the kind with the hinge in the middle) completely lose control after a tire blew. After careening back and forth across two lanes of traffic trying to regain control, the structure of the back trailer gave up and burst open, spilling furniture across the highway. It was pretty spectacular, especially as it looked like nobody got hurt, but I feel sorry for that driver who had a veeeery bad day.
@LouisIngenthron@qoto.org avatar
  1. I got to see the sky break itself on a beautiful Illinois farm! During the total eclipse, roosters were crowing, crickets were chirping, and the cows all started to bunch up and move towards the barn!

The ring of ethereal silver fire in the sky was pretty mind-blowing too.

A picture of the eclipse, not visible due to the shitty phone camera it was taken on.

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