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[LIVE] with „Vaporum: Lockdown“. The is the prequel to „Vaporum“, which I successfully finished last week. This will be my first playthrough of this game. In English language, and of course on . https://live.hatnix.net

Mrfunkedude, to random
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Prowling the streets of Los Santos once more. Playing GTA V and celebrating the holiday. 😉

Come join me! Come chat!


Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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For those who use OBS to broadcast there's something I learned a year ago that I don't think people take advantage of.

Nested scenes.

Instead of adding a video capture device to a scene and then trying to make it look the same from scene to scene, you can create a scene with your VCD chosen, create the style you want it to look like, and then use that scene in all of the scenes where you want your camera.

It make things SO much easier.

hatnix, to linux German
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[LIVE] mit „Old World“. Wir setzen unser Spiel mit Babylonien. Aktuell wird unser Reich von einer Regentin geführt, anstelle des noch zu jungen rechtmäßigen Herrschers. Mit viel diplomatischem Hin und Her versuchen wir uns als aufstrebende Macht in der Alten Welt zu behaupten. In deutscher Sprache, und natürlich unter . https://live.hatnix.net

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I will likely do another #fediverse-exclusive Frankie Play #vtuber live stream this weekend so be sure to follow either #owncast at https://operationpuppet.live or #peertube at https://puppet.zone. Or both if you’re extra cool.

Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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Starting off by playing a little Grand Theft Auto 5 and maybe something else. Depends on how the game goes.

Come join me! Hang out and chat with me. Let me know how your day is going.
#owncast #live #livestream


Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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I've decided that I'm going to stop multi-livestreaming for a while and focus on streaming to the Fedi with #owncast

I get more engagement with Owncast and almost none on Twitch and YouTube (aside from trolls) so focusing on broadcasting to the Fedi seems like the right thing to do.

Don't let me down Fedi.

Follow @Funk for live streaming updates and notifications.

Mrfunkedude, to random
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There will be a #livestream later #today at 2pm PST.

I'll be playing an as to yet undecided game.

Make sure you follow @Funk to get updates.

Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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🔴🎥I just went LIVE🎥🔴

Come watch as I drive down the streets of Los Santos making my way through the crime infested city just trying to survive.

Join me in the chat! Say hi! Let's have some fun!


hatnix, to fediverse German
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Good morning, ! Happy Monday!
My streams for this week:

  • Monday: „Civilization VI“ (DE/EN)
  • Tuesday: no stream
  • Wednesday: no stream
  • Thursday: „Face Noir“ (DE)
  • Friday: „Old World“ (DE)
  • Saturday: „The Wolf Among Us“ (DE/EN)
  • Sunday: „Vaporum: Lockdown" (DE/EN)

The streams start at 20 CEST / 18 UTC, and usually finish 5 hours later. I'd be happy to see you around.

Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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Starting off with 30 minutes of ELO video and then the main attraction.

In between the musical numbers I'll be reacting and reading the chats comments. It'll be a hoot!

So come join the fun!


hatnix, to linux German
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[LIVE] with „Vaporum“. We return into the Arx Vaporum. Marcus Rike lerns more about the madness that went on there, and how his wife and his daughter were involved. In English language, and of course on . https://live.hatnix.net

operationpuppet, to fediverse
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As some of you may have (prematurely) seen, I'm looking at live streaming to soon. Likely some Frankie Play this afternoon, both on https://puppet.zone and our server at https://www.operationpuppet.live.


gabek, to random

I noticed the company who wanted to add their service directly into Owncast, and I said no, started releasing their own version of Owncast with their own changes in it to support this use case.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. It's kind of a fork, but it's really just another release of Owncast by somebody else. They're releasing something called Owncast with functionality and decisions that have nothing to do with the real Owncast. It specifically says stuff like "Owncast does X", and Owncast does not do X, and will never do X. Only their changes do X.

I fear this may confuse people. If something goes wrong with their version of the software, people are going to ask me for support, and might make the real Owncast look bad. But I don't know if this is wrong, or if this is completely acceptable. It's open source, and the name "Owncast" isn't owned by anybody, as Owncast is an open source project, not a company. So I guess they have the right to do whatever they want and call it Owncast.

But it feels wrong, and it seems like really bad things could come of this.

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@gabek If they want to fork #Owncast, they legally can, but they should not call it Owncast anymore. I know #Mastodon & #WordPress are open source as well, but they vigorously protect their trademarks to prevent this type of confusion.

If possible, I would encourage them to rename their fork something else. If they refuse, let us know which company it is so we can avoid doing business with them.

hatnix, to linux German
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[LIVE] with „The Wolf Among Us“. One of the Telltale classics, and rightly so! Join Detective Bigby Wolf as trouble builds up in Fabletown. When suddenly a murder takes place, your investigative skills are needed. In English language, and of course on #Linux. https://live.hatnix.net #Owncast #Gaming #DRMfree #Livestream #hatclan

Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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It's Game Day and I'm playing EXCLUSIVLY on my Owncast stream!

Come join me as I shoot my way through the streets of Los Santos trying to earn enough money to support my life of crime!

Grand Theft Auto V!!!

Join me for the fun, the music, and the chat!
#Owncast #live #livestreaming


Tedesfo, to gaming Italian
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Buongiorno mondo!

Altro Giovedì, altra live!
Vi aspetto questa sera dalle 22 a mezzanotte su https://nostream.mastodon.uno/

Non dimenticatevi di seguiteci su @DjDino per essere aggiornati sulle dirette e cliccate la campanella per ricevere le notifiche!

Per chi non ci segue domani è Lunedì!

@Lucatermite @54mu @pondolo @elenastreganocciola @ribby

#UnoLinux #gaming #streaming #linuxgaming #gnulinux #owncast

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Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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🔴🎥I just went LIVE!!! 🎥🔴

Let's head on back to the old west where an ex outlaw is trying to build a home for himself and his wife and son who left him to find a better life.

Join me as I play the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2!
#owncast #gaming #live #livestreaming


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hatnix, to linux German
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[LIVE] with „Vaporum“. We are getting closer to the top of the Arx Vaporum. What happened there, or what went wrong? And how is Lora involved into those events? In English language, and of course on . https://live.hatnix.net

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I can't be alone in this...

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Billionaires have trained their humans to produce their milk straight into their bucket

POSSE is growing, but will remain in the backseat. Folks that believe Google is the internet won't ever leave even when presented with socially healthier alternatives

I have been directly offering small streamers instances on my streaming server, no cost excluding their domain, no obligation to donate to the server bill and I do all the setup. Crickets. Just me and @Mrfunkedude right now

KazukyAkayashi, to fediverse

Petit teste sur le nouveau serveur : live.zarchbox.fr/

Si vous avez le temps de passer 5min pour me dire si ça tourne bien ou pas

#Owncast #LiveStreaming

Mrfunkedude, to fediverse
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Come join me as we play the epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2!

The chat is up as always and I would LOVE to chat with you as I play!
#owncast #live #livestreaming


DavBot, to deeprockgalactic
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Gonna some #DeepRockGalactic for the first time live in few on #OwnCast toss a follow for live posts:



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