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Too chaotic for a paladin

Amateur artist and junior IT administrator. Mostly self-trained in chaotic and often destructive ways. Opponent of mainstream social media and nasty digital surveillance, wanna-be cypherpunk. Linux user since 2013. Fully degoogled since December 2019. Fully BigTech-free since March 2024.
Synesthete. That weird freak who sometimes uses Daedric alphabet. Even weirder freak who use bare IP address instead of some server name.
Cryptography is my only religion - does Church of Wael look for new members?
In my free time I draw or write stories, first of all for my fun.

I publish my works under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Writing here in English/Polish.

Migrated from https://mastodon.online/@madargon
Indexed in tootfinder (https://www.tootfinder.ch).

#sysadmin #linux #degoogle #corpfree #privacy #cypherpunk #drawing #art #fedi22

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madargon, to drawing
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So I had few photos of this #bird - not mine, found or received on family chat group. With notes saying it's called Ringed Plower.

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #birds

madargon, to random
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@rail_ thank you :blobfoxpop:

madargon, to email
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[loud screaming and all possum memes]

I try to create #account on Polish site for publishing stories. Tried my Proton, Tuta and Disroot #email addresses and every time I get #registration error like "Use another email account, we don't trust this".
What. The. Hell?!?

I guess using Simplelogin alias wouldn't work too.

anubiarts, to random
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hi !

just wanted to let you know that art posts as a whole will slow down, as its starting to take a toll on my mental health to keep trying to post things everyday

it was between this or taking a break, and I honestly prefer this over that

sorry for the inconvenience

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@anubiarts it's okay. It's impossible to keep daily frequency long-term :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

madargon, to Cat
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@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@SurrealSeal thank you :ablobcatheart:

madargon, to Matrix
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Yesterday #Element desktop app nuked my main long-lasting session and reminded me that correct address of my #Matrix server is, not
:blobcatjoy: ​:blobcatmlem:​

Huh, but in the past it worked both ways?

madargon, to drawing
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Inspired by #PrivacyBadger logo. I want to draw it in slightly different style but failed during working on this :/ At least I kept a bit of Privacy Badger vibe.

#drawing #art #MAstoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #anthro #character #badger #ninja

volpeon, to random

My avatar be like: "Woah, where did this come from? What the heck is it? It's so round and green"

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@volpeon Few years ago I had fanart of some fantasy book character as phone wallpaper. And he was licking his mouth looking at point where Protonmail icon was. It looked like he wanted to eat Protonmail app :blobcatnomtomato:​

interfluidity, to random
@interfluidity@zirk.us avatar

the practice many browsers have adopted of truncating URLs in the address bar to the hostname is emblematic of the decline and commercially driven infantilization of the web.

understanding URLs — their roles and the ways and whys of how they are constructed — was an elementary skill of the original view-source web.

hiding complete URLs encourages people to become ignorant consumers of mysterious information services, rather than informed participants in a public forum.

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@interfluidity and at the same time they constantly warn us about phishing, malaware, social engineering attacks and disinformation... Maybe they should finally choose one.

madargon, to Kubernetes
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2024: The year of OOMkiller on .

SceNtriC, to random Polish
@SceNtriC@101010.pl avatar

Jeszcze trochę i #LinkedIn stanie się serwisem randkowym dla osób, które interesują się tylko prestiżem. Niefortunnie sformułowany komunikat ;)

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@SceNtriC @Zenek73 Ja trzymałam konto dość długo mimo zaglądania co pół roku z powodu "a co jak będę szukać pracy". W praktyce i tak wszystkie dotychczasowe prace zdobywałam innymi kanałami. Dopiero niecały miesiąc temu pozbyłam się całkiem.
A te inne sposoby używania, w połączeniu z wyglądem ich interfejsu i sponsorowamymi postami widocznymi mimo paru warstw blokerów to były właśnie powody, dlaczego zaglądałam tam tak rzadko :blobcatjoy:

madargon, to drawing
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Lygodactylus lugubris #gecko, based on photos my cousin sent me. Planned as more realistic style, but it turned out like that.

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #animal #lizard #animals

Linux, to DeGoogle
@Linux@sakurajima.social avatar

Must delete Google.

I am nearly ready to delete my Google Account. The 1 thing taking forever is changing my e-mail address on all my many accounts.

Google's new Terms of Service, you agree Google AI may access all your content (email, photos, etc.). While they do not claim ownership of your content, you agree they can use it.

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@Linux Congratulations : :blobcat_toot:

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@Linux @dan_lerch Ouch, I still remember that pain. Reason why it took me about 4 months even if I didn't have important data in account. And some services required contact with customer support to do it.

q3k, to random
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eating leftovers then immediately hearing chubbyemu music play in my head

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@q3k I still wonder how many more episodes I should watch to stop eating slightly out-of-date food :blobcatthink:

Fan_Technologii, to random Polish
@Fan_Technologii@pol.social avatar

Co to jest? Tylko złe odpowiedzi, słucham Państwa...;)

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@Fan_Technologii Właz do statku kosmicznego 👽

madargon, to drawing
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Round #borb is round!
This one is Eurasian bullfinch. And it's one of few works I was really satisfied with final effect - finally something turned out as I imagined :blobcatjoy:​

#drawing #art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #krita #ArtWithOpenSource #bird #birds

rail_, to random
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Actual fur or no body hair at all

I reject the shitty in-between

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@rail_ I want lizard scales 🦎🐍🐉 And on head multiple small horns like Zabraks in Star Wars have :blobcatjoy:
Writing this as a person with dark hair and bright floor in current apartment. Seeing these damned hair on floor gave me kind of OCD since I moved here.

RaethDragon, to random
@RaethDragon@pawb.fun avatar

Anyone else still draw with a traditional tablet without a built-in screen?

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@RaethDragon Do you mean drawing tablet, like Wacom?

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@RaethDragon So I have Wacom One, bought in 2017, rather for experiments, I didn't draw digitally then.
And wait... Most people use tablets with screens currently?!? :blobcatsurprised:

madargon, to neverwinternights
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Doing my part of spreading content on fedi 🐲​

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@wariat @mija większość to tani metal albo drewniane i plastikowe koraliki. Szanujący się smok byłby raczej rozczarowany :dragon_happy:​

hammer_gaidin, to random
@hammer_gaidin@fosstodon.org avatar

Killed my #LinkedIn profile today. So long. I won't miss you.

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@hammer_gaidin Congrats and welcome to the club!

makryfa, to random

clear throat Fedi, im am proud to announce:

@madargon@is-a.cat avatar

@makryfa This is the content I am here for :blobcatjoy:

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