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:ruby: Fat, bald, non-practicing Intellectual, sometimes angry (mainly with myself) and always in trouble. Rails / iOS-Swift / 3d printing. Hayling Island, UK.

Read about my exploits here: https://lmno.lol/fatpapa

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penguin42, to random
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I baked a Banana bread for the first time earlier in the week. Very nice; seems to get more bananay over time. Lovely bananay burps.. 🍌

(I didn't bother with the drizzle and banana chips on the top)

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@penguin42 - have you considered.... spreading peanut butter on a slice? I think you should.

robyneatseverything, to random
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Things I have, rightly or wrongly, prioritised today over writing:

Cleaning out my kitchen drawers
Eating too many bagels
Watching fossil hunting reels
Going to the tip
Caramel cheesecake chocolate
Playing with the cat
A sudden urge to dust

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@robyneatseverything - Caramel Chocolate Cheeeeeeeeeese Cake. Mmmm. Seems like you have prioritised correctly.

dgoldsmith, to random
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I keep seeing the news about lunar time presented as “the Moon is getting its own time zone." What's actually happening is the Moon is getting its own time standard. The problem being solved is that time passes slightly more quickly on the Moon compared to Earth (due to General Relativity) and so the Moon needs its own time standard for precise measurements and navigation. UTC is the time standard for measuring time on Earth, and LTC is being created for the Moon.

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@dgoldsmith - that’s a great link, after reading the page twice I’m sure I don’t fully appreciate/understand the topic.

However this line has zapped my brain….. “Relative to Earth's age in billions of years, Earth's core is in effect 2.5 years younger than its surface”

ianbradbury, to random
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Just finished the last episode of Criminal Record on Apple+ TV.

Outstanding. The final episode …. Just incredible.



hotdogsladies, to random
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For my Bambu peeps (iykyk), my 90 minutes with Orca Slicer has felt VERY promising. Maybe check it out.


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@hotdogsladies - I’m often tempted to try Orca. But I always come back to “I can’t risk it” - needing the printer (x1c) to function correctly for orders. Sigh.

craiggrannell, to random
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I see quite a few people in the US returning their Vision Pros. As someone in the UK, it always boggles my mind that this is allowed. We have very good consumer rights here, for the most part, but you don’t just buy a piece of hardware and get to return it if you don’t like it. You by default only get a refund if it’s unused and the retailer agrees (or you bought it online and returned within 14 days) or if it’s damaged (and even then, the retailer has one ‘right to repair’ attempt).

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@craiggrannell - don’t forget if you purchase online then the law allows a 14 day cooling off period.

baldur, to random
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“The Truth™ about encoding SVG in data URIs / Stoyan’s phpied.com”

Though, if you’re going to include the SVG directly in the page, you might as well inline it completely as a part of the HTML’s markup tree, right? https://www.phpied.com/truth-encoding-svg-data-uris/

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@baldur - I would never have thought of encoding SVG into the css. Why do that? Now I need to think of a reason.

mansr, to random
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That Apple monogoggle thing should have a feature that transcribes what people are saying in speech bubbles, blue for Apple users and green for others. More than being an aid for the hearing-impaired, it lets users easily avoid being seen talking to heretics offline as well as online.

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@mansr - if I could provide the categories….. and adjust based on the day of week and my mood.

Stupid people green. Not stopped people blue.

danieldurrans, to random
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How are we already 14.6% of the way through the weekend? This is unacceptable.

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@danieldurrans - it gets worse. We’re already 10% on our way to next Christmas.

ianbradbury, to dadjokes
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A bloke rang me up last night and said, I’m the dandy highwayman who you’re too scared to mention. I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention.

Tried telling him he had the wrong number, but he was adamant.

elizabethtasker, to NoMansSkyGame
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I've fallen into "No Man's Sky"! I made it to the space station, and have selected an avatar that truly resembles what I look like... on the inside.

I now have a glowing ball for a head, which seems to be held in place by rotating electromagnets. Magnificent!

#NMS was created for PC but the #VR adaption (which I'm playing) is not at all bad. It's really... quite... addictive. I played for 4 hours and I'm eying my battery and wondering if I could hop on for a few minutes... before... bed...

