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Palate cleanser: fly over the Gum 3 nebula thanks to this image taken with the VLT Survey Telescope at Paranal Observatory.

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Ok, this is super cute. Almost #xkcd-worthy, except that it's nicely drawn and in color XD

#NASA #Astronomy #APOD

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Spectacular ideal MHD simulations of AGN feedback in the multi-phase gas of a Perseus-like cluster of galaxies, using AthenaK on GPUs, by
Fournier et al. (incl @HambObs ) today on #astroph

Movies available here:

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So last weekend I took my Tomiyama 6x12 panoramic camera to Mount John and took some long exposures using Portra 800 film. Here's one of the images I developed yesterday. A bit much dust for my liking!

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How to Identify that Light in the Sky
#Astronomy #Picture of the Day


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Noctis Mons 🌋 and Labyrinthus

Click to zoom in as the image is 4500x2531!
Full size & all info

ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission
2015-01-20 Altitude: 10392 km
Bayer Filter
This is a mosaic of 4 images

Credit: ISRO/ISSDC/MOM/AndreaLuck
Product IDs:

Image created processing data publicly available on:

#Mars #Space #Astronomy #Mangalyaan #Solarocks #Astrodon

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The website for the American Astronomical Society’s Committee for the Protection of #Astronomy and the #SpaceEnvironment (COMPASSE) is now live!

Get updates and learn how to be involved with issues such as #LightPollution, #RadioInterference, and #space #sustainability:

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Italian mathematician, astronomer and engineer Giovanni Domenico Cassini was born in 1625.

His observations & calculations helped to confirm & refine Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. He formulated Cassini’s Law, describing the rotational behavior of the Moon, which was crucial for understanding the Moon's synchronous rotation with the Earth. He was involved in measuring the meridian arc of Paris, contributing to the accurate determination of the shape of the Earth.

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How a rich cluster of galaxies is born in an Enzo simulation by former PhD Stud. Matteo Angelinelli, rendered in

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Because the people demand to know

How many Jupiter's fit in our Solar System without destroying everything you know and touch and love? - Angela Collier #Astronomy

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- Galaxy ESO 99-4

The image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the peculiar galaxy ESO 99-4. The shape of this galaxy is probably the result of a previous merger process that has deformed it beyond visual recognition, leaving the main body largely obscured by dark bands of dust. ESO 99-4 lies behind a rich field of stars in the foreground of our galaxy, in the.....

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#ESAEuclid has started its 2nd de-icing campaign, which in total will last only about a week.

Water molecules 💦 that are inside the instrument cavity from before launch will likely remain there throughout the mission - they freeze 🧊 , but change places over time. We don't want them on mirrors, so once in a while we warm up a mirror 🔥 to sublimate the ice away.

Read more in the new @ec_euclid #blog post:

#Euclid #space #astronomy #astrodon #cosmology

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Just checked the latest #AAVSO data on T CrB and I see this.

What's going on? Faulty instruments? Or the prelude to something big and splendorous?

#TCrB #variablestar #astronomy #nova

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My catch of Io as seen from Earth by LBTO!

Full size & More info:

Processing: Andrea Luck CC BY
Image data: INAF/LargeBinocularTelescope Observatory/Georgia State University
IRV-band observations by SHARK-VIS@LBT [P.I. F. Pedichini]

North is Up
Time: January 9, 2024
I 685-825 nm
R 552-687 nm
V 495-605 nm
Study and more info:

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The Atacama Desert in #Chile has some of the darkest night skies in the world, perfect for #astronomy. But it's also a very seismic area. When an #earthquake hits, how do we keep our telescopes safe? We tell you all about it in this new video:

#engineering #technology

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(I forgot to mention like a week ago that it was) !
Here our group shows the 1st successful theoretical model that predicts the degree & angle of linear of scattered night-sky accounting for ground light sources. A 🧵 (1/14)

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- V960 Mon

In the center of this image is the young star V960 Mon, located more than 5,000 light years away and located in the direction of the Monoceros Constellation. The star is surrounded by material that can potentially form planets. Observations obtained using the High Contrast Spectropolarimetric Investigation of Exoplanets instrument known as.....

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Today's #NASA #Astronomy #Photo of the Day is nice.

Totally made me think I was running MacOS again, as it resembled one of the classic 2010s Mac OS X wallpapers.

(I have #KDE #Plasma configured to use #APOD as the lock screen wallpaper)

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The only feeling I have about starship is dread.

They want to use that to launch batches of HUNDREDS of Starlinks at once. And guess where all those Starlinks will end up? The pieces that don't make it to the ground will end up in our upper atmosphere, screwing up the stratosphere, the ozone layer, who knows what else because SpaceX isn't required to do any environmental assessments of this.

Shit. Maybe a good time to post this essay I wrote yet again:

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@sundogplanets I remember the first time I saw a starling launch chain. I thought my brain was melting as I saw the 50 something satellites slowly appear and drift across the sky in a straight line. It ruined any chance of shooting Astro in that portion of the sky for a good 30min.

30min can be a short time, or, and entire event when it comes to Astro photography.

I'm terrified not just of the space clutter, but the impact on our ability to appreciate the night sky. #Starlink #Astronomy

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