Microplastics found in every human semen sample tested in study (www.theguardian.com)

Microplastic pollution has been found in all human semen samples tested in a study, and researchers say further research on the potential harm to reproduction is “imperative”. Sperm counts in men have been falling for decades and 40% of low counts remain unexplained, although chemical pollution has been implicated by many...

AnnaAnthro, to China
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Teacher Li: The hunt for the cartoon cat vexing #China's censors


Hypx, to TeslaMotors
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EU is likely going to put tariffs on Chinese BEVs pretty soon. My personal take has always been that BEVs are merely a ploy by the CCP to gain marketshare in Western markets. Beyond that, there is no real interest by Chinese automakers, and likely they will abandon BEVs the moment it becomes convenient for them.


liztai, (edited ) to random
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After #JoyOfLife2, my brain is rebelling at the thought of watching anything, well, not as good 😅. #TheDouble is very buzzy, but I know I will be very harsh on it (in terms of writing & acting), so I have decided to watch Under the Microscope, starring Zhang Ruo Yun. It's about math and taxes. Ikr?? But it's seriously more interesting that that!
Also, With You, an anthological TV show about #COVID19's effects on #China's society.

#Cdrama #Cdramas #Tv #Entertainment

AnnaAnthro, to China
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Furious daughter slams mother for always serving duck legs to brother, wings to her.

Ignites gender discrimination and bias issues in .


br00t4c, to China
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China's EV market is going global. Can U.S., Canada balance protectionism with reducing emissions?



Some_Emo_Chick, to Russia
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Leaked Russian Documents Reveal Deep Concern Over Chinese Aggression

The fact their even secretly acknowledging the possibility of the Chinese dagger behind them is progress, (it's far too late as their already a vassal) but it's at least something. It will get even more blatant, that recent Russian women seeking Chinese men thing was faked but it'll be real soon enough given the casualty rate.


SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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mythologyandhistory, to China
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It's just after midnight in #China & thus after the 2 days (& about 9 hours) of the #Gaokao, the hardest Uni entrance #exam in the world.

They stop construction work & reroute traffic for this every year.

#Students get a celebratory flag-waving parade to the school.

This year (2024) 13.42 million students have (or will still have to) taken this exam.

That's about the same amount of humans as live in #Burundi.

#amazing #education

AnnaAnthro, to China
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Chinese Billionaire Convicted of Laundering Money in Bordeaux Wineries

“Haichang Group founder Qu Naijie purchased 27 #Bordeaux châteaux in just a few years, but French officials found some of the deals were financed illegally with Chinese government funds.”

#china #france #wine


br00t4c, to China
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thejapantimes, to Japan
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Japan lodged a protest against Beijing on Friday after four armed Chinese coast guard vessels entered waters that Tokyo considers its territory. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/japan/armed-chinese-vessels/

thejapantimes, to worldnews
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China isn’t worried that Hyundai and other South Korean firms will outcompete locals. However, their presence ensures a continued supply of production factors: equipment, chemicals and labor. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/commentary/2024/06/07/world/china-south-korea-open/

thejapantimes, to worldnews
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Prime Minister Modi's policies and approach will reflect India's desire for independence in international affairs, emphasizing friendship without dependence on any single power. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/commentary/2024/06/07/world/a-resurgent-india/ #commentary #worldnews #india #bjp #narendramodi #china #us #diplomacy #defense

TransportOnline, to China Dutch
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tagesschau, to China German
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Baldiges Votum über europäische E-Auto-Zölle gegen China erwartet

Kommende Woche dürfte die EU-Kommission über höhere Zölle für E-Autos aus China entscheiden. Damit will die Europäische Union wie die USA den Markt gegen billige China-Importe abschotten. Ein Handelsstreit droht. Von Alfred Schmitt.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/weltwirtschaft/zoelle-china-opfer-entscheidung-eu-handelsstreit-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

skinnylatte, to magASEAN
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I too experienced many points of friction when visiting and working in China. My nationality and ethnicity was often either positive (Singaporeans are so good at English and Mandarin!!) when geo-political relations were good, or absolutely tragic (you are all hanjian race traitors!!) when they were not.

I’m suspicious of all attempts to bring us into the ‘Chinese fold’.


br00t4c, to China
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▶ Why China is winning the EV war


thejapantimes, to worldnews
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Cut off from the West, Russia is pitching its $2 trillion economy to giants in the East at its premier investment forum in St. Petersburg, founded by the tsars as a window to Europe. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/world/politics/putin-east-russia-europe/

plazi_species, to China
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plazi_species, to China
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thejapantimes, to worldwithoutus
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The Philippine Coast Guard on Friday accused its Chinese counterpart of blocking efforts to evacuate a sick member of its armed forces in the South China Sea, calling its actions "barbaric and inhumane." https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/asia-pacific/philippines-chinese-medical-evacuation/

plazi_species, to China
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thejapantimes, to worldwithoutus
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A war over Taiwan would be as great as the impact of World War II, making the world "a radically different place," said Australia's ambassador to the United States, Kevin Rudd. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/asia-pacific/politics/war-taiwan-australia-us/

thejapantimes, to worldnews
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Russia and China raised concerns on Thursday with a U.S. draft resolution that would back a proposal — outlined by President Joe Biden — for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/06/07/world/politics/russia-china-un-gaza/

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