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@elizabethtasker - I bought/played NMS when it first came out. Unfortunately I just fell out of playing the game. I’m not even sure what the goals of the game are in today’s version. Maybe time to revisit.

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@elizabethtasker - I’ve just been looking for the disc. Hmmm. I think it might be in the loft. No doubt there will be a multi day download required to patch and get up to date. Now where was the ladder……

danieldurrans, to random
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Emma asked me, through the door to my covid isolation suite*, what my plans were for the day.

  1. Sit at desk
  2. Sit on futon
  3. Sit at desk
  4. Sit on futon
  5. Unfold futon
  6. Lie on futon

*home office.

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@danieldurrans - how many laps of the room do you think would make a mile walked?

@ianbradbury@considerate.social avatar

@danieldurrans - now that’s a good target. (Says the man about to have a flat white and pain aux raisin)

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@danieldurrans - cold Pizza! The breakfast of champions.

danieldurrans, to random
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I was considering the Pro Max but then I saw there was an Ultra Pro Max and assumed it would be better.

Turns out they were no different from the All In One

Choosing cold & flu tablets is hard.

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@danieldurrans - I can wholly recommend the Waitrose cold and flu capsules. £2.90 and work like a charm.

ianbradbury, to rubyonrails
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Today is a “rails new” day!
Scared and excited all at the same time.
Ruby and gems all up to date..... here I go……

#railsnew #RubyOnRails #ruby

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@AGMS00 - new project. It’s been so long since I last ran that command that I’ve spent some hours reading all the new options.

steely_glint, to random
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Nerve wracking few mins there where I remotely updated the SIM pin on one of our 5g cameras - over 5g.

(note to self - investigate eSIMs!)

@ianbradbury@considerate.social avatar

@steely_glint - please tell us you did it using your phone…

ErikJonker, to Netherlands Dutch
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Readers outside the Netherlands, ofcourse there is a monumental shift in politics here, at the same it's good to remember the far-right party PVV that has won, has still only 37 of the 150 seats in Parliament. The largest leftwing party is second. Our system of coalition governments has the advantage that extremes get toned down a bit. Forming a new government will be a challenge, addressing all the large challenges in society even more.

@ianbradbury@considerate.social avatar

@ErikJonker - I’m a “European” Brit and so I worry. When I see how a small but super vocal* group can cause division and damage to a country……… I worry for you all.

Normal sane politicians are very easily swayed to make terrible comments and decisions thanks to how the media heighten the extremist voices. Please don’t let this happen in your country.

  • the media have a lot to answer for
girlonthenet, to random
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Has anyone ever done a podcast about the economics of Omaze prize draws please? I just do not understand how they’re making money for charity AND giving away all those houses? How many people are even playing it anyway? What is it? Why is it? I must know. This is a genuine question. I can’t get my head round it.

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@girlonthenet - I've often wondered the same.

I do play the "game" each month and one time (in band camp) I did win an Amazon voucher (twenty whole pounds).

I have it in my head that the organisers are making a lot of money from the draw from saps like me.

ianbradbury, to random
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Tipping in the USA of America appears to have gotten out of hand….

I just bought some PLA filament from the online eSUN store and was prompted to give a tip. What!? You've got to be kidding me.

elizabethtasker, to random
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Stopped off at a kaiten (rotating) sushi on my scooter journey. You order on iPads here (as is the modern way), but there’s only one conveyer belt, so you just get a brief warning that your order is approaching your seat and then you have to recognise it before it sails past! It’s actually slightly tricky and easy to miss, although it helps that the conveyer belt isn’t packed.

Movie of the conveyer belt sushi. Different sushi dishes sail past.

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@elizabethtasker - it seems odd that there are empty bowls on the belt; I suppose they need to be stored somewhere.

Whiskeyomega, to random
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Whats the tea of choice at the moment for everyone ?

@ianbradbury@considerate.social avatar

@Whiskeyomega - I prefer to keep it simple. Waitrose Gold Blend (bags)

GossiTheDog, to random
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Mastodon has hit 2 million active users today. 🎉

@ianbradbury@considerate.social avatar

@GossiTheDog - the number of monthly users is lower than i thought it would be given there are 15m registered users.

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