I'm a Blind, and gay, author and essayist. Former journalist turned Romance writer. I have a literary agent, and freaking love cats and diverse audiobooks and fiction podcasts.

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Browsing shows and some of these are recorded like an audio drama, some are recorded like a full cast audiobook that is comparable to the mainstream audiobook publishers. I canโ€™t wait until the rest of the community starts exploring audio fiction in the podcast space. Not only will it save you money, but it will open your eyes to hard-working talented authors that isnโ€™t given respect. One recommendation out of many is @audiobooks

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FCC Restores Net Neutrality | Federal Communications Commission

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I am honestly glad publishers are catching on that having their own centralized websites that people visit instead of a platform will get them more readers. Why publishers are preparing to federate their sites - Digiday

yatil, to random avatar

So, Mr. now defends/explains Sam Altman and promotes 37signals in a 24 hour spanโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Thatโ€™s not a good look.

Ref 1:
Ref 2:


@yatil Why canโ€™t tech help itself? I really donโ€™t get it and this especially sucks because MicroBlog is a decent service otherwise. This is super frustrating!

weirdwriter, to books

Forget Medium and Substack, this writer made 40 websites to tell a mystery story. I donโ€™t exactly know where to start the mystery, but you can read about the project at #Books #Mystery @bookstodon

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"Just use Linux" is much like "just ride a bike" or "just shop at a refill store" - accessing the non default option can be time consuming, expensive or unavailable locally. We need to recognise you need a certain degree of privilege to have the capacity to complicate your life voluntarily. We need to be trying to make the better, harder thing more accessible, not blaming people for not using it.


@Mux @Tattooed_Mummy @afewbugs I havenโ€™t read the link yet, but one of the main issues I see itโ€™s hardware and compatibility, so is there a computer manufacturer that makes hardware around a specific Linux distro? That way, my non disabled friends wonโ€™t need to fight with the OS to try to get it to recognize their hardware?

weirdwriter, to linux

Since Microsoft announced their latest spyware, sorry, , People want to jump ship to so I'm gonna give the community some solid advice. The biggest hurtle new users will have to deal with is the community because, to be honest, they are extremely obnoxious FOSS Bros that can't stand newbies or Windows users or non technical people in general, but here's your chance! Here's a chance to really guide people, not badger them into picking Linux just because.

Don't tell a new person to Google the term. Give them a video, a book, a tutorial, something to help them along. Think it's hand holding? Tough luck.

Don't ask them to register to a forum and provide feedback. Offer to give feedback on their behalf.

As for any Disabled person in your life? Just don't recommend Linux yet at all. It's still not ready for non technical Disabled people. Just no! No!

I wrote, briefly, about that at this link, but really, I haven't even scratched the surface yet as to issues with Linux adoption for Disabled users. I run Linux on a VM. I Debloated my own windows, so I stick with that. Just listen to the Disabled community without telling them they don't know why Microsoft is shit. Listen, and then code based on their answers.

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Do we really need a YouTube downloader as an NVDA add on when YT-DLP works far better?

rasterweb, to random avatar

The failing of AI isn't that it gives wrong answers, it's that it mostly serves huge Capitalist corporations that do harm to people and the environment for their own bottom line.

If AI can actually improve the lives of ordinary people, I welcome it! But I've yet to hear about how that is happening...



Also, a first hand account from a Blind person that hates the marketing version of AI and not machine learning. @rasterweb @alttexthalloffame

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If anybody wants to stop Firefox from opening PDF's in the browser, I honestly don't get why browsers try to even render PDFs anyway, change this value to true. pdfjs.disabled. Change pdfjs.disabled to true.

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Kingdom Hearts series is coming to Steam.... and now I have to play through the whole series again because the story is so confusing I can't remember where KH3 left off.



@mikey hahaha! I was lost when KH2 came out! I loved 1, but 2 completely lost me, even after watching let's plays explaining the story as they were playing, but I absolutely love the music in all the games!

weirdwriter, to librarians

Libraries are important to me so I really hope @librarians check out this toot, with links, on Libby selling our data and checking out alternatives like the Palace Project

weirdwriter, to email

This is the kind of updates I dream about! Also, yes, I view all my emails in plain text and never going back!


@ArneBab Oh darn! I thought that the mx2 spec starting at โ€œmake it HTML5โ€ would be making it lighter.

weirdwriter, to disability

I think I found the first Disability dongle made by Disabled people. This Glide has a subscription and this deposit doesnโ€™t mean that you are pre-ordering it. Naturally, Iโ€™m not ordering one but here it is if you want to explore #Disability #DisabilityDongle #Tech


But the Framework doesn't have Disability Dongle by disabled people written all over it. I mean, I haven't bought a Framework, yet, but still! They feel different to me. For one thing, I can get a better idea of what I am buying into. @jackf723 @zersiax


@zersiax @jackf723 No he made SoundScape

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If you liked Gig publishing is clogging up the indie publishing space. I need money so I can continue to write. @mutualaid

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Another reason to add to your photos, basically, anywhere, is that, yes, there are sighted people that disable all images in their browsers because it's faster to browse.

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Because the ACP program, Affordable Connectivity Program, ended in the US, I need help paying for my full internet bill, which is $90 monthly! Many ways to give at @mutualaid

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Ugh! So is selling our data, not shocking after they were acquired... but there are alternatives that are below that public libraries can use!

For the Libby background, read

For the targeted ad investigation, read

One of them is Library Simplified

The Palace Project looks awesome and is fully accessible, screen reader wise! Librarians should check out

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For all that it did right, Mastodon made a massive unforced error not realizing that the key to social media propagation was keeping journalists happy. Instead, it alienated 90% of them with grievances and brow beatings about how they were pesky interlopers. BlueSky and Threads merely had to toss them a handful of candy, and promise them others, and it was like flipping a switch that sucked them out of here like runaway ShopVac. But I am convinced that many can be brought back.


I think Journalists should figure out blogs and RSS feeds again instead of social media, but the Fediverse is doomed to commercially fail anyway and that's honestly fine with me. Read @jackwilliambell @shoq

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A former incarcerated person needs $100 to cover getting a new phone with insurance but also food. Only has cash app access. His sister's link is$mswanda1958 @mutual_aid @mutualaid @MutualAidVisibility

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