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A puzzling mix of artifacts at NE site raises questions about route Homo sapiens' took from Africa into China and role of Denisovans or Neanderthals.

“Using ancient stone tools to determine which hominids hung out at Shiyu 45,000 years ago “is like trying to reconstruct how many cultures contributed to the durable metal and plastic contents of a municipal trash can,” Shea says.

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A nice petroglyph from today's walk along the San Juan River.

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‘It’s plain elitist’: anger at #Greek plan for €5,000 private tours of Acropolis #archeology

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Stunning Trojan War frescoes found in Pompeii banquet hall – The History Blog

"The oecus (banquet hall) is part of a large domus whose architectural style dates it to the middle of the 1st century B.C. It is 48 feet long and 20 feet wide, a huge room covering more than 950 square feet in area."

#History #Archeology #Roman #Pompeii

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These new frescos from Pompeii are begging to be captioned:

¨The song was very nice sweetie, but now that I´ve seen your instrument, I think I´m developing a headache.¨

#art #histodons #archeology #ancientrome

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Holy shit, look at this incridible new, 2000 year old house that has been uncovered in Pompeii, with just amazing frescos and a mosaic floor!

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New instance new intro!!

I'm somcak, a currently in . I have 2 mini and 2 . I enjoy all sorts of music, yes, even death metal on occasion!

I've been on Mastodon since October 2022, and this is my 5th server.

I use content warnings for all sorts of stuff, just trying to be considerate! I always make sure there's and for my own posts as well as those I boost. matters.
I enjoy learning about and , particularly the . I'm also interested in and how we can make communities greener. I have an and care about .

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Mycenean refuge from Bronze Age collapse found – The History Blog

"The style of the pottery dates them the period of the destruction of the Mycenaean palaces and right afterwards, a time of upheaval and constant danger that drove people to seek the shelter of the highest possible ground, in this case the peak of Mount Hellani."

#History #Archeology #Greece

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Archaeologists uncover upper section of colossal statue of Ramses II in Egypt

A collaborative effort between Egyptian and American archaeologists has resulted in the remarkable discovery of the upper section of a colossal statue of Ramses II, also known as Ramesses the Great, in the Minya Governorate of Egypt...

More information:

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in 1820.

The Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Milos. It was discovered by a Greek farmer on the island of Milos. Olivier Voutier, a French sailor interested in archaeology, witnessed the discovery & encouraged the farmer to continue digging. Voutier & the farmer uncovered two large pieces of the sculpture & a third, smaller piece. A fragment of an arm, a hand holding an apple, & two herms were also found alongside the statue.

New evidence for prehistoric ploughing in Europe - Humanities and Social Sciences Communications [Open access] (

Abstract: For the past four decades, the ‘Secondary Products Revolution’ model, i.e., the exploitation of animal resources that do not involve killing the animal, such as the production of milk and wool and the use of animals for physical labour has been the object of heated discussion between Neolithic scholars. According...

LIDAR Discovers Circular Iron Age Village At Cap d’Erquy, France (

snippet “ The settlement unearthed at Cap d'Erquy comprises approximately twenty circular dwellings strategically positioned around a central plaza. Based on archaeological assessments, it is estimated that this village was inhabited by a Gallic community between the 8th and 5th centuries B.C....

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Crannog Centre - a recreation of a working Iron Age village in - finally rises from the ashes three years after a devastating fire.

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Mexican archaeologists discover offering of human sacrifices at Pozo de Ibarra

Archaeologists have uncovered an offering of human sacrifices dating back to the pre-Hispanic era in the Mexican town of Pozo de Ibarra. The discovery occurred during the construction of a sewage network, revealing a burial site with a complex arrangement of human bones and skulls...

More info:

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In my cupboard, I have plenty of red and Le Puy #lentils again. "The Ancient Egyptians were likely the same; the pyramids were built by people who were fuelled by lentils, peas and chickpeas." To know their ancient history makes them even more delicious! And we learn about breeds for #climateCrisis.
🥘 A starter of human #civilization:
🥘 Witnesses of the emergence of social #inequality:
#archeology #prehistoric #agriculture #neolithic #biodiversity

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A modern corner-notched point made from Tallahatta silicified sandstone.

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#BiodiversityLoss is a problem even inside our bodies! "The team also found evidence to support the "disappearing #microbiome" hypothesis, which proposes that modern #microbiomes are less diverse than those of our ancestors. This is cause for concern, as #biodiversity loss can impact human #health.
A research thriller not only for #dentists!

#bacteria #dentalCare #BronzeAge #archeology #genetics #teeth #science #ScienceMastodon

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An archeologist cataloging the contents of an ancient trash pit from Utrecht, Holland, discovered a 2000 year-old stash of hallucinogenic henbane seeds, carefully stored in a hollowed-out animal bone.

#archeology #archeozoologie #psychedelics #hallucinogen #shamanism @ethnobiology #solanaceae

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Warring States cemetery with chariot burial found in central China – The History Blog

"A large cemetery from the Warring States Period (475–221 B.C.) has been discovered in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, central China, with finely furnished graves and one chariot burial."

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Cold War satellite images reveal nearly 400 Roman forts

Declassified Cold War-era spy satellite images have led researchers to identify 396 previously unknown Roman forts in Syria and Iraq. The research points towards a vibrant network supporting trade and cultural exchange rather than a rigid border defense system...

More information:

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The team discovered tiny #microplastic particles in deposits located more than seven meters deep, in samples dating back to the first or early second century and excavated in the late 1980s.
#Environmental #Archeology #sflorg

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Population genomics of post-glacial western #Eurasia | Nature

“Our analyses revealed a ‘great divide’ genomic boundary extending from the Black Sea to the #Baltic.

Large-scale ancestry shifts occurred in the west as farming was introduced, including near-total replacement of hunter-gatherers in many areas, whereas no substantial ancestry shifts happened east of the zone during the same period. “

#anthropology #archeology #genetics

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