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Trump at Libertarian convention tonight:

"It will be my great honor to pardon the peaceful January 6 protesters, or as I often call them, the hostages. There has never been a group of people treated so harshly or unfairly in our country's history."

Every election. Every race. Every Democrat.

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@augieray Every genocide.

and the have sent billions in weapons to since October 7.

To is to vote for this:
"Between 7 October 2023 and 23 May 2024, at least 35,800 Palestinians were killed and 80,200 were injured in Gaza, according to MoH in Gaza."

"Some displaced people in central Gaza are now surviving on three per cent of the minimum standard for daily water needs, warn international NGOs."

At least vote aware.

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Perhaps someone can help with this problem... and help get more aid to Ukraine.

VIDEO: "Short on air defenses and waiting for more international military support, Ukraine is turning to improvised weapons to hold Russian soldiers back on the front line. DW's Nick Connolly met soldiers who are using agricultural drones to make up for missing firepower."

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Democrats demand Alito recuse himself from Trump, Jan 6 cases, citing impartiality concerns over flag scandal

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If the West needs a reason to allow Ukraine the right to hit the Russian homeland, this is an example.

"Kharkiv Hypermarket Hit by Russian Guided Bombs: Many Feared Missing"

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" Zelenskyy calls for NATO nations to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine
A key Finnish lawmaker previously told Breaking Defense that he would "embrace" such an idea. "

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Social media claims mislead about Democrat vote for congressional apportionment

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Washington State 2024 Republican platform? They do not want want to be a Democracy anymore. They said the quiet part out loud. See it yourself:

@uspolitics @DemocracyMattersALot @DefendDemocracy

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"Strike On Russian Strategic Early Warning Radar Site Is A Big Deal

Russia losing a strategic early warning radar system is a new twist in the Ukraine conflict that could have further reaching ramifications. "

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Democrats slam 'out of control' Supreme Court after Alito's second Jan 6 flag scandal

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Republicans Unite To Block Border Bill Again As Election Year Fight Heats Up

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Do most Christians want to ban divorce, birth control and abortion or just the right-winged ones?

Edit video in thread that I made me question.

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It's worth remembering that Christians, the most GOP-leaning religion, are split almost exactly evenly down the middle between Democrats and Republicans. Every other religious group votes overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Democrats are the party of religious freedom and expression. Republicans are the party of lonely single men and abusive men who are on their 3rd or 4th wife and don't pay child support.

Legislating women's rights is an expression of GOP authoritarianism and misogyny.

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opened an investigation on Thurs into ’s meeting w/ & execs last month to determine whether Trump offered a “policies-for-money transaction” [ ] when he asked for $1B for his 2024 campaign so he could retake the White House & delete ’s .

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Wake up call (not woke).

" Finnish PM warns of hybrid threats from ‘aggressive’ Russia

Helsinki has borne the brunt of Moscow’s malign activities, and now wants other countries to wake up to the threat. "

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"Headlong into change
Russians who don’t support the war must steel themselves for a long fight"

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 22, 2024

"The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) proposed on May 21 that the Russian government reassess Russia’s maritime borders in the Baltic Sea so that these borders “correspond to the modern geographical situation.”

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Democrats ramp up call for Justice Alito's recusal from Trump cases

#democratic #democrats

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archomrade, to politicalmemes in Someone stop the ride, I want to get off

Or maybe I know whats driving voter apathy is because I’m in the fucking group

It’s like the closer I get to neddling exactly what should get you to act in your own self interest, the faster you dismiss it as covert meddling

If you just assume I’m a troll then you will never see the train that is barreling down the track toward you.

Democrats lose without the progressive vote.


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