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Want to try your hand at travel writing? Come to my workshop at St Kilda Library, Melbourne, on 27 July!

More info and bookings via the link below:

Travel Writing Workshop with Tim Richards https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1232799?

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Two Shintō shrines on Awaji Island are associated with the creation myth of Japan (国生み神話) in the earliest chronicles Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. At Onokoro Island Shrine (自凝島神社), visitors are encouraged to perform rituals to sacred stones for good fortune. The sekirei stone (鶺鴒石) is for couples, with a white and red cord, and I was surprised that my wife grasped my hand and prayed as we held the cords.

We also went to Izanagi Shrine (伊弉諾神宮), dedicated to the two founding gods or pillars (二神、又は二柱) of the archipelago. Worshippers believe that the founding gods dwell in the 900-year-old husband-and-wife camphor tree (夫婦楠). We have seen a similar tree at Ōmiwa Jinja in Nara (大神神社) where two trees merged into one at the base. We also noticed a connection to the Onokoro Island Shrine at the Izanagi Shrine, a small sekirei monument to married couples (夫婦鶺鴒像), and both sites included a bird motif.

@mythology @religion

Izanagi Shrine, dedicated to the founding gods of the Japanese archipelago
Sacred husband-and-wife camphor tree
Nature and culture at the Izanagi Shrine

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Cocktail bars in Mexico City, Tijuana, Guadalajara and beyond are proving why Mexico is slinging some of the best drinks in the business. "It's essential to celebrate native Mexican ingredients, and incorporate them into modern mixology," says Fabiola Padilla, owner and beverage director at Bekeb, a rooftop bar in San Miguel de Allende. Mexico is no longer just tequila and mezcal. Read about its rise in the cocktail scene, from Food and Wine: https://flip.it/.on.-n

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Start at the temple of the ancient Mother Goddess, then walk past rock-cut shrines made by her devotees. See a cave in which a group was put under a spell and slept for centuries. End at this Korinthian port city with its markets and many temples. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/turkey/ephesus/walk.html?s=mc

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Some Japanese service staff say they're struggling to cope with visitors who don't make any effort to find linguistic common ground. More below on tourists who insist on speaking their mother tongue (and how not to be That Guy).


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Explore a madrasa deep in the souqs of an ancient city, where a sultan provided education to thwart the growth of ignorant zealotry that could lead to violent uprisings. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/morocco/marrakech/ben-youssef.html?s=mc

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Dining at the Restaurant Kartoffelkeller for dinner tonight in Hamburg. Here's my beer. Fish coming shortly.

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And here's the fish. It looks better in real life than the photo.

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This island of Korinthia in the wine-dark sea once saw holy men experience visions that changed the world. Traveling there is a long but pleasant sea journey. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/patmos/ferry-to-patmos.html?s=mc

AzureDusk10, to Oslo

We had a lovely weekend break to Oslo. Kayaking, walking, and enjoying the city. It’s so easy to get out into nature there. (Made a complete fuss of getting into the cold water but was totally worth it)

Joint selfie after taking a dip in a cold river
Reflections of trees on the lake surface

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“Juvenile D'Arnaud's Barbets in sunset”

D'Arnaud's barbet is a small East African bird that feeds on insects, fruits, and seeds.

It grows to about eight inches, and is equally at home in trees or on the ground. A vertical tunnel two to three feet into the ground with a sideways and upward turn leads to the nest chamber.

In a striking dance the male and female face each on nearby twigs and twitch, bob and sing like mechanical toys.

🔎 https://nicolas-hoizey.photo/photos/juvenile-d-arnaud-s-barbets-in-sunset/

📅 26 February 2019

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 100-400mm + 2.0×
🎛️ ISO 800, ƒ/10, 1/105 s

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In the warm embrace of nature 🌿


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The realm of Korinthia spans from rugged mountains hosting mysterious temples honoring little-known gods, to sunny islands in a wine-dark sea. Learn to speak about bold actions in their tongue. #travel #history https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/greek/active-participles.html?s=mc

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Japan is experiencing a huge influx of tourists. As a result, some stores and restaurants are struggling with how to handle customers who don’t speak Japanese. Learn why one restaurant owner took out his frustration on social media – and had to close his store shortly after.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #restaurant #food #travel

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Once I thought the landscape paintings of Khitai were lotus-fueled dreams, but the dreaming fog-shrouded stone pillars are real. Journey to Yangshuo beside the Li River in southeastern Khitai. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/china/yangshuo.html?s=mc

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ICYMI: Japan's top travel destinations are receiving international attention. One travel site says the numbers don’t lie: Tokyo is now the world’s top trending destination. Find out why people are coming here - and how to avoid the crowds.



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Enjoy all of my latest work and get 20% OFF storewide through the holiday weekend including all day on Monday.


#sale #fineartphotography #art #buyintoart #nature #wildlife #travel #photography #fediart #mastoart

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"Row Boats in Black and White"

This beautiful print is available at: https://pixels.com/featured/row-boats-in-black-and-white-scott-loring-davis.html

This beautiful black and white photograph captures several small boats tied up along a wooden dock in Ogunquit Maine's Perkins Cove.

#buyintoart #art #photography #photo #mastoart #maine #ogunquit #perkinscove #boats #rowboat #interiordecor #homedecor #scottloringdavisfineartphotography #seascape #travel #travelphotography #wallart #wallartforsale #newengland #veteranarts #artforsale #harbor

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Ein bisschen Abendstimmung aus dem Süden Frankreichs... Endlich Urlaub.😎


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“Children propelling a tire”

Children love to play, and they don't need much in the way of accessories.

Here, we offer them a thousand sophisticated and expensive gifts, and they sometimes prefer to play with packing boxes...

Over there, in Kenya for example, they don't have the “chance” to have so many gadgets, they make do with what they have, and have a lot of fun!

🔎 https://nicolas-hoizey.photo/photos/children-propelling-a-tire/

📅 27 February 2019

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 56mm
🎛️ ISO 160, ƒ/1.2, 1/5000 s

unseenjapan, to Japan
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Japan’s public hotspots often leave something to be desired. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable ways to stay connected – including pocket wifi hotspots. Here’s why they’re so convenient – and how to get one for your trip to Japan.


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