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One of my absolute favorite recent albums. I love this band.

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Babymetal and Electric Callboy dropping a new track together?

Had to check this out.

You can listen on your favorite streaming platform here:

Or check out the new music video here:

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I have had the music of the Wellerman in my head all day. But it’s more than that, it’s the tune of Wellerman, but the lyrics are the chorus of Milkshake by Kelis.

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Any ragtime enjoyers here? I wrote some pieces in an attempt to learn ragtime and I'd love some feedback.

The first is simply titled "Testing Rag" because that's what I was doing.

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This week for Thursday Five List, @neurothing is asking about songs from your workout with a tag of "The Workout."

Generally the songs I listen to during my workouts I'd listen to anyway - but more focused on high energy tracks.

So, let's go:

Steve Aoki - Close to You

Dragonforce - My Heart Will Go On

Fallout Boy ft Demi Lovato - Irresistible

Itzy - In the Morning

Le Sserafim - Eve, Psyche, & the Bluebeard's Wife

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George Dyson - Symphony

City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox

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Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Op.35

Radio Filharmonisch Orkest
Vasily Petrenko, dirigent

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Philip Glass - Concert voor viool en orkest nr.2, "The American Four Seasons"

William Hagen (viool),
Daniel Bard (Dirigent),
Amsterdam Sinfonietta

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Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2024, ab 20 Uhr

Marenzio, Luca (ca. 1553-1599)
Il pastor fido

La Pedrina
Leitung: Francesco Saverio Pedrini

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New single from Hounds of Belfast. Who are from LA rather than Belfast


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Now playing on LABR: Banging in Brighton 10 DJ Liam Wabbit! Tune in now at #labr #radio #fediradio #live #music #dj #mixes #house #hiphop #rnb #rock #dnb #nowPlaying #np

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Durante toda esta semana (até o domingo 26 de maio às 17h00) pode-se votar no Fedivision, o festival da canção das artistas do Fediverso.

A ver se as podo escutar todas (são 72) e ir escrevendo algo por aqui...

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Listen to the morning breaking...

12 Months of Mornings is a year long, ongoing project... each month one of my "good morning" photos is transformed into sound(s) and then a track created from those sounds...
Listen to the first 3 here. Further links included in vid description:

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#Music #np #PouetRadio #FediRadio 🎶

Foreigner - "Stranger in my own house"

🔉 YouTube / Atlantic Records via Invidious

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Some violin and piano waltzes.

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Today's schedule on Radio Jammor

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from

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Pre-party #music! For my dried flowers & foliage photos mini show! Happening here! In just a few moments!

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🎧 Mood.

from an international crew, made in South Africa in 2022.

"Koo Koo Fun"
& feat. and


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